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  1. As i watch my self i try to stop my self my heart i try to hold it steady cause i know its not ready to be let down again i've seen this part of my life before and it left me trying to escape through a window or an open door not even trying to wait around to see if there was more as i feel my self i try to reel my self back into reality and out of this fantasy mind frame thinking that you would remember my face that you would even remember my name how wrong was i my hopes were too high but can i say that when they dropped they became fortified i beg to deny but atleast i can identify when i'm in too deep maybe just in time to save you.
  2. Two at a time I think of ways to shelter this locked up rage For destiny was untaught to me But finally i write on page This simple longing, forgotten before life was given age Tempered by unforgiving time And a mocking society that mimes My pen lay uncomfortably Still wihtout a simple rhyme No confidence i blamed them all as i sat out of fame taught to choose without thought of choice My presence lacked a name I recall a life unwittingly arranged Oh so humbly i have changed Now the truth i do speak I meet time without thought of order Life for me simply has no border I cant face a day without no respect for me I had blinders on my eyes For there was a time when i couldnt see In poems i vicariously escaped As society took my soul and raped Somali woman given maybe half a chance Around in circles they love to see us dance Pushing and pulling in every direction they chose I kept falling because i lacked love for myself I suppose i cant think of beginings because there is no end Life for me has become a true friend I dance to beats from far off lands And like a child i clap my hands The somali woman i claim to be I finally embrace her passionately
  3. In the event of my Demise by Tupac In the event of my Demise when my heart can beat no more I Hope I Die For A Principle or A Belief that I had Lived 4 I will die Before My Time Because I feel the shadow's Depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my Death I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from My eyes I Loved All who were Positive In the event of my Demise
  4. I must agree with femme fatale... Ama give my five nominations to DEADLY VISION .
  5. loool ..its funny...of all people, somalis and sikhs having beef...whats the world commin to.
  6. lool....that was funny...that could only be a offense...sounds like jessica simpson
  7. That was very interesting information, its been a while since i've visited this website and its good to read a good topic like this on my first day back. i grew up in asia and there are a lot of shiats muslims but u rarely see a somali shia, as long as we muslims i think thats all that matters.
  8. I did play soccer for my high school but lately since i started college i haven't had the chance to play...i think if i start listing my favorite soccer players ma list gonna be long..but i gotta mention my 4 R's..RONALDO,RIVALDO,RONALDINO,AND ROBERTO CARLOS. and females...MIA HAMM,BRANDY CHASTAIN(famous for taking off her jersey during the 98 world cup)and JULIE FOUDY.
  9. lool..darman,i thought u quit by now, didn't i warn u...this is what crack does to u. forgetting the name of the car u are driving=another sideaffect of smoking crack.
  10. Anyone watching "days of our lives" lately...i never used to watch it before but my new roommate is addicted to it and she got me into it..and i happen to be liking it.
  11. Anyone watching "days of our lives" lately...i never used to watch it before but my new roommate is addicted to it and she got me into it..and i happen to be liking it.
  12. the funniest series would have to be FRIENDS...too bad its gonna end soon.
  13. Am sorry...suffering from long term memorry loss.,so ma bad....but happy birthday cause i dont think i will make it, am still at that little white town.i'll make it up to you though... again.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY.