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Please listern close to this following scriptures//

Properly titled "CALLIN OUT NAMES"//

Which will bring me closer to worldly fame or guarantee me a spot on the wall of shame//

My sun rises while [s.U.N.S.E.T]//

This fool better rock a bullet proof vest//

[bULLETZ] will fly as soon as u enter my site of vision//I impregnated [RAP MISTREOUS] and [MADEMEN]//[RAP MISWHATEVER] I got a MIC that you can wrap ur lips around// Dont be scurred go ahead a give ur shout'outs//Yeah I under stand that you are a [RAP FANATIC] using dramatic tactics//You [bLAZED] all [THUGZ] that brought their [sKILLZ]//


SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!



Dont think I forgot the females of this site//

I got something for ya cuase ya keep this joint tight//

I aint [DR ROMANTIC] though cuase I am all about that thing//

[iLHAM] you lookin [HEAVENLY] [LaMORENITA] your [bOOTYLICIOUS]//Like I said am all about one thing [sTRAWBERRIES] and ice//Like a [sNIPER] I wont miss that hole//Forget [bEAUTY BY NATURE] I want me a [GRIMMEY CHIC// A [uKgurl] that got her head right like [bARWAAQO]//Dont want no [FUNKY SISTA] but a [VAgurl] is cool//


SO WHAT!!!!!!!!



This is just a sample of what to expect//

A verball attack of tremendous affect//

Causing mass hysteria throughtout this spot//

Sit tight cause there is more to come//

To be continued.................




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Don't need to rock a bullet proof vest

Is all ready been said, i'm the best

Put most mc's i battled to rest

there ain't no test

I'm the Self Proclaimed legend in this League

watch how I make your segment of lines bleed

To much tension inside me& Surprise me! Collect

ya rap pension and please leave.

Unmention my name B, cuz if not, your gonna be staggerin quick

Go and practice ya script, hit ya so hard make ya

teeth kiss the back of ya lip

Handle it quick, your pathetic… always tryin to

follow a clique(section8)

Open up your mouth so much, you’re about to swallow my dick

Get a U-Haul and forget you ever practiced

rapping, even if ya tried it just for fun

Look at you, shaking more than someone with

arthritis tryin to bust a gun

August is done with, maybe next month you’ll put

out a classic with big ups(props)

That “Shit Won’t Happen” like an asshole that’s

stitched up

Like Faggots that pick up straight dudes, you

just have no idea what role I’ll play

Nice or Mean? Who knows, but your lack of skills

will never go away

Go or Stay? This is like being tortured for 50

yrs, it’s a “Beating of a lifetime”

Incite a fight underground that’ll damage your

Vocal ”Pipe-”Lines”

Primetime to get grimy like Hannibal and serve

ya “Head on a Platter”

Your dead it don’t matter, like big folks who lie

in bed and get fatter

This thread’s filled with laughter as I splatter

your noggin under my shoes

You come 1/2 assed like paid off sports heroes,

its no wonder you lose

A self claimed kenyan

fool who can barely “beat him damn self”, you’re

a shame

Your more “Hyped Up” than a Caffeine Fein that

snorted cain

Bored again with this idiot that failed his own

SomaliaOnline Screen Handle.

See me dismantle sectiona, and &Erect a career

larger than a Mossaui Scandle

More 'Cunning' than Randal, except Im actually

good at my Day Job

Got you pic on the community secta to makes jaws drop

and you question me of my hip hop?


Come back with better lyrix ya weak *Bastarrd* redface.gif ....

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Nah bruh get it right, its U-Hual//

Cuase I supply the equipment and you haul//

Nigguh you got more balls in ur mouth than Rupaul//

Phuck wit me and i will tear u a new ass hole//

I never front, wont catch me claimin somethig am not//

Like the section am from!! it aint a clique nigguh, its where am from//

A place where you get bottled on your dome//

Please forgive me, I mean you no harm//

But am stay true to my nature cuase FOREVER I hold a grudge//

Pass a life sentence like i was a judge//

The self proclaimed legend will fall//

Like the leafs on tree, you will turn old and fall//

Brushed aside, bagged up and thrown away//


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Thats not right what happened to the ryhmes?


I guess my ryhme cuased a problem.


I read urs before the site went down and I replayed with heat but I guess it wasnt meant to be.

It aint no biggie I got more FIYAH comin thru.




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Feelz good to be bacKKKKKK~

wattup to all tha Mc'ez, U might not

recognize me but i am a veteran out hea,

just did a little refreshmentz with tha name an all, anyways..let me not bore u wit juz goes my post!


check it!


Is kash back up inda spot with that sh*t getting the walls crackin

Stackin chips in a gangsta fashion/

leavin mC’z on 'closed caption' after I relapse and get 2 guns clappin/

Man I am from the “cold” (MpLS) dealt wit more snow than 'Aspen',

money'z my passion/

fuk wit it..and u'r family wont be able 2 open ya casket like u waz in a gay bashin/

just call me 'ACTION JACKSON'...cuz when i get 2 blastin i got u runnin and dashin/

think twice b4 u mess wit this more deadly results than a head-on-crashin/

Or I might treat u'r ass like ashes....and 'BLOW U AWAY'/

Now u feelin tha breeze like I had two-twenty-threes aimed straight for ya knees/

or maybe i'll cut u'r hands off so u cant 'GUN CLAP',

pitchin that crap all relaxed coming around me punk u get SMACK’ED

add up few hollows an subtract ya dome

smashin foez like my name was Rambo stalone

holdin tha chrome that rockz tha craddle, while turning all altercations fatal

sick wit tha gear, and fierce enough to pierce like Tyson and bite off both of u'rs ears/

man i keep a killa type spit sick shit 2 make ya mind-ache/

always fill up my time slate when i rhyme great..but this here is just a sample taste/

cuz otherwise I would creep from behind and dump parallel 9'z in ya spine/

tell u this rap shit iz myne....fuk up emcees wit their own punchlines/

dey don’t understand!!!

rapin is based on talkin alot, **** studio bangin..nigga meet me in tha parkin lot/

u get maced in tha face and dont even think about reachin for ya waist,

I will easily get u disappear without a trace/

Maaan my shit hits harder than people who jumped off tha world trade center/

daaaaaaaamn is like why they wanna hate on skyhigh ...

when they really want to be a member/

Allow me to warn u b4 u get dismembered and misplaced like dentures/

don’t mistake me for tha thread’z temporary fixtures..

Take picturez, cuz it doesn’t matter how long I am away

I still come back be among Somaliaonline’z best contenders/


Eyo one luv to the

Skyhigh familia

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I got sectiona stressin more than a old couple in a nursery,

shaking his body nervesly,

mercilessly I murder my so called adversary,

flip sh1t conversely like my name kills relentlessly,

senselessly, anyone in my way sent strait to the cemetery,

incoming bodies foretold by telemetry,

I use telepathy, to crush your sanity, in a fit of barbarity,

I murder reality, flushin body pieces like shits down the lavatory,

Dynamically I finally hit out retaliatory,

finishing the 1st verse in style blowing up gigantically


*Slashing continues*


Its time for your wack infection purification,

Gun shots to tha chest restrict ya blood circulation,

See how easy I complete sectionaz elimination,

I brake his fingers so he cant wank or cum in retaliation,

Or participate in illegal sodomistic insemination,

Anal penetration, soaked in Reality's salivation,

Cries from the pig acknowledge the invasion sensation,

Reality judders and shakes confirming the ejaculation,

Proving once and for all his barn yard domination,

Preferring animals no need for conversation,

Disregarding his fate of hell and damnation,


*WANT MORE?* :confused:


Explosive cameras cause more damages,

Than tabloid pictures of mammories,

your still chattin shit after your rhyme calamities,

I upper cut your head like mortal kombat fatalities,

You flow worse than a fat b1tch in a water chute, redface.gif

Descriptive metaphors even a "Pro" cant compute,

Put you in silent "BoB" Mute,

You flow worse than water at absolute zero, redface.gif

Your more wack and make belief than super man is a hero,


k 28 lines n counting...need more


Constantly in denial rather than acceptance,

You cant even decide on how to rhyme a damn sentence,

Relentless repentance can't stop your brainless decent into wackness,

Or crapness, hapless in being drawn against a superior,

brain power interior, :confused:

read it and weep, and binge eat like you suffer from bulimia,

victim of malaria in the middle of of bulgaria,

feeling sorrio, these Lines just murder ya,


Don't front, :D

I got you on Pause""

this is a cause

of e' Loss,

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You think death would be the end of me//

Go ahead come kill me and see how infinite I be//

The everlasting and everflowing//

I was in the beginning and I will be in the end//

You could never be present at my murder scene//

You can't kill me even if I was a deer and you were a lion....Even if you were the executioner and my head was on the platter....Even if you were the judge at my death penalty hearing....You see, you and my murder case aint got nothin in common//

Just like you and guns got nothin in common//

You gun talk is amazing//

Its funny cuase I can't picture you blazing//

If you were in the army you be the medics//

If you were with a sniper team you would be the spotter//

And you talk about make beliefs?

You gun talk and your persona is in conflict//

Your brain doesn't believe what your mouth is sayin//


I aint a gun holder but I am a chin checker//

Let me introduce you to "my two good freinds" Mr. Upper and Mr. Cut....they make a good combonation//

My fight aint physical, I beat you mentaly//

With thoughts of me looking for you wit a crowbar//

Cuase forever I hold a grudge//

Give you a life sentence like I was a judge//

Youngin come seat on my lap cause I got a story to tell//

Listern cause I got a srory to tell//

Its about the mentally retard little boy//

His retardness came upon when he ventured into SECTION SIX//

There is where he was quickly approached by a 6er//

Who warned him of the dangers that await him and outsiders who venture//

The warnings were not heeded so he was quickly removed of his dentures//

With a swift left right introduction//

A follow up kick was also placed right into his midsection//

The 6er left him bleeding and dying//

Miracuosly the youngin survived//

He was took to the hospital under severe condition//

A scan of his brain revealed a vast empty space//

The doctors were stunned and wondered what became of his brain?

A hypothesis was formulated to answer the questions bout his brain//

During the vicious beatdown, the 6er stuck a rod up his nose and pulled his brain right through his nostrils//

Unfortunately this story is approprietly titled THE NEVER ENDING STORY//

Cause I wont rest till I see your blood and my glory//

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The story unfolds weeks later//

When the retard was released from the hospital//

Battered and bruised no longer standing tall//

Still holdin my grudge//

I approached him and offered a hand//

Still recovering, homeboy had a staggering stand//

He was only kept upright with his two crunches//

I wondered what made this nigguh thought he could roll wit the punches//

He took my calm demeanor as a sign of weakness//

But I changed that quickly when I showed him that I mean bizness//

Nigguh thought he was rude, I got him pissin through a tube//

Talked alot of shit now he is a mute//

Rocked him like a baby now everybody callin him cute//

Got that nigguh rollin in that short school bus//

Forever crippled, thats the outcome for messin wit a 6er//

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Again,Battles rolles,I'll Roast section 6er.

With one more verse...Bring in the votes.

I put On D, Not on Reverse..





like my bruce lee Image is projectin' violence to ya optic lenses,

scrimages reflectin' your silence after sun disables your senses,

u wanna battle me but u dont wanna lose a fight?

just dont know-whut-yu-want,

I'll rock u quick, but let u bomb-this-script,

with c-4 attached to ya gumz i blow-up-ya-frontz,

It's like im throwin stones at Lyrical's sports stadium, cuz im "rockin-his-dome",

Leave ya frame like a pocket-of-bones,

claim he electrifying?,

when really his "section-is-blown",

Sun'll leave ya mental capacity in catastrophy,

squeezin ya brain an slam ya head,

Too late to post, I've damned-your-cred,

a verse now would just spam this thread,

You better stop ur spittin, cause Sun'll rock ya mission,

Squeeze out your wack lyrics like I had ur brain in an ankle lock submission,

I'll destroy your hopes of victory with each verse...

f#ck it, each word,

S6 comes in and leaves hurt,

cause my rhymes unravel on him like cheap shirts,

My rhymes is dangerous, quick to malfunction your lyrical devices quick,

Rather than waste my-higher-spit, I'll just

suffice-and-spit tha minimum requirement,

The Fact Is with ur average tactics Couldn't Drop "Shit" Even If He Was Poppin "Laxitives",

I'm a mic savage,

I'll destroy your verse, cause it's choppy like I attacked it with a battle axe kid,

On second thought, post no more verse.I've been

ready to start thrashin,ya weak words are ashing,

I put this rapper through a 60's gremlin with the seatbelt unfastened,

Sun is the shining star, shining far.....

beyond the maxim,

Lyrical chemistry is no supernova..

only One Rayz from zillion milles 'ova,


Iz OVA........Sectiona,

Post no more, And see no evil

You Hold Grudges, I wait for my judges..

Throw in ya votes, People...I won.....

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