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  1. Alpha, I agree with you man. Bare Hiraale is not a warlord. He shouldn't be on that list. He is the governer of Jubbaland and to call him a warlord is an insult.
  2. Hiiraale should tend to the problems in the city he lords over and mind his own business. Keeping warlords from fighting amongs themselves and weakening each other is not in the interest of the somali people.
  3. Secunda spent much of 2001 in the Amazon rainforest, working to create safe spaces for female animals. These efforts, however, yielded mixed results: Females have avoided the lighted walkways she built in several dangerously dense areas, and leaflets encouraging females to learn how their own bodies work were ultimately used to line dens for the rainy season. Far from discouraged, Secunda said she plans to embark on an intensive study of the sexuality of flora. This is a halirious article, especially the highlighted part. It had made rolling on the floor for about good 10 seconds.
  4. He better to get the hell out of there fast. This nicca is suicidal!
  5. This is my month too. Born on October 15, 19 coorcoorkii. :lol
  6. i have seen plenty of those and i dont understand why they show their sorry behind everytime we do a somali get together with their sorry foreign friends!! I think people who claim to hate somalis and then show up at somali gatherings are just insecure attention lovers. Waxooda waa i fiiri please.
  7. Originally posted by Naku Penda Piya: LOL Femme Waxaas ma af Somali baad ka wadaa? I was wondering the samething. I thought it was spanish at first.
  8. Gediid, sorry if I am not funny saaxib. You know you should give me credit for atleast trying instead of booing of this cyber stage. And to add pain to my already hurt ego, you questioned manlyness(not sure if it is a word). Don't you think it is for the girls to decide how much of a man I am?
  9. I heard Bossasso is home to almost 80% of those pirates. The economy of the city must be booming.
  10. Kacaanki miyaa. We don't celebrate the day BUSH was elected. Sap with that?
  11. English comprehension are in dire need. Hadaad af ingiriis isku fahmi weeydeen maad somali iskula hadashaan.
  12. I am diric too.....I always laugh my butt off when peeps tell me I am wiil diric ah. I tell em I am actually nigis, dirty and nasty.
  13. I am heading to somaliland to score with dem gold diggin xalimos. Yeah I got money, saved from all dem days I been doing double shifts at the factory. You think my american passport would make an impression on them or do I need have a british one too?
  14. Naagtu foolxumo badanaa. 18 wheeler ayaa jiire(kormare) malaha.
  15. Beautiful saaxib. Somalia is really developing. It makes me happy......