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Yemen war: Houthi rebels claim mass capture of Saudi troops

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Houthi insurgents say three brigades surrendered near the border, but there is no Saudi confirmation.



The highlighted..funniest i have seen in a long time.

Its confirmed by westerners. The Operation took more than two months.

The Huothis kept hit an run for that long. The Saudi mercenaries became demoralized, scared and ready for the final attack. The attack came and the Saudis were ready to be POWs. More than 100 vehicles captured in working order.

More than 2000 soldiers and 37 high ranking commanders captured.


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Yemen’s Armed Forces Statement of Victory from Allah Military Operation in Najran

add at: 2019-09-29 04:19:34

The statement read the following:

With the help of Allah, Yemen’s Armed Forces announce to the entire honorable and dignified Yemeni people the launching of the “Victory from Allah” operation, a wide-scale qualitative military operation that was carried out on the Najran axis. It is one of the biggest operations to lure the enemy forces since the beginning of the war on our country. The operation has lasted for several months and inflicted so far heavy losses among the enemy’s members and equipment.

The achievements of the operation included mainly the following:

First: The collapse of three military brigades of the enemy forces with all their military equipment and almost all members and leaders

Second: Seizing huge amounts of weapons that include hundreds of military and armored vehicles

Third: Detaining thousands of the enemy forces, killing and injuring hundreds of them, most of which are betrayers or deceived

Fourth: Among the detainees there are many leaders, officers and soldiers of the Saudi Army

Fifth: Only after 72 hours after launching the operation, our forces fully tightened the blockade against the enemy, it was composed of three military brigades of the betrayers and the deceived ones, in addition to a Saudi Army faction; they were totally destroyed, broken and detained, in addition to liberating hundreds of kilometers along the field of the operation

With respect to the leadership’s instructions, all detainees have been treated according to the religious principles and the authentic Yemeni traditions as well as humanitarian ethics. The Yemeni forces, after the surrender of thousands of the enemy’s forces, protected them from the warplanes’ revengeful airstrikes that targeted the detainees with dozens of strikes.

The Yemeni Armed Forces assure all families of the detainees from all nationalities that they will take extra required measures to protect them from being targeted by the Saudi warplanes and will treat them humanely until reaching an inclusive swap deal with the enemy and its tools among which are the betrayers and the deceived.

Several specialized units of the armed forces participated in the battlefield, performing different tasks over wide-scale geographical landscapes as part of supporting and backing the military operation, atop of which is the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force, in addition the Air Defense and Ground Force with their different related units.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Armed Forces continue implementing the stages of the operation under the plan, and will announce in the future conferences other results and details of different stages in the coming days.

Glory be to Yemen, the resistant in the face of the aggression, invasion and occupation.

Mercy be to the martyrs.
Recovery be to the wounded.
Freedom be to the detainees.
Dignity and honor be to our dear people and great Yemen.

End of statement


Another proof positive that the Yemeni are not Arabs. Read the highlighted. Only men of good morals, bravery and faith can do or say this.



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The latest of operation -"Victory is from Allah(swt)" "Al Nessir Min Allah" the name of the operation.


Yemen is the other killer of Empires and wannabe empires

Roman, Axum, Persians, Egypt, Arab,

The two empires that limited themselves to minimum control were the Ottoman and British. The Ottomans stayed in 3 strategic locations they needed. The British stayed in 2 strategic places they needed.



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1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

Where are Emirates when the brothers need them😂

Latest is Houthis c capture entire Saudi region, and Saudis in retreat.

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5 hours ago, galbeedi said:

The Saudis should come to Somalia.

We might save them from  the Houthis. With air power all they need is tough soldiers.


Indeed strong soldiers,  not these fat who NEVER fought a war being humiliated like this IMG-20190930-WA0006.jpg.566c726be287c521e28982810f91d9ca.jpg

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Direct talks US Houthi
Secret talks Saudi Houthi going ON.

UAE is going to help with food and medicine deliveries to Houthis.

21st century Vietnam without Soviet and China help.

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The Saudis have agreed not to bomb certain areas.

Houthi USA negotiations going well.

It seems the Houthis exploted the internal problems in Saudi Arabia

Mercenaries have started thinking of their way out in one piece, to be alive.

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