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Somalis in Somalia are the best!!

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Here are the links for the signs of hope I was talking about:




1 -


Better Off Stateless: Somalia before and after Government Collapse


Read this if nothing else - certainly provides for some eye-opening insights


2 -


How does the private sector cope in Somalia?


3 -


Subsequent discussion on the above


4 -


A Survey of Mogadishu's Economy


Long and you have to set aside time for it - but adds some depth to the discussion.






1 -


Life amid Mogadishu's ruins



2 -


Coca-Cola makes Somalia return



3 -


Somalia's angels of mercy



4 -


Somaliland: Stability amid economic woe



5 -


Boosaaso: A Somali City Thrives Without Aid


Old - but still useful and indicative of progress


6 -


The Phones keep ringing in the world's poorest country


7 -


Somaliland in first vote for MPs

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I cannot wait to go back for a holiday and and speak nothing but my mother tongue, and feel part of the majority rather than a puny, disliked minority...


Oh and of course to tell the dhalinyaro, magnificent tales of what it's really like here... for example, my personal income has to be moved around with majarafat, what with there being so much you know... and I shall personally de-flower the pick of the bushmen boodhle youth...


After all , what is a British holiday without a holiday romance? :D

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