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PM Abiy Ahmed Declares War on Tigray: First bullets fired

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Who would have thought we will hear the tplf terror organizations own Comical Ali complaining about Tigray being bombed to the Stone Ages.  I guess times have changed.

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Che -Guevara to be honest, what we are seeing the long decline of the colonial empire that Menelik created. A nation with no common historical narrative.  The Amhara  neftegna  nationalists and afro-centrist have long presented a historical narrative that Ethiopia was "never colonised".  They often potrayed Ethiopia as a isolated nation and note "Ethiopia" or Ityopia was name taken by Haile Seleassie to tone down the the ethnic meaning of the true name of Ethiopia essentially Abyssinia. Oromo professor like Mohammed Hassen, and even Western ones uncovered documents during the Berlin conferance that Russia with its orthodox church strong  warned western nations not to interfere with with Abyssinia (Amhara region). Indeed Russia had an ambassador and vice verse.

Another point is that the concept of the colonialism explained by Fanon. was a way of civilising black savages. The christian church in western nations and the European nations that strong economical intrests had to have strong rational reasons to colonise the world. In a nutshell the word colonising was "peace making efforts, civiling, missionary" etc.   These the ket concepts according to the Ethiopianist professors Mohammed Hassan and Plem saved Ethiopia. Nobody has intrested in the mountainous regions of the Amhara and Menelik who did not even controll the muslim sultanates pf Massawa gave them away to the italians as they were "savages".  When the europeans power divided Africa they essentially made  so that they controlled key sea routes. Somalia was key strategic countrey.

Professor Mohammed Hassan continues that the Russian Emperor sent 2 million moden wellington rifles to Ethipia and sent 200 technicians to Ethiopia.   The Amhara unlike the Somalis do not have clans but they do have social stratification system. The Amhara iron welders learned how to make the bullets and etc etc.  While the Italian army campaign t Adwa was led by Italian officers and italian soldiers the bulk of the army were black colonised eritreans and some somalis called "Askaris". The italians were equipped with older versions then the wellingtin rifles.

Menelik launched war against other Amhara warlords and once they were destroyed He reestablished Abyssinia but he did so by brutally invading Caruusha Oromo muslim sultanates,  Harar, Afar.  While the muslim world was in decile and the Ottomans were defending the gates of Istanbul in the galipolis in the 1918 poor muslim low landers had no one to ask. According to the Professor Muhammed Hassan  Meneleik gave a decree to cut of the breast of of ever one of 1 oromo women as punishment.  

So why the long the history lesson?  Mengistu who according to me was true communist unlike our Siyaad, demolished the feudal Ethiopian society and made Ethiopia secular.  By severing the orthodox chuch with state. He had un-intentionally deleted the glew that attached oromo orthodox christians that were forced to convert to orthodox coptic christianity. Mengistu fully understood that as an Amhara if he discussed the marxist concept of nation and nationalities minioritythe countrey would be dis-integration.  In VOA interview made Mengistu said that the TPLF have balcanised Ethiopia. Like him or not the short  baria Amxaaro Mengisu was shrewd and fully understood what was coming.

The Second blow was the TPLF.  By making yuguslavia ethnic federation they were essentialy preparing to rule Ethiopia as a by using the discord between the Amxaaro and Oromo. During their 30 years one of the main things that I think they did un-intentionally was strengthening  the oromo nationalism. An oromo during Haile Selassie time would not say he was oromo. Times have changed. One other aspect is that Amxaaro that used to deny that Axmaaro as distinct ethnic group existed changed their views. They fully accepted the Amxaaro ethnic group.

Mustafa cagjar  might be more articulate then the electrician henchman Cabdi iley but both down are direct puppets selected by   Addis Abeba.  What Mustafa could do is strengthen Somali nationalism and create legitimate somali parties and hold elections. As soon as the honeymoon between Abey-Amxaaro and Amxaara  region and the Oromo parties are over the war will come closer to Addis Abeba. The countrey is already in a fully fledged civil war.  According to a friend of mine the TPLF is now direing weapons to oromo civilians and their satelilite channels have have become  hutu-channel towards amxaaro.  Their propogands is an having an affect. over 150 amxaaro coloniser settler neftegna were killed by an ofshoot to OLF. The vice prime minister called on Amxaaros arm themselves.!!!  



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I concur on all points. It is a slow decline or death that needs to be accelerated in order for the Horn to find lasting peace. The TPLF might be out of the picture, but as you said they did implant the seeds of destruction. Amhara wants to supplement Tigray as the new lords, but with rising of ethnonationalism and the revival of cultural and linguistic rights of every nation, it is hard for anybody to take Ethiopia back to the old 'good' days.

It is worth noting the Oromos that are actively fighting the state were the Christain Orthodox in  Western Oromia. Amharas tried to create a narrative of Muslim extremists vs poor Christian victims. But it did not get any traction since the majority of Muslim Oromos are in the east and south.

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The defeated Tigreys and their supporters in certain Western countries are planting news like this, I guess.

Diplomats back claims Eritrean troops have joined Ethiopia conflict

A US official and other diplomatic sources have backed accusations that Eritrean soldiers are fighting alongside Ethiopian troops to help Abiy Ahmed’s government in the war on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), complicating an already dangerous conflict.

The claims made to Reuters, which interviewed several unidentified diplomats in the region and a US official, follow mounting allegations by Tigrayan leaders that Eritrea, long a rival of Ethiopia, had joined with Ethiopian forces against a common enemy despite denials from both nations.

According to some accounts, thousands of Eritrean troops have joined the conflict during the last month of fighting, while Tigrayan forces have admitted rocketing the Eritrean capital, Asmara.

While refugees crossing into Sudan have also made similar claims, confirmation has been complicated by the lack of access for outsiders, including media, and the cutting of communications to the region.

Earlier this month the regional president of Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael, accused Eritrean forces of mass looting.

According to the report, evidence of Eritrean involvement cited in the US view of the month-long war includes satellite images, intercepted communications and anecdotal reports from the Tigray region.

“There doesn’t appear to be a doubt anymore. It’s being discussed by US officials on calls – that the Eritreans are in Tigray – but they aren’t saying it publicly,” the US government source, who has been privy to the internal calls, told Reuters.

The latest allegations follow an incident on Sunday when a UN security team attempting to visit a camp for those displaced in the fighting reportedly encountered uniformed Eritrean troops during an incident in which they were shot at and detained.

Troops suspected of being Eritrean have also allegedly been spotted in the regional capital Mekelle, said a resident and two diplomats in touch with the city’s inhabitants.

Some were reported to be in Eritrean uniforms, one of the diplomats said. Others wore Ethiopian uniforms, but spoke Tigrinya with an Eritrean accent and drove trucks without license plates, the resident told Reuters.

The US assessment creates a potential policy predicament as Washington views Ethiopia as a major ally in the volatile Horn of Africa but accuses Eritrea of severe rights abuses.

A senior diplomat from another country concurred, saying “thousands” of Eritrean soldiers were believed to be engaged.

The US state department did not confirm the US conclusions, although a spokesman said it would view any proven Eritrean involvement with great concern and that its embassy in Asmara was urging restraint to officials.

Contacted on Saturday, Eritrea’s foreign minister, Osman Saleh Mohammed, said: “We are not involved. It’s propaganda.”

Claims by all sides are near-impossible to verify because most communications to Tigray are down, and the government tightly controls access.

Abiy won a Nobel peace prize last year for making peace with Eritrea, but the presence of Eritrean troops on Ethiopian soil would alarm western allies. Ethiopia hosts the African Union, its security services work with western allies, and its troops serve in peacekeeping missions in South Sudan and Somalia.

Eritrea has for years faced accusations of large-scale rights abuses, including jailing opponents and forcing citizens into lengthy military or government service. It accuses western powers of smear campaigns and luring Eritreans abroad, which they deny.

Ethiopia-Eritrea ties were mostly icy under the TPLF-dominated government that ruled Ethiopia for nearly three decades in increasingly autocratic fashion before Abiy took office in 2018.

The TPLF claims to have killed and captured large numbers of Eritrean troops in the last month, but has provided no evidence.

It has fired rockets into Eritrea at least four times, the US state department says. Eritrean troops are believed to have entered Ethiopia in mid-November through three northern border towns: Zalambessa, Rama and Badme.

The diplomatic sources and the US government source did not have information on the numbers Washington believes have crossed, nor on their weapons or role in the war.

Ethiopian officials have accused the TPLF of manufacturing fake Eritrean uniforms to bolster their claims and increase pressure on the government to accept international mediation. The TPLF denies this.

The Guardian

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On 12/11/2020 at 1:15 PM, Holac said:

Where is @Old_Observer?

We need that guy now.

Thanks to new drone technology, it will be tough for TPLF to wage a long guerrilla war. Yet, the would be seventh king of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has to tackle now the Amhara issue if he want to rule Ethiopia. 

I can't imagine how TPLF had wasted the opportunity to dismantle Ethiopia. THey even attacked Eritrea in 1998, their only exit option.

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