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  1. -------------------------------------------------- Yalahow and Qanyare are the funniest War-lords in Somalia. I heard that Yalahow can't even write his own name. I think it's time to take steps to put these guys in their places.
  2. Samurai Warrior well said. The road Puntland is on at the moment is not very clear? To many who knew the old Puntland which was very clear on where they stood and where they were headed. The Point is Puntland is supporting the TFG like crazy with each thing it got first with it's young men than with it's wealth like the brother Johnny B said Puntland is putting all of it's eggs in the one basket which is not very wise.
  3. Brother's and Sister on Somaliaonline let us debate the issue.I open an all-out debate on the issue for all of the members on somaliaonline to join in this debate and take their share for the question below. Should the Arms Embargo on Somalia be lifted? From my point of view I think the arms embargo on Somalia should and needs to be lifted for this government to succeed. The arms embargo is not only stoping weapons from coming in to the the country but is also stoping the help our nation dearly needs which is peace keeppers. Weapons is not the issue becasue their being smuggled in. But other help which we dearly need can not be smuggled in but need the arms embargo to be lifted. I rest my cast.
  4. UNITED NATIONS, Nov 9 (KUNA) - Somali envoy Elmi Ahmed Duale on Tuesday urged the international community to pay more attention to the chaotic situation in his country and the Security Council to partially lift the arms embargo so that the government can fight the militias. "My government appeals to the international community to keep a more focus and to be seized with the Somali problem. We believe that we are not getting the desired attention that we should get after 15 years of suffering," Duale told a press conference. "It is very sad that poor people are suffering, yet the international community does not seem very much engaged in this problem," he said. He said the African Union offered to train the Somali security forces and the Police, and other promises were also made by the European Union, Arab countries and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. "Unfortunately, it is not possible because there is an arms embargo and the Security Council did not see it wise to lift it even partially, or make an exemption to allow the government to be able to function," he complained. He said the problem is that the warlords, militias and dissidents, including two ministers in the newly formed government, have all the arms they want through smuggling, but the government has no arms to fight them and the religious groupings "who do exist and can be very harmful." "My government has been seeking for a year that there should be not only a dialogue and reconciliation but a real governance to implement the peace making, peace keeping and surveillance of possible entrance of unwanted ones into Somalia," he said. "As you know Somalia has been accused of harbouring dangerous elements from outside that attacked places in Kenya and Tanzania. Some more informed countries have more detailed of this. But I can only say that this is possible because for 15 years there is no government and no law and order," he said. "Those who benefited from this chaotic situation would like to keep it on," he added. "This is the situation, if left as it is will deteriorate further into anarchy," he warned. Source: KUNA _______________ Somalia: Security Appeal To U.N. November 09, 2005 Somalia's government has issued an appeal to the international community for assistance in patrolling the country's coastline, Somalia's Ambassador to the United Nations Elmi Ahmed Duale said Nov. 8. He also asked the U.N. Security Council (UNSC) to relax an arms embargo to allow neighboring states to help train Somali police. The UNSC plans to meet Nov. 9 to address the situation in Somalia. Source: Stratfor Powered by Copyright ©
  5. Originally posted by Yoonis: I forget to ask you Windtaker: How was your encounter with Hornafrique? Did he manage to cool you down? quote: Originally posted by Wind and addressed to Hornafrique: "Everytime, adi lee i fahma.." He must have a cooling effect on you because as you already put it he's the only one that "understands" you in here. How sad is that. From now on before addressing you I'll send a memo to your mentor warning him to prepare you for battle . Lol, ha ha Softie . looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Enough said this place is geting funnier each day that passes.
  6. love this one: "It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss". So dam true!
  7. that was funny! What a way to go, it was funny how one thing deal to other.
  8. "There seems that some folks are so paranoid when they see alliances formed between Somali groups with parallell political goals. There have been quite a furor in Minneapolis when a group of Somalilanders joined a group of southerners of forming a task force to counter Omar Jamal and Puntlander's lobbying campaign for Yeey." -------------------------------------------------- Omar Jamal and the Puntlander's lobbying Campaign for C/Y will always be there not force can remove them. Minnesota is the headquarters for Puntland and C/Y Affairs no Somalilander or some southerners who are minority in the city can do some thing about it.They don't have the support of the Somalians living in the city of Minnesota to do anything. ps: The war is being fought in the four conners of the World. Qabiil politics overshadow everything where ever we Somalians are. Even in the internet!.
  9. A press release distributed my Somali government's liaison office in Nairobi sheds light on who was behind yesterday's attempt on the prime minister's life. A remote controlled bomb placed on the road on which the prime minister's convoy was traveling exploded on two vehicles, killing five people and wounding twelve. According to the press release, yesterday's assassination attempt is part of a campaign against Somali intellectuals, former senior army officers and local representatives of international humanitarian organizations. Many high profile men were killed in Mogadishu in the past several months. The prime minister also escaped another bomb explosion just last May. Fact finding committee has been selected for yesterday's incident and the government said it will make every effort to bring those responsible to justice. Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi who is deeply saddened by the deaths and injuries caused by the explosion sent his deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims. Anti-government Mogadishu tribal based faction leaders distanced themselves from the attack and condemned it as barbaric action. The government’s hint of witch hunt against all intellectuals underscores ICG's (International Crisis Group) twenty-nine-page report on Somalia and international terrorism. Somalia has been without a functioning government since 1991. The current interim government was established in Nairobi, Kenya last year and is now located in Jowhar, 90 KM northeast of Mogadishu. Related Stories: Somalia: Brutal Mogadishu headhunting continues Sun. July 31, 2005 09:54 am. - Two high profile men have been assassinated in Mogadishu in the past two days. Colonel Mohamed Osman "Onka" of former Somali Security Services (CID) was gunned down today on a busy Mogadishu after his car was ambushed with a hail of bullets. He was driving alone. In a similar incident, well-known religious teacher and Imam, Sheik Mohamed Mumin Harun was killed yesterday night Read More... Somalia: ICG sheds light on Mogadishu’s mysterious killings Mon. July 11, 2005 03:47 pm. - ICG (International Crisis Group) released twenty-nine-page report on Somalia and international terrorism. According to this report, mysterious murders that took place in Mogadishu in the past couple of years were attributed to USA, Ethiopia and Al-Qaeda involvements in Somalia. Read More... Somalia: Second high profile murder in Mogadishu in 24 hours Mon. July 11, 2005 02:16 pm. - A militia commander of one of Mogadishu Islamic courts was gunned down today just hours after another well known murder victim was buried today in Mogadishu. Read More... Somalia: Head of CRD Somalia shot dead Mon. July 11, 2005 09:29 am. - The head of WSP International affiliate, CRD Somalia (Center for Research and Dialogue) was assassinated at his home in Mogadishu last night by unknown assailants. He was buried this morning and the motive behind this heinous crime is not yet known. Read More... News Category: Somalia Send this news article
  10. I am a real Somali guess 12 of what was said is my family or me. -------------------------------------------------- You know you're somali when... there are buttons missing on your TV, so you use fork to change the channels.. lol ya kno ur somali when tea is made 5 times a day ya kno ur somali when ur dad married two other wifes You know u somali when u buy a computer and ur parents ask for BBC somali radio 24/7 You know you're somali when... you have a printer, but it doesn't WORk you know ur somali when your niece is 40yrs older than you. you know ur somali when ur told the wedding starts @ 9 pm but the guests and bride show up at 12 am. you know ur somali when a basic 3 on 3 bball game takes two hours ta finish you know ur somali when ur hair is soft and u look mixed but ur lil brother looks like he's from kenya.. .............. YOU KNOW YOUR SOMALI WHEN YOU PUT KETCHUP IN EVERYTHING You know ur Somali when you use banana for everything U dang' sure are somali when "you have an answer to everything" (there is never a dumb somali)
  11. Listen to Radio Daljir Breaking News about what went down. Click on the link.
  12. Somalia: Prime Minister escapes assassination attempt - Sunday, November 06, 2005 at 16:37 Somalia prime minister, Mr. Ali Mohamed Gedi escaped unharmed in a bomb attack in Mogadishu today. At least three people were killed and eleven wounded in today’s blast. The prime minister’s well guarded convoy was traveling from a small airstrip near Mogadishu when one of the vehicles exploded. He came from Jowhar, the government’s temporary headquarters and his visit to the capital was pre-announced. No group has claimed the attack and no word came from the prime minister’s office so far. It is not the first time, Mr. Gedi escaped assassination attempt in Mogadishu. He was attacked on his first official visit to Mogadishu in May. A large bomb exploded near him when he was in a middle of speech in Mogadishu soccer stadium. That explosion claimed the seven lives and injured many more. Source: SomaliNet Powered by Copyright ©
  13. Mogadisho Safe for some and a hell for others huh. Prime Minister Gedi this men got heart.
  14. Originally posted by HornAfrique: ^^Sxb I had the pleasure to meet the man when, as an acting prime minister for Cabdiqasim, he visited Seattle to collect money for this endeavor that ultimately succeeded. He presented his case so well, that the shame he instilled in the people had some listeners throwing their whole checks in the box. He is a motivator speaker I would say. As a Member of Parliament in TFG, I hope we hear more about him. I also hope he brings positive contributions to the parliament and speaks out more.
  15. Originally posted by Gelle: quote:Originally posted by Alpha-Geeljire: Qeybdiid looks very different then the people who are behind him,I wish I knew where his mother is from. Well, I see the moryons of muqdishu have united, once again, to bring destruction,poverty,rapes,killings..etc. Dude whats that suppose to mean? are you trying to hint, that some certain qabils look better then others? I guess he is. Somalians look the same which ever clan they are to me but it seems other's look at it in a different angle. explain yourself Alpha-Geeljire.