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would u check if ur girl is good in bed :-) ...

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Originally posted by cynical lady:

It also depends on the man in question. So are Somali men willing to talk about their own inadequacy?

Fair q!


That is it smile.gif

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Originally posted by abdulraheem:

magnoona you said most of your male friends say it then i say most of your male friends are either ****** or non-somali coz how on earth can i even think about doing something like that let alone do it so my sister i suggest you lay low with your off the track question it ain't worth asking and i hope you not doing it already are you?in other words you are not sleeping with one of your male friends are you?

Look who's talking...Bloody Del Nido.



I just wonder how many of these members are still around and active...apart from Jamal_11 I can't think of anyone else unless they've changed their names.



Fu-Fu...Your Homeboy is an embarrassing...all he did was attack the poor girl...Magnoona was a very sweet girl and intelligent beyond her years...pity your friend messed it up for everyone. :mad:



PS. JB...What were you looking for exactly for you to find this thread? Naughty Man.



Peace, Love & Unity.

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I was looking for the word "bed" to find an old thread i posted .......... and this is what i got in return ,,,



Neat stuff though ,,,,,,,,, :D

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