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What do you know about QAAD?

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According to P. Kalix of the University of Geneva (1991, 1992), khat leaves contain cathinone, an active brain stimulant that is similar in structure and pharmacological activity to amphetamine. Like amphetamines, khat ingestion results in decreased appetite, euphoria, increased intellectual efficiency, and hyperalertness.


The overlapping effects of khat and amphetamine suggest that they stimulate the central nervous system through similar mechanism(s). Khat leaves must be chewed fresh for the strongest effect, and freshness can be prolonged for a couple of days with refrigeration. Chronic use of khat produces undesirable side effects, including sleeplessness, nervousness, impotence, loss of appetite, constipation, and nightmares.


Soon after chewing, khat can cause dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and pain in the upper abdomen. These unpleasant feelings are gradually replaced by bliss, euphoria and pleasant energetic pleasant feelings. Prolonged anorexia associated with khat use leads to malnutrition and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS.


Nasher and Associates (1995) found that khat chewing inhibits urine flow, an effect caused by blood vessel constriction which also causes erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that long term use of khat causes reproductive toxicity. In addition to the neurological effects, consumption of khat is also associated with reproduction problems in men and women and in laboratory animals.


In controlled studies using Yemeni male volunteers, el-Shoura and Associates of the King Saud University (1995) clearly showed that heavy use of khat causes decreased semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility, and it increases the number of sperm that appear abnormal under the microscope. Interestingly, previous studies reported by Islam and Associates of the King Saud University (1990) demonstrate that male rats respond similarly to the men, but other effects can be measured in rats that cannot be ethically learned from men. Rats treated with the active constituent, cathinone, had testicles, epididymides, and seminal vesicles that were smaller, and they had lower levels of testosterone in their blood. Examining testicles through the microscope, pathologists could see degenerative changes in the cell that produce testosterone and in Sertoli cells, the cells that support sperm production.


In women and female laboratory animals, khat causes other undesirable effects. Recently, Islam and Associates of the King Saud University reported (1994) that female rats given extract from khat leaves from day 6 to 15 of their 21-day pregnancies ate less and gained less weight. While that sounds like a good thing to women in industrialized countries, the treatment also increased the number of rats that died while still in the uterus, and, in the smaller litter size.


Reports by Jansson and Associates of Gothenburg University (1988a, 1988b) show that female guinea pigs similarly also had smaller pups, and this was shown to be due to decreased blood flow to the uterus. Eriksson and Associate of Karolinska Institute (1991) also reported similar effects that babies born to women who chew khat habitually are smaller and their mothers produce less milk. Clearly, their mother's use of khat retards their development, and this retardation is likely to have long term consequences. Female rats and guinea pigs apparently respond to khat a lot like people do. Based on the above mentioned and other studies, the observed adverse effects of khat on the male and female reproductive tracts should be viewed as a serious concern for the public health.


While many effects of khat are of consequence only or primarily to the user, the increased susceptibility to infectious disease and the threats to normal development of the children of the chronic users are public health concerns. Furthermore, as the tolerance of drug use among employers drops to zero, khat users will find themselves closed off to many best jobs. Thus, because of unemployment and low-paying jobs, khat use will damage the financial status of individuals, families, and communities. While more research is always desirable to better understand the small details, we know enough now to say clearly that the use of khat should be discouraged.

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So in plain street language if one marries a qat chewer one has a higher chance of producing HANDICAPED children. I knew I didnt just shiver with revoltion for no reason..this explains everything.


The more research that is done on qat the more it's effects resembles that of a Marijuana :eek:

It plain to see that qat is stimulant does not matter how small the effect (apperently scientists disagree on this)What amazes me is the audacity of the chewer's in their claim that "qat is not haram" When they know Allah said in the Qur'aan anything that stimulates the mind be it even MILK for this matter, is forbidden!! Why can't they admit?


Another thing I liked is the message in the last paragraph..quote "Furthermore, as the tolerance of drug use among employers drops to zero, khat users will find themselves closed off to many best jobs. Thus, because of unemployment and low-paying jobs, khat use will damage the financial status of individuals, families, and communities"


Thanks Libaax, this is good information. Good articles you got here ..keep them coming.

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Interestin' Libaax....!!! I read a similar article once and what shocks me is that pple still argue that qaad is not a drug.....therefore, in their opinion, it is not xaraam...!! U cant blame them either cuz many of them just dont know the facts about qaad....!!! A lot of talkin' is goin' on when it comes to qaad, but i'de luv to know what is being done to reduce the huge numbers of qaad users...and is it working...!!!


Beydaneeey.....there r a lot of qaad chewers, but did ya see lots of handicapped kids....!!!



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The only thing I honestly know about khaad, to the best of my knowledge is that khaad, is Useless yet unhealthy.Basically how i see it is,

Like putting Ketchup and Mustard on Grass and eating it up, Absolute pointless.


There you have my theory :D:(

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U.S. sees steady rise in alien drug

Immigrants introduce amphetamine-like khat from E. African region


NASHVILLE -- As more immigrants from East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula settle in the United States, federal drug agents report a rise in an unwelcome custom: the use of khat, an amphetamine-like drug illegal in the United States but as culturally entrenched in parts of Africa as coffee-drinking is here.

While seizures of khat don't compare with those of marijuana and cocaine, they are increasing, Drug Enforcement Administration agents say.

"It's clearly been growing in recent months," said Harry Sommers, resident agent in charge of the DEA's Nashville office. Sommers said his office has seized 50-100 pounds a week in the past few months.

Nationally, the DEA has seen a steady rise in the amount of khat seized, from 24.3 tons in 1999 to 40.9 tons in 2001, said Will Glaspy, a Washington spokesman for the DEA.

Sold in bundles of stalks, khat costs about $85 a bundle, Sommers said.

Khat (pronounced "kot") is grown primarily in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and its use predates coffee. It is widely used in Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Yemen, Kenya, Eritrea and Sudan. Its use is legal in most countries, including Britain.

But in the United States, chewing on the leaves can land a person in jail. Internationally, the World Health Organization has decided to review recommendations that khat usage should be controlled, if not criminalized.

"It's legal over there, and so you can go and shop and buy it and just chew it," said Gizachew Tesfaye of Nashville, an Ethiopian immigrant who said he doesn't use the drug because his Christian faith prohibits it. Many Muslims avoid the plant for religious reasons as well.

Users chew on stalks of the plant much as people here chew tobacco. Sometimes people drink it in tea. The effect produces a euphoria that lasts for hours.

"You would equate it to something like amphetamine," said Sommers of the DEA. "It's going to speed the system up. It makes people braver and bolder. It keeps you from sleeping."

It also can make users violent, Sommers added.

"It has been used for thousands of years, generation after generation," said Yigzaw Belay, an Ethiopian national residing in Nashville who said he avoids the plant. "People don't see it as a narcotic."

Belay, who wrote a graduate-level paper on khat at the University of Iowa, said that khat is entrenched in religious and social rituals in many countries. Men often sit together, chew khat and talk about social and political issues, he said. Many think the drug is therapeutic.

"I do not believe that it should be categorized along with heroin or cocaine as a hard-core drug, or even marijuana," Belay said.

The majority of immigrants from countries where khat use is common probably do not know it is illegal here, he said.

Abdishakur Ibrahim, a Nashville imam (Muslim spiritual leader) originally from Somalia, said the drug has ruined his country.

"The whole country is destroyed by it -- gangs and warlords fighting to control the khat," Ibrahim said. "This society is already suffering with enormous drug problems. It's bad for the whole (East African) region. It's bad for Americans. It's bad for everybody."

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no, coment.......


but all i have say that **** is is not good 4 ya, i know its a tridition to eat, run's through the blood, but, damn how many years would it, before we stop eating that leaves.


Funny enough, damn, do you see somalian eating the qaad on the buses or trains.


check this....


I though nigga was eating chips or something, man brings his leaves and started eating like if he was in this house. i know people around him was thinking he's some sort of animal.


hahaha :D:D:D:D:D:D:D


"On tha real side, that **** is not good 4 ya, but hey keepit up, its been through tridition"

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I know two things about qaad


1--- that you can get up to 10 yrs of prison

for jewing or smugling qaad in my State


2---It aint good for your health, life style or family



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i thought i should share this funy incident about khaad with u'll


last summer after i graduated from high school i got myself a job in a corn factory........alot people worked there but most of them were somalis as usual.this guy come to work and he is all hyper for some odd reason so i go up to him and ask him what is up with him?(cuz he is usually sleepy since it was a night shift)he goes am eating khaad am like wont u get busted......he is like naaah ...after a while, while working the supervisor goes up to him and asks him what he was eating cuz it was making work harder.....the somali man replied "salad" :cool:

the supervisor who was spanish believed him :confused: ....


just and info i would like to share here in mn if u get cought having khaat it would be three months of jail and if u are having it ur car ur licence will be suspended for six months..and my be a week jail...

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Don't forget, it wears off your teeth, and eventually need dentures.. Believe it its real. Sad indeed! And can You believe they wonder why we don't kiss them? Who would wanna kiss someone with croaked teeth that have turned into brown/black :confused: ..... yuck!!

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Hibo' Mu'ah. ;) enjoy that one. lol

Anywho, is really sad to often see so many somalis

drain them selves and families to this worthless



Sad story, Another somalian Brother had been

convicted in the state of MN. FBI marched into

the SomaliMall in Minneapolis, Arresting the

Store owner named, Keinadeed, With some Issues Relating to being behind the whole Khaad industry

in MN.Well, He has gotten out now, with bond of

$70,000 dollars..I guess i won't ask,

"Yaa soo damiintay" but his out now awaiting his court date.

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I thought it was an african brocoli, waz goin on???lol, juz kidding, I dont know what i should say about qad, since every somali person has an uncle or an older brother who chews it, But all i gotta say is it destroys marriages, lifestyles, careers and dreams, betta believe it u become just like a cow eating it. So, for all you chewers out there..put down the "" and switch your taste maybe to double mint gum..fresh breath is gauranteed...holla

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