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This gangster thing is getting out of hand lately. Friend of mine told me a group of so called "Somali gangsters" went in to Somali restaurant in Nashville,TN to rob. The place was full of people breaking iftar, mostly Somali cap drivers. Not only did they rob the cashier, but also customers at gun point. What is mind boggling though is not how daring they were for robbing a Somali business with full of Somali people, but the conduct of victims that been robbed at gunpoint. I was told that no one bothered to report to the police, but instead went on to beg the guys (gangs)family/clan elders just to get some of the IDs and social security cards in their wallets back.


So, the problem is in everywhere maryooley reside. From small town America to the big metropolitans, and as long we hide them or give them the status "they are so tough and dangerous" we will remain the same and witness more horrendous crimes.

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I am agreeing with money here, these kids are out of control and even if you want get involved you cant help but to wonder if they gonna shoot you..These kids have a lot of guns and they will not hesitate to use it..Really i am not sure what we can do, i am loss for words..

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Originally posted by Khaalid:

Ayan...I hope you do realize last couple of shootings involved pple trying to help these kids with tutoring, coaching etc. Also, these shootings are not only in Minneapolis. I was told at least 4/5 pple got shot in Edmonton this summer and I heard this morning a relative was shot dead in Seattle last night
its getting crazy everywhere wallahi.

I knew this brother Allahu naxariso, was very sad to hear this. These young kids are killing each other because Ciyaal Kent got beef with ciyaal Tukwila :( .


The Seatac juvenile detention center is full of teenage Somali girls and boys. Not only that, the Tukwila police department asked for help numerous times from the Somali community and even said they will pay a Somali Speaking liason to help with these teenages but no one came forward. This is not the first time a Somali boy was murdered in Seattle. Couple months ago a Somali boy was killed while driving on the freeway.


I know a couple brothers who volunteer at the Jails to mentor these kids and try to help them get back on the right road.


Honestly I don't know where to start.

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^Yes its very sad and overwhelming. But some students at the UofM are taking action at least to bring awareness.


Please those of you in Minneapols come out and support these students. You can join FB group

End the Violence--Protesting Somali on Somali Crime .


Event Info

Host: Students Against Violence Committee

Type: Causes - Protest

Network: Global


Time and Place

Date: Friday, October 3, 2008

Time: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Peavey Park

Street: 730 22nd St. E

City/Town: Minneapolis

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