Arrest warrant for Madoobe, Al-shabaab cells in Burco and America fully on board in Somalia...Tales from Halane compound

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While the internet and social media made news travel faster,  they rarely dig the real news behind the curtain. As  the American cable news proved,  all  they do is repeat the same thing while copying from one another.


So, in order to sift out the real news from the propaganda we have to talk insiders. 


From time to I talk to  this friend who resides in Halane compound in Mogadishu ro tell me what is going behind the scene in that part of the world. He generally supports the government efforts and he travels to Addis, Hargeisa, Baydhabo and Nairobi working mostly with USAID Somalia. Since he doesn't live  among the people in Mogadishu, I mostly ask him about the angle of the international community who have huge stake in Somalia in terms of regional security, capacity building and economic aid to Somalia.


 Here is our conversation last night:


Galbeedi :Is there any improvement in MOgadishu security lately.?


Hallane Man: The security perimeter is expanding lately but there is still checkpoints which locals don't like but  reduces the chances of car bombings. Also the government strategy is  to target and secure the main brides leading to the city from both Lower and Middle Shabeelle. I heard six out of the seven bridges leading to Mogadishu are secured and manned by government soldiers. 


Galbeedi: Any new towns liberated so far?


Halane man: I heard Aw Dhiigle and Barriire which are  main crossing points  to the highway were secured. Furthermore, the federal army is on the offensive now. The expectations in Lower Shabbelle is the local must be in empowered to deal with security issues. Certain groups might lose both power and privilege if law and order takes place in the region. The American try to put pressure in these parts but every time Al-shabaab is punished some people would say that it was civilians who were targeted.


Galbeedi: I know you do not live within  the public , but is there any reduction in Al-shbaab business and extortion activity within the capital?.


Halane man: Not much. Their mafia style extortion continues an abated due  to intimidation and murder. Also, the locals use their courts for quick court decisions.  No one dares to ignore their court summon which became the  favorite court for plaintiffs and victims. By collaborating with them the locals are giving  them legitimize. Since it is an open secret the intelligence people must find ways to capture these courts and those who administer. In all , there is still a segment of the population who  favor these clandestine courts and Al-Shabaab.


Galbeedi: How big is the role of the international community?


.Halane man: It is huge. In terms of capacity building, training and coordination, and economic growth. Somalia needs few more years to stand up in her feet.


Glbeedi: Who is the leading nation among these many countries?


Halane man: The EU  is there so does the Amisom and the British, but the leading country organizing the military offensives  against Al-Shabaab and regional security efforts  is the United States America. 


Galbeedi: Other than Al-shabaab what is the American policy in Somalia and the region?


Halane man: First of all , America want a secure and stable Somalia, and they want to build a professional Somali armed forces. In fact, I heard that America want to relocate its Africom base from Djibouti to Balidoogle air base in Somalia within the next few years.  From Somalia, they can easily monitor the Red Sea and the whole region from there.  They are forcing the old and traditional enemies of Somalia who exasperated the recovery --mainly Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya--to work closely with Somalia. They also support wholeheartedly the full sovereignty of Somalia. People might not believe this , but , America might even take the Somali side in disputes with Kenya.


Galbeedi: What do you mean sovereignty ? and how is the maritime dispute with Kenya is going.


Halane man: America believes the territorial integrity of Somalia without hesitation, and  unlike the British who  are  playing chicken games on  the Somaliland issues.. They also do not want to destabilize peaceful regions and want to keep the status quo both in Somlailand and Puntalnd. The Kenyans didn't even organize their case properly. They bet  their main strategy on pressuring Somalia through through intimidation, delaying airline travel and using Jubbaland as stick and carrot to eventually force Farmaajo to back down and come to the table. THey even went to the security council to isolate Somalia economically by designating the country like ISIS infested Syria. Every effort from  their part failed. Also, their whole argument is that this issue is between nations and should not be in the court.  Furthermore, they can't reject a security council mandated court decisions.. 


Galbeedi: So, is there any push from America about the Somalia and Somaliland talks?


Halane man: Not at the moment. Everyone in Somaliland that counts have been told plainly that the real talks and the  eventual union  will happen, but in due course. Biixi knows and even the opposition knows.  But, America do not want to push any efforts that destabilizes these regions while the push for union is under way.


The Americans also  know that there is Al-shabaab sleeper cells that are  very active  in Somaliland ,especially in Burco and other places.  THey might  not collect ransom and taxes like Mogadishu and Boosaaso,  but , they give religious directives both in HArgeisa and Burco directly to the  government through their well connected Sheikhs. In Burco last week, a freelance Sheikh took a police pick up with soldiers and closed a restaurant without the knowledge of the mayor , courts,  the police chief or any government , because some family members who were both female and male were sitting  together among the public. Not only they closed the business, they took all the employees to the jail. So, they do not want to push the union until the south stabilizes in order to avoid spreading instability.  Even hotels in Hargeisa can't hold events after 11pm. 


Galbeedi: Tell me about Puntland,  Galmudug, the Hobyo port and the gulf issues ?


Halane man: THe UAE was very active in Somalia for the last year and half. They were involved for almost everything that went on in Somalia whether it is elections, ports or regional conflicts. In Galmudug, the major issue with Xaaf wasn't because he disagreed with the government, but he blocked the Hobyo port development with direct  orders  from  UAE. He took money and refused the process which was just an early planning stage. The development money allocated for the central Somlai was roads and communication upgrade for Puntland and medium sizer port for Hobyo. C/weli took the money from UAE and used it for re-election while Xaaf became the spokesman of the group. 


Galbeedi: How about Deni ? is he still following the UAE?


Halane man: People will tell you that Puntland had bad leadership starting from Cabdi Weli and now Deni. He could have changed course and follow a new policy, but he failed Puntalnd by isolating both from the federal government , Ethiopia and donors. Somali leaders lack imaginations and innovation. The old system of  visiting regional capitals , cashing in some dough and serve others at the expense of the nation is over. 


Galbeedi: Deni is a young guy and a member of the new  generation trying to bring business and investment in Puntalnd, don't you think it is too early to asses his leadership?



Halane man: He has plenty of time to change course, but  his strategy to side with  Kenya against Somalia  has damaged him standing among Somalis. Also, his close connection with the Emirates alienates the federal government. Both the USAID and World Bank , two leading donors in Somalia want coordination within the federal government and regions, and any hostility toward the Farmaajo government means less money coming his way.


Galbedi: So, is true that Farmajo is saying , you either with me or against me?



Halane man: Farmaajo has declared war on UAE and her allies openly, but the international community can't allow  anyone to wreck its  efforts of capacity building either by  by  Farmaajo or anyone else. Certain degree of disagreements are allowed but it should never lead to destabilize or hurt the economy of Puntalnd or Somaliland. In all , regional governments can't challenge the federal government in the international arena at the moment.


Galbeedi: Jubbaland is in stalemate. Ahmed Madoobe isn't going anywhere and the opposition are  holding their  ground while targeted killings are becoming the norm. What is the next move of the federal government?


Halane man: Madoobe is done. An arrest warrant will be issues soon with the knowledge of the Interpol. His best hope is a golden hand shake and retirement in to a save place. Donor money to Jubba is drying up and the Kenyans do not have money to throw around. His days are numbered.



Galbeedi: I heard a large number of Northern young men and women went to Mogadishu and found work there.


Halane man: Most didn't get work, but there is a hope they might get something in the future. It is the hope that attracts them there, but also, the cost of living is 40% cheaper in MOgadishu compared to major northern cities.


Galbeedi: Did Muuse Biixi agreed with the African Development Bank financed road between Djibouti--Borama--Jigjiga?


Halane man: He has no choice but to accept. Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia had agreed the building of the road. Besides, this road from Djibouti to Borama was in the works for 40 years. 


Galbeedi: how about the debate about the routes of the road?


Halane man: that is useless debate. The surveyors usually will decide following a well defined criteria which are mainly:   populated area and towns, cheapest and the most effective routes and finally the most direct route.


Galbeedi: Is it true Biixi is refusing money coming through Somalia from the donors? How about the military airport of UAE.


Halane man: No. He is getting the money.  He complained that Somalia is with holding donor money and using for political reasons,. The donors had just approved 100km of road by the world bank and 60km were given to south and 40km to the north. The money in the south will be 30km in Mogadishu city roads and the rest will be the road between Gaalkacayo and Garoowe for repairs and improvements.


Somaliland is looted and destroyed institutionally by seven years of Siilaanyo rule. Muuse was trapped in a mess, but he can't dislodge from the Emeriti's useless business transaction easily.



 Galbeedi: Is re-election process on the way? how about the chances of Shariif Ahmed, Hassan Sheikh and Farmaajo?


Halane man: Somalis in the parliament had showed throughout history to ditch the incumbent president and elect a new one. I do not think anyone of those three will be coming back, but if there is anyone to get re-elected of these three, it could be Farmaajo and company. Besides, everything depends what happens this time next year. At the moment,  it seems the government might get two years extension to finish its term. Everyone is rooting to one man vote and that could only happen if south central Somalia stabilizes for the next three years.


Galbeedi: That would be great.


Anyway, if Farmaajo and company get two more years and in  2023 we all go to  the polls to vote, that would be nice. There won't be any vote buying . Certainly the parliament people might not like that idea of people's power and direct voting.


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Is Halane Galbeedi. I can't tell any difference what Halane is saying and what Galbeedi writes. Even if that is not the case, this is the opinion of Farmaajo supporter who overlooks the failure of making the fight against shabaab the number one priority of the Federal government which will have, eventually.  lead to the removal of Amisom from the south of Somalia.

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Lewis Center, Ohio---It’s a very rare in a male dominated and poverty stricken Somaliland for women to move head and run a business. But, a young woman worked hard and saved enough money to get a license...

Galbeedi read the above opinion posted on Hiiraan Online and this is his way of rehashing it and reselling it through his old tired 'my sources told me'. :D 

Every Somaliland city has 'Gididdda Xumaan Reebista, Samaan farista" or Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. Originally, Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal set it up as an advisory Commision but it was legalised as an entity during Dahir Rayaale's tenor and passed Parliament. 

The commision has succeeded in many local issues but has come short when it comes to the bigger national issues like Corruption, Socials ils like Chewing Khad,  Inter-clan issues etc. Which I think should also be under their watch.

Alshabab, like any other parasite, needs the right conditions, the right environment and willing partners in order to proliferate.

Fortunately, and to the dismay of many, those conditions and environment do not exist in Somaliland. 


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I like the Djibouti-Borama-Jigjiga road. Do we know when that will start?

Galbeedi knows a lot of things average SOLer doesn’t know. I personally always appreciate his take on issues. 

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This is what happens when you talk to the mirror.

Breaking news from the horn by a man in the barren cold and isolated lands of canada.

Give me a break.

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13 hours ago, Holac said:

I like the Djibouti-Borama-Jigjiga road. Do we know when that will start?

Galbeedi knows a lot of things average SOLer doesn’t know. I personally always appreciate his take on issues. 

I always suspected you were simple minded.

Now you have removed all doubt.

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I know. The usual suspects are coming out from their caves.

Let us answer to those who had posted worthy comments.

Holac, the surveyors are coming in the next few months. The money for the first 40 km had been released to Djibouti.

Holac, these dinosaurs won't know if the real thing hit them. All we see in these websites and news clips are photo of people meeting and handshakes with no internal commentary. For example, Biixi asked Cumar Gheele to buy weapons from Djibouti, but Gheele refused for now for fear of breaking the UN embargo against Somalia. No one is reporting this .

Bakhaarkii Tigreega ee hubka laga soo iibsan jiray wuu dhamaaday. 

Both Puntland and Somaliland do not have enough weapons to wage wars which is good news for the locals.


I for one,  do visit Hiiraan once every few months. I do not read their opinion pages which  is typical of known things. AS they say, " tell me something I don't know". I might read Faisal Rooble who could shed light on new things and the under current issues.

Anyway, I will give you today a six million dollar worthy of advice for free. Take this advice and pass to your friends in Hargeisa. Here are the main points:

Maxakamado ( Courts mean trouble) haddaad maqasho ka cabso.

1--I do believe that The extra judicial courts in Burco are illegal under Islamic law and within the rules of the modern state. In Islam, justice can only be dispensed by those who have mandate and fiduciary trust from the public(Dad beeca sharci ah dadku la galay oo masuuliyad la saaray).


2-Tribal courts are usually run by extremists who have political ambitions, yet, they try to hide behind the religion to reach their goals. They are usually used in the lands of anarchy where where there are no government sanctioned courts. In this case the Burco cell is the real court.Which means Burco regional courts do not operate.

3-Todays Al-shabaab are the illegitimate sons of the Mogadishu courts. In the early stages, they were  all transformed from these tribal courts by claiming to be enforcing law and order, but they mostly convicted poor and weak people by cutting their hands or oppressing them while ignoring warlords and the powerful.

4- Closing restaurants is the beginning of selective enforcement. As you are aware, Al-shabaab had bombed innocent restaurateurs in Mogadishu by either claiming to be used by foreign spies or by trying to enforce bogus dress codes. The same can be said about those in Burco claiming the employees to be Ethiopian  .Village restaurant of Mogadishu were bombed twice after they refused to pay ransom.

5-Sometimes, they target businesses to stop competition and enforce the monopoly of those who pay them.

The Burco courts have all the hallmark of  Al-shabaab courts in Mogsadishu. These sleeper groups might  have clandestine agreements within the Kulmiye leadership since 2008. In fact, Siilaanyo released many who were convicted of murdering foreign workers and other innocent people.When Muuse Biixi was challenging the leadership of the party over 20 pipe bombs were thrown in Hargeisa without trace. There is also a large number of returning Al-shabaab from the earlier wars who reside within these cities and must be exposed.

Anyone with meagre knowledge of intelligence can figure out the unwritten rules of agreement with Somaliland and these cells. Of course, as you said ,certain ingredients are missing for this to flare up , but they could be activated anytime.

That is why it is important to weaken and flush them out now while  you have capacity to confront them. It is clear that these are extremists sanctioned by the system and they must be stopped before it is too late.

Do not be fooled by " Gudiga Xumaan reebida" . Hadday Xumaan reebayaan tuugada iyo boobka ummada ayey ka hadli lahaayen.

Somaliland has real Sheikhs like Sheikh Aadan Seero who addresses real corruption , theft and other crimes of the ruling class.

let us stop the future Ahmed Godane type before it is too late.

Deal with these future Al-0shabaab now or face the consequences later. Since you are member of KUlmiye pass these to your superiors.


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It seems you also have fallen into the most common thinking and sayings these days, like:

America is on our side, so its all over for you

Ethiopia is on our side, so its all over for you

This is the worst kind of culture for any people and even more worst for the independent, confident and free culture of the Somali Nomad culture.

But its good you pointed out it is not based on facts on the ground, since the person does not have direct experience or impact from the society.

It is closer to opinion and in some cases wishful thinking.


Why there is a million projects that come up when somebody is in trouble?

From Ports in Somalia to pipelines in Eritrea, so many projects, oil adventures, space

I wish everyone was like Ghelleh, Illey and Meles on projects. You see them being commissioned, before you hear they are being built or are going to be built. There are about 12 dams in Kililka where nobody heard they were being built, but saw them being commissioned. Not many people knew or heard an international airport was built in Qebri Dahar...

By the way the "news" that Bixi asked Ghelleh for weapons purchasing is fake news, gossip that is generated and buing pushed by known quarters and countries. Don't fall for it. I am sure you are intelligent to see for what it is, unless you also have interest in pushing it.

Bixi knows he can buy from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Khazakistan..any day without raising questions from America, Bratain or EU and also no questions asked. One ordinary Shiek from UAE can get it delivered.

Ghelleh's policy is clear and never compromising:

1. To work to best of his ability and capacity to Somalia to be a country again

2. Failing that Somalia cannot and should not be restored by war, only by peaceful negotiations

3. No war in Somaliland, Kililka and Puntland at the minimum

This has never changed from the days Ghelleh was simple officer to now President.





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How come our man from Halane did not mention that, contrary to the Turkish plan of having one army with elite units inside it, the American plan and already deployed is to have an army outside the Somalia army? Size will be about 3000 and is to fight where ever America wants it. America trains, pays and maintains contact call that command.

This anti-terrorist army will not go against Moodabe.

The news and wishes of some SOLers that this special army will arrest Moodabe is fiction. The regular army is the only one that can go against Moodabe and good luck with that.


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Old Observer,

I really like these Danab forces. No army in the world would defeat a well trained and well paid Somali soldier. Last month Al-shabaab detonated a car bomb in one of those forward bases by Danab and tried to swamp and jump in as they did with Burundi and Kenyan soldiers. These forces held their ground a killed everyone who tried to enter the base.

Furthermore, the next day they followed Al-shabaab to their place and killed a large number of them. 

Some of the Turkey trained soldiers were deployed in MOgadishu and Middle Shabbeele. But I agree with you that Turkish trained soldiers are not active like Danab. The Somali officers they trained were incorporated with the army, yet they are not that active like the American forces. It is probably all about money. I hope Somalia should not lose these Turkey trained soldiers.

The Americans always use their own trusted officers and soldiers to achieve their goals. In Syria, they use the Kurds YPG against ISIS and even trained Sunni Arabs to defeat Al-qaeda. In Puntland , they have what they call PIS which is a well organized deadly force.

I don't like the idea of foreign paid soldiers , but these guys are chasing Al-shabaab to the bushes. Air power and drones  alone are useless if ground assault doesn't follow.

Anyway, neither Danab or regular army are not after Ahmed Madoobe at the moment. It is useless to waste resources in Kismaayo while you battling Al-shabaab in both Lower and middle Shabbelle.

It is just misplaced fear. I think the first bullet in Kismaayo will be fired by Madoobe. Bad actors and bad advice from certain sectors might convince him to take on his opponents and try to drive them out of the city. 

Fatmaajo could use legal means and diplomatic pressure, but can't use force. Why would you attack KIsmaayo while Al-shabaab is in Bakaaraha and Bacad. It doesn't make sense.

I will let you know when Madoobe is either going to Nairobi or Mogadishu for good.


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