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Welcome to the DarkSide........

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Hello my fellow Malis. I dont know if its just me or what but aint you people getting sick of these "feel good happy" poems?? Well i am. I want to get to the dark side of it all. I want to get deep inside the raw emotions like anger, envy, sorrow, guilt etc..

Anyone of yall have any poems that repersent or fit that category please feel free to share.

Let me be a lady and start it off...

This poem is called Echo.


Through the slient echos,

I hear the trumpets of doom.

If only i was inspired,

to see beyond this gloom.


These false prophcies still mislead,

The desire for power exceeds me.

The rapture inscripted in the hyrioglphs,

Still extends beyond bliss.


Provide me shelter from all this pain,

Provide me shelter from torrential rain.

Provide me cover from the dark powers,

That are set out to empower.


Whispers still echo,

The dark fate still calls.

Am i to share the same fate,

As a hollow empty soul.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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I walk with my eyes half closed

i feel the weight of the world

too much pressure too many lies

who could see the real me

who would see me friendly

it is the world against me

am not scared am just tired

tired of the same ol same ol shi*t

yesterday is long gone

and the whole continent of africa

believes i am a hypocrite

the destructon of families

but nobody knows the real me

am all grown up

yet i aint ready 4 this world!!!

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I have always been intruiged with the world of darkness (maybe thats why my little brother calls me a vampire) very gloomy and dark poem ...I liked it, as for my own dark poems those are too personal. Maybe some other time....

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Nuune thank you for that lovly welcome. ;)

najmah_03 thank you for your input a very shady poem, you seemed to of caught my emotions at this very moment in your poem what can i say but its expressive and i love it. :D

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Under-world's ooze to surface.


Jet black darkness with magnitudes of depth,

which no light fathoms its gloomy stealth.

Harrowing, echoes of ghosts with crooked nails,

dripling dirt, of pus and sticky sharp tongues.

Crowling skeletons of laser beam eye balls,

Standing center of them is you visible like star falls.

Masters of fright entertaining you with fear,

Scratching, so eager to sip your virgin blood.

The earth upon which u stand boling with lava of decay,

drums of feast get louder to disturb your soul.

Fleets of vimpire guest arrive in time for share,

With them comes demonised scavenging volture.

Awaited is the warewolf who priests the farewell,

with him comes the accomplices, all of the worst.


You're standing, shivering and tear dropping,

Chewing nails in fear and ghosts terrorising.

Shaking, your heart beating 10 times faster,

While your thighs held tight keeping safer.

You are confused, outnumbered by deseased souls,

Creatures of the darkness all before your eyes.

More guests to come from above and below you feet,

The ground upon which you stand is a guest's way,

Cracks apear, earth gives way to a torturesome baby,

The King ghost's son, the rightful prince,

oozes from the group while all skeletonly clap.

Demons chewing your sandals to sharpen teeth,

To bite off your flesh in cruelty and horror.


just seconds before the first bite of the prince,

You nightmares ends, sends you out of bed screaming MOMA!

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Thank You, Lady Vicious,thank you for opening our dark visions

my aningmatic brain is bringing thoughts and thrills

Darkness Distills, and the cold creates chills

Drifting father away, sifting my way to a new place

a Place never to be seen, Do blind men see in dreams?

Cause I cant tell, all is Black and i feel like hell

spining in circles oblvious to direction, my mind open to ne infection

the deep dark, i feel skin breakin off like dead tree bark

No steps taken, floating away in this dark forsaken

This room so empty, must it tempt me to start venting

Need i shed light, try to convince that all is right

pathalogical liar to my own self, wrath is logical dyier to ones wealth

Profit from the darknees be still my soul, sell my heart to be filled with gold

I beg with god to open the windows, i ask of to have mercy and i will let all sin go.This room my inner thoughts, my plots against whats right and wrong, i pleed it stops

unmercyful bodies turn to corpses,and souls run free like horses,

now wait how can I speak when even my truth is lying

The tempeture rises along with my eyelids, in hopes of seeing, but all lost cause my sight lost in a desert island

All this pain simple because, All this rain pouring in my life from above

Sheets of darkness laid one after enother, every time i open my mouth my eyes grow closer together

This black room my punishment, tourter for my actions even if i dont want it.Put here to serve eternaty apacalypse, my soul bannished from heaven love lost in this awful eclipse

Oh my life lost in tragedy, all this done by my will and my happening

This dark room to where i shall never escape, Alone in the dark i am left here to contemplate,

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I hate this feeling of helplessness

Overwhelming me

I can't shake off my mounting uncertainties

Bitter, resentment, rage and hate

Why can't I stop thinking is this

My malicious fate?

Red hot tears of sorrow and scorn

Why am I so divided and torn?

I know I wasn't always this way

I use to live and love life from day to


I fell into a tunnel of doubt and despair

Not sure of who cares for me

Or sure of whats out there....

I find myself driving everyone away

I can't help myself I don't trust

Any of them

Not a single one to stay

And see my soul naked and bared

It makes me so vulnerable scared

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A is written on a slate

Aids is death in disguise


Adam is the father of man

Anger is a weakness understand

Angola is an impoverished land


Alkaline is blue while Acid is red

Antarctica can be cold

Africa undoubtedly the land of gold


Amen is said after a prayer

Al-Gore was he a mayor?


Ariel Sharon is a butcher

Arabs have lost the big picture


Alj-azeera is the truth

A typical western name is Ruth


Absence of reason is terror

Australians have felt a tremor


Acton is in west

Abdi hangs around with the rest

Arsenal are the best


Ask anyone

April is after March

A rapper is a modern day slave

A pill is taken in a rave


Anakin is Darth Vader

An archaeologist is a tomb raider


Asylum seekers are to blame

A gangster and a refugee is one and the same




This short rhyme was inspired the late Somali Poet ....Carays Cise Karshe ..........

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Awww shucks, What can i say guys this really brings out the evil in me (kidding)!

These poems are really good i cant believe they come from somali minds (compliment) ;)






I just wanna thank you guys for your poems :D

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