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I was driving and heard the Tarawix prayer on the radio in Abu Dhabi. Not Eid tomorrow I thought until I went to the dry cleaner who told me it is eid tomorrow. Been running around shopping and getting my white khamiis ready since,,,


Eid Mubarak ya mustamiciin al kiraam,,,,

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lool@Northner :D . Anigu I have not even shaved yet smile.gif I could not get a chance at the barbar. Its full and there is a big Q. I will try later after 12 midnight. By the way :D I have been bought a big Macawus from the Gold Souk Yemeni shop :D ( Feel Free )

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Eid Mubarak, Masha Allah, It is is a beatuful night, with all te fireworks,


Hunguri, Go and do the shaving your self,lol,


I have to go to the shop to buy Some Halwa for tomorrow.

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Heh@North..I like the 'mostamiciin el keram' bit. :D

That Arab woman that you married has been teaching you well. icon_razz.gif


Ciid Mubaark to all. May all your eids be full of health, happiness and peace.


Happy Eid to Castro and family; Val (and friend); Serenity (and her phone); that young Canadian girl who is a moderator on the general forum (no idea what she's called these days, and all her apes). Baashe & co; Mutakalim (and Ibn tofeel, unless it's Socrates he's talking to tonight); Raheema (and her convicts); LST (and his dodgy server); Salafi (and Sheikh-El-Islam); LANDER, Suldaan & QL, Zulfa....


(I'm only writing these names to fish them out, the lazy so and sos).


Eid Mubaarak..

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Damn Only in Maryooley Celebrate and have short span of memories, How on earth you clelebrate Eid when you have disfunctional country used to be called "somalia" , you have killing fields all over the country ,i can't comprehend so many heartless ppl in this world, i can't celebrate Eid in Public and i can't say Eid to anyone of you. But will donate some . So take your Eid wish to your corner of the hood and pray for the sick and innocnet children,women,men who are having hard time as we speak. May allah give them mercy. Can't show celeberation not yet.

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They will not hold Eid prayer this year in the CNE but rather Rogers center or as formerly known as skydome.


Eid Al-Fitr Festival

October 13, 2007



Cultural Festival opens doors to everyone.



Event Description

Eid Al Fitr Festival, organized by the Muslim Association of Canada, is a unique community gathering showcasing the Muslim culture.


The day long event, opened to the entire community free of charge, offers bazaar stalls, food vendors, carnival rides, inflatable children's games and lots of entertainment.


Morning prayers will be celebrated at 10:00 a.m.


Date and Time

Saturday, October 13th from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The day-long cultural festival is a great way to learn about Canada's Muslim community.


Gates Open

Gates will open according to the event start time.



Ticket Information

This is a non-ticketed event, with free admission, open to everyone.

Rogers Centre looks forward to seeing you and your family and friends in attendance.




Please use Gate 5 to enter the Festival



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