Why would she do this?

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I can't believe this sister is running against our brother Axmed Xuseen for Canadian federal elections. She is running against him in the same xaafad that elected him first in 2015 and again 2019. He is a xildhibaan as well as a major minister in Justin Trudeau government.

Now this sister will create division in Soomaali votes. Soomaalis settle this York South-Weston electoral xaafad - which includes the famous Weston/Lawrence intersection - but others like Ghanaians, Jamaicans and Latin America communities also heavily settle.

She can run in Etobicoke North, which includes Dixon xaafad that that has tens of thousands of Soomaalis; this xaafad has another Liberal MP, who is good to Soomaalis, but is not a Soomaali. I would have supported Xaawo if she run in Etobicoke North district.

Personally, I usually vote for NDP, but not this time. Racists, Islamophobes, anti-mask, anti-vax, pro-Covid are all attacking the prime minister on the campaign, some physically, because he welcomes the newcomers, especially Muslims. These racists can't stand that. That is why I am voting for Liberals in order to avoid the Conservatives getting elected to power.


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lol. Somalis will always try to find opportunities where another Somali is trying to make his mark. She has plenty of other districts she can compete, but chose this one.  

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Logic and common sense is out of the door when you are dealing with Somali politicians or would politicians. At least those in the diaspora used to be smart and logical, but the Mogadishu syndrome is spreading now every where including Canada.

Last month I was invited in closed door meeting with 20 other Somalis in my town to mediate two Somali would be candidates who wanted to run in the same district for two different political parties. The provincial election was two years away, and none of the two got their party nominations yet. If they run, they will both lose. Furthermore, they were friends. 

Just like most Somali debates, neither of the two acknowledged the other friends logic and case. 

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A look at York South–Weston, one of Ontario’s 121 ridings in the 2021 federal election.

Sandwiched between old Toronto and Etobicoke, this riding is bordered by Humber River to the west, Highway 401 to the north, the CP Rail line to the south, and the GO Transit Railway, Rogers Road, Old Weston Road, Lavender Road and Keele Street to the east.

Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen won this riding for a second term by a milestone in 2019, receiving almost 60 per cent of the vote. Runner-up Jasveen Rattan of the Conservatives garnered 8,415 votes, followed by the NDP’s Yafet Tewelde.

York South—Weston has been primarily Liberal throughout the years, with the NDP winning one election term in 2011.

This riding has a population of 116,686 and is 24.81 square kilometres wide, according to the most recent census.

Immigrants make up of close to 52 per cent of this riding’s population, with large groups from the Philippines, Brazil, and Nigeria coming to the region in recent years, according to the 2016 Census. Popular non-official mother tongues include Portuguese and Spanish.

Liberal Party: Ahmed Hussen (incumbent)

Conservative Party: Sajanth Mohan

Green Party: Nicki Ward

NDP: Hawa Mire

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