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Never Bend your knee to anyone: Qatar

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Qhy would anyone invite hsm and his stooges.  

You have to stand for something,  and hsm and his crew stand for looting,  not saving a nation.  

Kudos to Qatar. 

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On 11/22/2022 at 6:45 PM, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:


I was supporting the Saudis as I like to support the underdogs. You get a great feeling when the underdog you're supporting wins. 😁

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On 11/24/2022 at 11:45 AM, Che -Guevara said:

Ghana was robbed with that penalty.

It wasn't a penalty. Usually the VAR intervenes to clarify, but they didn't even call the referee to check. Ganian players asked the ref to check the VAR , but he ignored their protest and proceeded.

In terms of Saudis defeating Argentina, I give vthe credit to their manager. A good bench boss could make a defference. He played 4,4,2, but the four central players joined  the two attackers and pressed while dominating the center. Furthermore, the defence was well trained to use the offside trap by leaving their positions while exposing Argentinian forwards.

Yet, the VAR seems to be in action to save the Saudis even a shoulder or one feet advatage while they refused to use against Ronaldo who is the top stars.

Canada got a great team. They dominated the Belgium which are one of the top teams. The problem is we got a law quality manager. in the last 20 minutes rather pull out a defender and overwhelm the opposition by adding more attack, he removed a forward and replaced  with another forward.

African players seem to be playing individually showcasing their talent. Compare that  to the unity of the Japanese, even their bench substitutes are joining the celebration by showing their team spirit.

The top teams are the Spanish, flowed by the Dutch, The French and maybe the Brazilians who doesn't empress me.England is good, but Gareth Southgate is timid and always plays safe.

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canada was horrible Morrocco and croatia are very good

ghana has potential  but they condeded just to many goals in a short period of time thats craz

senegal and france are very promising and spain are good

but the golden boys are Brasil i think they are gonne lift it this year


for the six time



Argentina is a dissapointment also dia maria

en messi are the only to good players the rest are bad and that young kid who plays att he premier league

thats it . dI Maria is also to old these days

messi still got it he got the touch still

England will play against senegal

and the netherlands will play against America


But one thing Louis van gaal the dutch manager is very talented i remember when he swapped the goal keepers back in 2014 against i think it was costa rica . and won on penalty shoot out



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