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Brothers, how do you show your wife you love her?

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what do you say or do to show your lovfe to your wife? i don't think for men we have the capability or let me say we don't have the same view of what love is when compared to women. you ever noticed how they just want to her baby "i love you" wouldn't we prefer a good back rub instead? so what do you do?

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Make love to her period!


However since u said wife,i think u should put more effort in making the mother of u'r kids happy.Give her a hug every time or once a week when u come from work and look straight in her eyes and shows that u really miss her.


Ask her how she is doing or anything that bothers her,u don't have to wait for problems to start.


When she cooks food,don't take her for granted,say thank u and add acompliments like abaayo i really like u'r food and why don't u teach me how to cook and a good somali wife will reply u,thanks honey but u don't have to cook unless i'm sick or dead and when the need be i will show u.


Do the laundry,uare not washing the clothes with u'r hands,all u need is pick them and put them in the machines and save her sometime to think about how lucky she is that u happen to be the man in her life.


Don't be like old somali men who calls their wives by the name or even worse use words like nayaa.


Buy her small gifts,won't cost u much to buy her a bra (less than $30) from victoria secretes.


take a bicycle ride through the parks around the lake or if u can't ride a bike, jogging will be fine and if u can't do that just walk through the park while her head is on u'r shoulder afterall u said wife not girlfreind right?


Anyway it all depends on how social or open u'r wife is when she is interacting with u as her husband.

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I can't speak from personal experience b/c I am not married yet. However I can speak from what I have heard from other brothers that are close to me and their dealings with their wives. Also, the Sunnah encompasses this b/c the rasul (salallahu calihe waslim) was a compassionate, passionate (yes passionate!!, how else did he keep 9 or so wives at the same time! ;) ), and merciful husband to his wives.

Last night we were talking about how a marriage is not real until:

1) You have your first agrument

2) You can fart together in Bed


Inshallah, one thing that many muslim couples forget is that why did Allah and his rasul (salallahu calihe waslim) create things in opposites and have them unite. i.e. MAN AND WOMEN

It is b/c one is lacking in something that the other has, so their for to become complete, thye need to be joined with thier OTHER HALF.

But does this union meaning JUST PHYSICALLY?


One sign that a marriage is inshallah succeeding, is when the spouses begin to take on characteristics that are not normal to their Gender.

Meaning the Man/Masculine, inshallah begins to display some femine qualities like Tenderness, Cleaning around the house, Cooking, Nurturing. The Women/Feminine inshallah taking on MASCULINE traits like firmness, patience, resilience etc.


So inshalah, the only way truely that a HUSBAND can become a better SPOUSE is through knowing HIMSELF.

In the hadiths, it says 'TO KNOW ALLAH, YOU MUST KNOW YOURSELF'


So frustration, miscommunication is natural and inshallah like everything it takes REFLECTION, TIME AND PATIENCE.

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Brother when you marry, there is a line to cross. For most men, it takes them a life-time to understand what the line is. And for majority of men will realise the existence of this mysterious line after going through divorce or the death of their wives. As you know, the gender difference that exist between sexes only exists outside marriage. Inside married this difference has to be swept aside and two have to become one. So my advice is, forget about being unable to relate to what women call love, coz if there was no common ground between you and her, she wouldn't be talking about love or saying "I love you". To be able to express your love to your wife, what you need to do is, first to simplify the basis of her LOVE.


Ask yourself,

- why does she say I love you often?

- What do i mean to her?

- How loving am i suppose to be towards her?


If you get answers to these questions from your heart, then, you will overcome the hardship of saying I love you.


You should know that your wife wouldn't just say I love you for no apparent reason. She might have realised what you mean to her, and how great you are in her life. And all she needs is assurance from you side that you're feeling the same as her. Tell her you love her, and that you are aware of how important she is to you, coz in reality she is important to you.... so it shouldn't be difficult to say the truth. And Islamically, the truth has to be whitened.


Brother for women, it is the small things that count. The constant kiss on the cheek, the smiles, showing of concerns in her problems, helping her with the household tasks, and paying attention to her body language (sometimes women don't need to talk to express their feelings, if she potrays a posture or a different facial expression, ask her, "honey, are you okey? is there anything i can do for you, my queen? smile.gif ).


Most importantly, write her a love poem (if you can, even if you can't, write something, coz however bad it is, she will still think it is very romantic of you to write her a poem)- poetry is the key to the gate of a woman's heart.



I wish i could continue but as they as 'time pequeno es' time is money.

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Simple… when you do the thingy(I hope u got me), kiss her on her forehead, tell her I love u sweetheart and u the best.






Where is my Quote…..Coming Soon. :D:D:D

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aaaaaaaaaaaaah,,,,i never knew somali guys had it in them to show so much love ,,,,i cant make my mind up on which 1 of you i wanna flirt with the most ( Astaqfirullah)


what im tryna say is well done ,,,and im proud of u guys!


just hope you put your words into practice!

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biG mOm   

Asalaama Calaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatu


Maasha Allaah ! Maasha Allaah, you are good somali brother's, husbands, fathar's and son's, jazzakumu allaah khairal jazaa, keep introducing.

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okay bro's now here is the tricky part...

If your are doing all these things and your wife is pleased with you and you know deep down she loves you but yet she does not please you now what do you do?

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