Sudan repeals law that let police flog women for wearing pants

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2 hours ago, Tallaabo said:

Could you be more specific because what you have written here is just like the countless YouTube troll comments in any Islam related video?

The most influential figure was the philosopher Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, who argued in The Incoherence of the Philosophers against the very idea of laws of nature, on the ground that any such laws would put God’s hands in chains. According to al-Ghazali, a piece of cotton placed in a flame does not darken and smoulder because of the heat, but because God wants it to darken and smoulder. After al-Ghazali, there was no more science worth mentioning in Islamic countries.

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21 hours ago, galbeedi said:

Now do we have to debate like this kid who judges the world by CNN ot Youtube? Islamic philosophy is bigger than all others combined. Islamic civilization is stretched from the Atlantic to Indonesia. Islam reached Asia without firing one single bullet.Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world with 250 million people is the a great example of this. THey are tradition, tolerant and stable.


I knew the constant bombardment of bad news by the media would effect for the weak and those who have no strong foundation to stand on. In fact, there was a study which points out that among the refugees and immigrants , Somali youth are among the largest numbers becoming atheists. We have a large number of kids raised by single mothers who were released to the society without basic religious foundation. What would you expect?


Of course . That is why we are different than the Amhar, most of Swahili and others. Furthermore, your Somalihood is in question if you are out of realm of the faith. Didn't I tell this kid to read few books and come back  in two or three years.  Islam reached Somalia before Medina, Baghdad or Syria when the first Hijra reached the REd sea. 

I understand where Tallabo is coming from, but I reject these kids who are atheist in nature coming here and throwing garbage around here. I am telling this kid Dhaqaale you are not welcome here. Go other places where they disrespect Islam and MUslims for fun.

Talaabo, the Hadith was collected later doesn't mean they were not used.The Khulafaa Ul Rashidiin, they rightly guided imams Abubaker , Omar, Cusmaan and Ali used Hadith to arbitrate civic mathers. Something will come up and people would say the Prophet said this and that on certain days. These are events recorded in history. Even in Christendom, people know what Pontius Pilate said to Jesus Aleyhi Salaam when he was brought to his court. 

For example, Suraqa Binu Malik was among the two horsemen tracking the Prophet (SAW) and he easily saw the caravan of two men the Prophet (SAW) . The Prophet and Abu Bakr were visible within range of his arrow, but as he lifted his bow to shoot them, his hands became paralyzed. He cried out, ‘O Muhammad, pray for me in order that my mare could get out of this mess. I promise, I will retrace my steps and give up the pursuit.

Muhammad prayed, and Suraqa's mare freed herself from the sand. Such was the size of the reward, however, that Suraqa went back on his word and resumed pursuit of the duo. As he approached Muhammad, the mare got stuck into the sand again. Suraqa again prayed: ‘O Prophet, if I was released again, I would surrender my arms and return to Mecca never to pursue you. I would dissuade even others from pursuing you.

Even as he began to return, Muhammad told him that he would one day wear the bangles of Khusrow of Persia. He asked in wonderment if Muhammad meant the bangles of Khusrow bin Hormuz, the Persian king. Muhammad nodded in acknowledgement.

Within eight years of his migration to Madinah, Muhammad entered Mecca at the head of a vast army and declared general amnesty. Suraqa entered the court of Muhammad and declared shahadah.

Years passed. At one time Suraqa became ill and was dying. His house prepared for his death (643 CE/22 AH). All of a sudden Suraqa open his eyes and inquired what his family was doing. They told him that they are preparing for his burial because they dont think he will survive. He ordered them not to worry about him because he will not die. Family member were surprised and asked how he is so sure. He said that Prophet Muhammad assured him of Khusrow's bangles and had not get yet. Persia was conquered during the caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab. Umar received a missive from Saad bin Abi Waqqas, commander of the Islamic forces about the conquest of Persia. Umar was looking at each of the items sent by the Commander of the forces. Suddenly Umar called Suraqa to him and put the crown on his head, helped him don the gold embroidered dress and gold bangles. Suraqa felt uncomfortable in the royal outfit. 

He raised his hands towards the sky and prayed: ‘O my Lord, how could I put on something which your Prophet deserved far more than I? I smell the air of punishment in it."

He then turned towards Umar and asked him to distribute all those royal appendages among the Muslims.

Folks , these were  real events that took place and recorded during the reign of Khaliif Omar Bin Khataab. You might debate some of these Hadiths which are creating problems , but the early Islamic history is recorded before Bukhari and Muslim. In Battle of Khandaq or Ashaab, the Prophet (SAW) was surrounded by the alliance from Makkah and tribes close to Mediah. The siege continued for over a month. No one was able to raise their head or leave their trenches. While digging trenches , a companion hit stone and lights flashed. The Prophet (SAW) said," I see Muslims taking over Persia and conquering those tall white building". One of the hypocrats sitting nearby said to one of the SAhaba, " we can not even venture outside to pee from these trenches and he , the Prophet of Allah, was talking about conquering Persia" 

THese are not only true narratives, but they also indicate the truthfulness of our beloved Prophet (SAW). it strengthens the faith of the believers. THese narratives are called " The Seera of the Prophet". Studying them helps understand the context 

For example,  Ibn Kathir wrote Al Bidaaya Wa Nihaaya (The beginning and the end ) within  fifty years after the passing of the prophet. Hadith was used to judge during Abubaker , Omar and Cusmaan. Bukhari had collected them later, but they were already their scattered.

Furthermore, it is the duty of every Muslim to learn from the "cradle to the grave" which is an authentic Hadith. By the way, Mr. Talaabo, a lot atheists who have nothing to do with Islam are trying to ride your horse. You could be a man seeking knowledge , but others are have mysterious agenda, and few and quick answers in this forum would not answer your questions. I urge you to seek more knowledge and stop throwing these quick jabs in this forum. And one more, this Aya Lakum Diinikum Waliya Deen is, is used in different context than Muslims debating Hadith. It meant for those who have different faith than Islam. Allah knows best. 


The atheists keep talking about religion and war, but in the 20th century, over 90%, or way over 90% of the wars were waged by other ideologies like communism, Nazism and nationalism. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and others had murdered way over hundred million people .

Wahabis and the 911 wars have wreaked havoc through the MUslim nations and the minds of many people around the world, yet study shows 911 events converted some of the largest Americans in history to Islam. That negative publicity has had made the free American to be curious. Allah the all mighty works in strange ways. Do not worry about Islam, but for your own and our own betterment to be decent and caring. 

In the story of Moses Alayhi Salaam, the Pharaoh of Egypt demanded the murder of every male baby born in the Jewish homes in his kingdom. He murdered many, yet Amina, the mother of Moses were ordered by the Angel to put the baby in a box and throw him in the Nile river. It was a difficult decision but she obeyed the command of Allah and dropped the just born baby in the river. 

That baby was found from the shores of the river by the wife of the Pharaoh. The evil man wanted to kill the baby and not take any chances  , but the wife convinced him to spare and they raised the child  like one of  their own . As the Almighty planned, Pharaoh who made sure every child to die,  has raised in his own house the man who will destroy his own empire.  


Do not expect WAhabis or the evil dictators to last. Blood thirsty despots like Salmaan and Bin Zayed, who killed millions of people from Libya to Yemen,  will destroy their own society and could be replaced by others. Islam had always been a river that flows slowly but surely. Sometimes , there could by more rain and it floods , other times, the water may reside , but certainly it will always flow. Even here in the land of the west , Islam will flourish because of the freedom and rule of law. We  should rather face a Canadian or American judge than Egyptian or Saudi one. THat is why I say  Canada is a blessed land. The land of honey and milk.






Galbeedi I have no issues with using the hadith literature for studying history but we are not allowed to use them for religious guidance. Indeed Almighty Allah commanded the prophet to follow only His revelations to judge and teach. 

Just take a look at your beliefs and rituals and tell us how many of them are rooted in the hadith books and have nothing to do with Allah's revelation. 

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8 minutes ago, Dhaqaale said:

Galbeedi, I am not gaal so keep your deluded rants to yourself. 

It is good to learn that you are not a gaal (God forbid), so tell us what is your problem with Islam? The philosophy thing you mentioned above does make much sense to me. When disbelievers and sinners are burned in hell they will turn into a dark mess- a human charcoal, and not into shinny orange Donald Trumps. 

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34 minutes ago, Tallaabo said:

It is good to learn that you are not a gaal (God forbid), so tell us what is your problem with Islam? The philosophy thing you mentioned above does make much sense to me. When disbelievers and sinners are burned in hell they will turn into a dark mess- a human charcoal, and not into shinny orange Donald Trumps. 

I like to keep my faith private and not force my view on others.

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Waryaa Talaabo,

Doodan waan soo xidhaynaa, laakin hal aan kuu sheego.

Major components of the religion , IImaan and worship will not be possible without the Hadith and actions of the Prophet.

The Qur'aan says establish prayers, but doesn't explain how it should be performed. Or hw another pillar of the Deen like fasting is done without the showing of the Prophet, or how Hajj another obligation is performed without the Hadith. 

You can't worship your lord without knowing how to perform Wudu or clean yourself without Hadith.

Even to understand the Qur'aan you must know when the Ayah was revealed or in which contest.

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