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Ever used Googlism?

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I have been searching the net for data regarding Somalia when I stumbleb on this sub-site by google search engine.


When I typed Somali or Somali into it, this is the result it gave me.




Googlism for: somali


somali is a country that has been blacklisted by americans

somali is a moderate

somali is perhaps most easily described as a longhaired abyssinian

somali is an elegant cat on high legs

somali is not an apartment cat

somali is not a tone language

somali is a written language

somali is a breathtaking cat to behold

somali is a beautiful and animated addition to any household

somali is the longhair version of the abyssinian

somali is an abyssinian

somali is frequently called the 'feline fox

somali is a longhaired aby and it is believed that the longhair gene was introduced in the aby gene poole in england in the thirties and forties when there

somali is of medium build and foreign type

somali is also playful during its whole life and is good at retrieving

somali is very much the same as an abyssinian

somali is a half

somali is a very good choice for you

somali is spoken in most of somalia and in adjacent territories

somali is not a difficult language

somali is unwanted

somali is not content unless he can roam outdoors

somali is a warm beige

somali is a beautiful cat that can be described as gentle

somali is this wwii cargo wreck off northumberland so popular because its "much

somali is most widely used; coastal somali is spoken on the banaadir coast; and central somali is spoken in the

somali is een trotse

somali is a very beautiful and wildanimal

somali is een abessijn

somali is the national language of somalia

somali is a longhaired abyssinian

somali is traced back to the fourth

somali is a beautiful cat with medium to long hair

somali is a tonal accent language like japanese and swedish

somali is not the ideal cat for everyone

somali is extremely slow in showing mature ticking and coat

somali is the 'first cousin' of the abyssinian and was first bred in the usa in the 1950's

somali is the basis for standard somali

somali is the name given to an emergent disease sparsely known in central somalia for the

somali is a cushitic

somali is a playful cat who isoutgoing and loves his human companions

somali is most widely used

somali is an awe

somali is something you cannot compare

somali is a warm

somali is a semi

somali is nog zachter en halflang

somali is the official language of somalia

somali is available health of the somali

somali is found in health of the somali

somali is named after the country somalia which borders on what used to be ancient abyssinia

somali is not likely to create a problem for somalis learning english

somali is difficult or unintelligible to maay speakers

somali is best described as a long haired version of the abyssinian and its colouring and beautiful bushy tail give it a fox

somali is the official language

somali is best described as a longhaired version of the abyssinian

somali is told that their x

somali is radio moqdisho

somali is a cat who's always ready for action

somali is a longer haired version of an abyssinian

somali is accepted by most major cat registries

somali is een uiterst levendige kat

somali is a playful cat who is outgoing and loves his human companions

somali is an abyssinian with a long coat

somali is that of a well proportioned

somali is a somali

somali is that of a well proportioned medium to large cat

somali is concerned

somali is a hair breed which originated from the blackhead persian crossed with local sheep

somali is a distinct language

somali is a medium long

somali is the way that it looks wild

somali is the long

somali is designed for self

somali is a medium cat

somali is a longhaired cat that has developed from the recessive gene of the short

somali is not given in advance

somali is in need of any number of a wide range of services

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What i got for ethiopian



ethiopian is beside the

ethiopian is from limu

ethiopian is reading from the bible

ethiopian is confirmed dead

ethiopian is because i had a lot of training in rhizome identity

ethiopian is currently operating all cargo services to amsterdam/ostend

ethiopian is proud to serve the royal family

ethiopian is listed on the iucn's red list

ethiopian is sculpted out of the genealogy and archeology of classical ethiopian history

ethiopian is eagerly awaiting to see how the government and parliament will handle this situation

ethiopian is probably the last coffee a multiple buyer would consider stocking

ethiopian is best eaten in large groups so you can sample many dishes

ethiopian is none other than ketema yifru

ethiopian is also missing

ethiopian is a parable about the interpretive power of the gospel in resolving that confusion

ethiopian is baptized 36

ethiopian is a longberry harrar

ethiopian is the biblical incarnate of old and new as the living testimony of god’s covenant with mankind

ethiopian is birr

ethiopian is the "winiest" coffee in the world

ethiopian is now offering convenient morning and/or

ethiopian is an invader or even a sympathiser of the attackers

ethiopian is definitely our beautiful

ethiopian is recorded in acts 8

ethiopian is the three colour

ethiopian is occupied with thoughts of food for much of the

ethiopian is air transport of passengers

ethiopian is a potential haile gebreselassie

ethiopian is inevitably a caricature of the original

ethiopian is born a neurotic

ethiopian is not up to standard

ethiopian is beautiful

ethiopian is a country called ethiopia

ethiopian is here today because of the brothers

ethiopian is the first woman made with the first burnt

ethiopian is blessed with rivers and lakes it does not always need rainfed agriculture

ethiopian is ever confined to

ethiopian is equivalent to a total of 223 165 calories per day

ethiopian is represented in many artistic creations

ethiopian is blessed with rivers and lakes it does not always need rained agriculture

ethiopian is discussing this question in civic and political groups

ethiopian is to stew as japanese is to raw fish

ethiopian is facing an injustice

ethiopian is a story of christian education

ethiopian is not only exotic but it could serve as an erotic meal since it is customary to share a plate

ethiopian is reading the book of isaiah and philip

ethiopian is regarded as history's greatest track runner with 15 world records

ethiopian is set forth to us as an example

ethiopian is the queen of sheba who married the legendary king solomon

ethiopian is hunted out by vegetarians

ethiopian is converted and baptised before parting ways with philip

ethiopian is like

ethiopian is returning to

ethiopian is complimented by java's deep body

ethiopian is recorded

ethiopian is a hands

ethiopian is more widely available than the traditionally used yemen mocha and is a less expensive substitute

ethiopian is willing to invite

ethiopian is known for its flavor and quality

ethiopian is on a desert road in the middle

ethiopian is awesome

ethiopian is required to pay the eritrean authorities 500 nakfa

ethiopian is hiv

ethiopian is completing his ph

ethiopian is a must blueberry hill voted #1 restaurant/bar

ethiopian is optimist about the economic development of

ethiopian is assessed $12

ethiopian is a reggae star

ethiopian is already the most prolific 10

ethiopian is baptized

ethiopian is participating including the opposition

ethiopian is concerned

ethiopian is the birthplace of coffee and harrar exhibits the best characteristics of ethiopian coffee

ethiopian is maqas

ethiopian is obviously the country of origin

ethiopian is rich with spicy fruit and berry tones

ethiopian is the one who knows in his heart that by believing he has crossed over to a new status

ethiopian is the web site of ethiopian airlines corporation

ethiopian is injustice done to all ethiopians

ethiopian is obligated to defend the exit area

ethiopian is like a good bottle of red wine

ethiopian is pondering the meaning of isaiah 53

ethiopian is inclusive between the eritrea

ethiopian is "an open and practicing eunuch" or a "don't ask

ethiopian is familiar to few

ethiopian is beheaded in saudi arabia for murder cnn april 23

ethiopian is compelled to postpone its flights to paris as the terminal assigned to the airline at charles de gaulle airport is not adequate for the quality

ethiopian is also traveling a spiritual journey

ethiopian is right from the tanach’s point of view

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Look a what I GOT FOR OGADEN:


ogaden is a name given by the british colonial administration

ogaden is very scarce

ogaden is a vast grassland in the eastern part of ethiopia

ogaden is

ogaden is very tense and alarming

ogaden is a desert of red earth

ogaden is colonized by ethiopia

ogaden is based on the premise that we pose a security threat to human rights investigators

ogaden is based upon their absolute rejection of the unauthorized disposition of their territory by the british government

ogaden is particularly under

ogaden is populated by ethnic somalis

ogaden is returned to ethiopia by the british in the

ogaden is the name of a group of tribes of somali origin and of the region they occupy

ogaden is the location of ethiopia's largest gas condensate development

ogaden is still beset by the problems of castigation of the blood

ogaden is satisfactory at this

ogaden is often associated with a dark picture of war disaster

ogaden is not over

ogaden is addressed and solved

ogaden is nothing more than a somali clan

ogaden is still alive as attested to by a recent interview of the srrc co

ogaden is also one of the reasons local aid organisations had not earlier anticipated the famine in the by now

ogaden is the most

ogaden is worst hit

ogaden is one of the first porcelain tiles to be offered by conestogatile and has proven to be a good example of the quality products available to our customers

ogaden is still a point of conflict with somalia

ogaden is considered "very dangerous"=

ogaden is still alive as attested to by a recent interview of the srrc

ogaden is considered "very dangerous"

ogaden is today will be borena's fate in the next few weeks if relief is not provided to the pastoralist people who make their home in the sidamo

ogaden is a large area of land in west somalia that borders with ethiopia

ogaden is getroffen

ogaden is a country torn apart from civil war and famine situated south of ethopia

ogaden is from oklahoma

ogaden is a region where the population is somali

ogaden is somali territory

ogaden is a semi

ogaden is slecht

ogaden is an exception

ogaden is not an integral part of ethiopia

ogaden issues remained unresolved until in 1977 when djibouti became an independent state; however

ogaden is an african nation situated between ethiopia

ogaden is a region between the ethiopian mountains and somali rangeland

ogaden is similar to the eritreans

ogaden is also called western somalia

ogaden is an integral

ogaden is also a sub

ogaden is considered by many analysts as a watershed in somali history

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LOL excuse my sense of humour but i thought id list the classics ( well to me anyway)


somali is nog zachter en halflang



somali is a longhaired cat that has developed from the recessive gene of the short



ethiopian is born a neurotic

ethiopian is not up to standard

ethiopian is a longberry harrar

To borrow a line from Rove

What the? !!!


ethiopian is equivalent to a total of 223 165 calories per day



ethiopian is to stew as japanese is to raw fish

Which is highly probable considering they are a land locked country damn fish eaters


ethiopian is the first woman made with the first burnt



ethiopian is hunted out by vegetarians

as a retaliation because of the fish?


ethiopian is inevitably a caricature of the original

Somalis no doubt

nah i take that back


ethiopian is confirmed dead

ogaden is from oklahoma

Can somebody please explain this??????



ogaden is also a sub

i see.... so not only are they arey a clan of warriors but also a peice of military equpiment


anywhoo i cant be stuffed typin


Ramadan Karim

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Well impressed with this!!


Googlism for: sunshyne


sunshyne is one of the best dfkers i have ever seen

sunshyne is looking for musicians

sunshyne is my favorite out of those she uses because it reflects her happy disposition

sunshyne is one of the hottest new comers to the modelling scene

sunshyne is a breathtaking palomino tobiano pintabian

sunshyne is the daughter of richard and julia

sunshyne is that really your name cute

sunshyne is older than adam

sunshyne is wearing a long maroon skirt with white flowers and maroon top and shoes

sunshyne is using beach body's slim in 6™ program to

sunshyne is gone

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Googlism for: gabar


gabar is hot with manu

gabar is very complex

gabar is here

gabar is elected as head of the council

gabar is usually translated in this verse as “prevailed

gabar is qawisay o computerka sawirkeed so galsisay ma gursan laheed iyaa? dheereeye unregistered

gabar is the traditional name for the island

gabar is masaafaystay oo isku khilaafay goobtii mehrinta

gabar is subject to characteristic functional modulation by the

gabar is

gabar is believed to consist of a large n

gabar is the presence of two distinct populations of

gabar is guursaday oo xoog lagu kala furay

gabar is a heterooligomeric ligand

gabar is the hebrew word for "soldier"

gabar is used in the old testament

gabar is more "commonly associated with warfare and had to do with the strength and vitality of the successful

gabar is derived from an arabic word meaning “infidel

gabar is derived from an arabic word meaning "infidel




Googlism for: wiil


wiil is employed as a full professor and serves as the department head in the department of software and media technology at aalborg university

wiil is an assistant professor in the programming systems group

wiil is one of the main characters behind the development of the system

wiil is an associate professor in computer science and engineering at aalborg university's esbjerg campus

wiil is an associate professor at the danish national centre for it research

wiil is an associate professor at aalborg university esbjerg

wiil is an associate

wiil is an associate professor at the danish

wiil is rockin' with the roosters

wiil is

wiil is a huge cash cow for nextmedia

wiil is beneficially held as to 51% by the company and as to 49% by tripoli

wiil is that my son william champe have all my lands in king george county next

wiil is yidhi

wiil is gaalaynayaa

wiil is the decedent’s last will

wiil is welcome here

wiil is not connected to the network

wiil is geen betalende member



gabar is pursued by the police and the village people because of the crimes he does

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lol sorry sxb jamaal,but i have 2 post this


jamaal is a ward of the court

jamaal is

jamaal is a great competitor and we've watched him for years while he was at corona centennial and playing with teams like pump n run and ebo

jamaal is in kindergarten

jamaal is one of this country's best kept secrets

jamaal is one of holland's best kept secrets

jamaal is offered for sale

jamaal is now a ventilator

jamaal is paraat voor uw bruiloft

jamaal is op alle fronten inzetbaar

jamaal is a junior forward at centennial hs in corona ca

jamaal is also a member of the oak grove baseball team

jamaal is in the college of business and is a business administration major?has two

jamaal is van vele markten thuis

jamaal is a lot cooler than damon

jamaal is going to get picked for is kp at the prison cafeteria

jamaal is sincere

jamaal is a beautiful

jamaal is 22 years old

jamaal is not a workout wonder

jamaal is a three time nuyorican poets café grand slam finalist

jamaal is a junior at vanderbilt university whose commitment comes from his own childhood experiences similar to the ones described

jamaal is indefinitely sidelined as per the nasty morals clause in his contract

jamaal is a special player

jamaal is a candidate they are seriously considering

jamaal is $2500

jamaal is truly a special foal

jamaal is a very leggy

jamaal is a great receiver out charlotte

jamaal is best creating off the dribble

jamaal is considered as one of the most important stallions in brazil today

jamaal is sired by ali jamaal

jamaal is currently hovering around the late sixth to early seventh round

jamaal is the backbone of the team

jamaal is my cousin and he will be attending the university of south carolina

jamaal is really fast

jamaal is now currently playing for the indiana pacers

jamaal is a tremendous athlete and has made vast improvements in his delivery

jamaal is interested in

jamaal is another lovely daughter of pampas bint aviva

jamaal is a very large human being

jamaal is also a football player

jamaal is happy with his life

jamaal is in enrolled in a martial arts class along with gaby

jamaal is the best underrated guard in the state

jamaal is a skilled all

jamaal is one of those people any organization would love to have

jamaal is able to pull off this charade for quite some time

jamaal is a very athletic player who can hurt you at both ends of the court

jamaal is near signing with the bearcats

jamaal is a

jamaal is played by the suddenly ubiquitous anthony anderson

jamaal is a very good player

jamaal is a multi

jamaal is an outstanding talent

jamaal is one of the best freshmen we've ever had here

jamaal is typical of a lot of young men

jamaal is dealing with a couple of nagging injuries right now and we're just going to let him take care of that

jamaal is ahead of his sire by a short head

jamaal is very similar of our recent guard

jamaal is booked for murder

jamaal is the 917th most popular male first name in the united states; frequency is 0

jamaal is in his second year at georgetown university

jamaal is a granddaughter of the legendary stallion

jamaal is currently working with educators on a steering committee for the learning in deed initiative in an effort to make service

jamaal is tested on many personal fronts

jamaal is also a decendant of fabah thru simeon shai

jamaal is to say that i wish i had never let this one go

jamaal is really coming on

jamaal is a big

jamaal is playing so well

jamaal is getting looks at such schools as northern illinois

jamaal is the father of zeno's two children jamaal

jamaal is the father of her two children jamaal haith and zeno williams are

jamaal is still open in his recruiting process

jamaal is a tremendous competitor

jamaal is a graduate student at the divinity school at harvard university

jamaal is solid in what he does on both sides of the ball

jamaal is the real wild one

jamaal is an athletic big man who i think will come in here and really help us next year

jamaal is smarter than herb?

jamaal is dismayed when the crib notes work better than his regular remarks

jamaal is in a class by himself

jamaal is the type of leader every successful team must have

jamaal is in foal to madallan madheen for 2003

jamaal is one

jamaal is a great all around player

jamaal is heading to princeton

jamaal is pitched inside in lambda ball

jamaal is going to be an impact player right away for unm and will make a strong case for freshman of the year in the mwc

jamaal is geen betalende member

jamaal is one of the best defenders in our conference

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jamaal is offered for sale,looooooooooooool


jamaal is 22 years old,loooooooooool


jamaal is a great all around player,looool

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sue is sane

sue is human

sue is great

sue is handling the $$$

sue is gay

sue is on the web

sue is a champion

sue is alive and well'

sue is so perfect in the author's mind that she soon takes over the story and everything revolves around her

sue is jacketed for transport to the lab

sue is a permanent feature at the field museum

sue is prohibited

sue is a fan created character

sue is pure class

sue is here to help

sue is for sale

sue is currently working with dr

sue is an icon

sue is born

sue is proud of her new body and shows it off on national tv

sue is so good that she plays her flute at weddings

sue is right

sue is creative

sue is largely responsible for

sue is a pet

sue is the perky

sue is vigilant in ensuring that the children's needs are met

sue is working very well

sue is a post a comment name

sue is basically wish fulfillment

sue is a real estate agent that is known in the community of brunswick for their dedicated client service

sue is always ready to help students get their paperwork done for graduation

sue is taught to see herself within victorian sexual ideology

sue is basically an avatar

sue is actually a lesbian

sue is concerned about global warming

sue is having twins

sue is remarkable because of her size

sue is correct

sue is unconscious

sue is a very special dinosaur



there was more but i tried to pick the funny great site!

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Here is what i found for ma nick... smile.gif


angeleyes is linda@linda

angeleyes is dedicated to a wonderful lady named

angeleyes is there so

angeleyes is trusted by

angeleyes is a real woman

angeleyes is beautiful

angeleyes is the name of the group

angeleyes is a friend that starangels introduced to me

angeleyes is such a sweetie and i thought that she would enjoy

angeleyes is frantically and frighteningly asking

angeleyes is geen betalende member

angeleyes is a glorious wedge of melody

angeleyes is still freely available for sale here

angeleyes is available on voulez

angeleyes is looking for

angeleyes is looking

angeleyes is right

angeleyes is gaining


i dont think i agree with all of them

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