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  1. What are the President and his Security Minister doing still dithering in Nairobi when government officials are being assasinated in Bossasso and Garowe?? That's the extremely pregnant question?
  2. Originally posted by Hassan6734: Bugland really has nothing much to offer shariff. Whatever faroole thinks won't matter to the TFG ^^And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the unfortunate truth...
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: This was expected since Sharif Hotel is incompetent and will no doubt yield to his clan supporters. What was a surprise was the mess the secessionist made in Washington and hence giving the advantage to Faroole. This is the gift that keeps giving and regardless of what Oodweyne and others here may say, Puntland is becoming far more important to the west and those who have an eye at an alternative to the ever failing, bumbling ***** known as Mr Hotel. ^^ Duke, be careful with those words, you might give a crises of belief to poor Xiin... He's got one foot on your Puntland boat and the other foot on the Sharif boat --- and now you're threatening to pull the two boats apart!!! In the famous words of my Southern cousins, ' aboo, aboo!!!
  4. While the security of the Puntland region crumbles from town to town as Adde Muse (former leader of the enclave stated just today), the current leader Faroole holds irate press conferences condemning Sharif Ahmed of the Mogadishu TFG for refusing to share forthcoming international largesse. Faroole is left to play his last card which is 'Gorgortan' with the West over Puntland as a security buffer against extremist forces from the South and Central regions. He will attempt the last throw of the dice in Nairobi by pointing out to Western embassies & their Security departments the current fragility of Puntland's security given the new occurrence of public figure assasinations. Meanwhile, influential Puntlanders in Nairobi are busy attempting to reconcile Faroole and Sharif since their own personal interests are also at stake (lucrative potential contracts from the TFG in Mogadishu). The stumbling block to all this is a cabal of senior advisors around Sharif that are extremely adverse to anything Puntland-related.... Just the daily word, Ladies and Gentlemen
  5. So in all seriousness, Duke, the dispute is not about money?? Potential money coming in the future? Because every article you've posted thus far says it's about money - so I'm confused since you keep disagreeing with me on that score. Why do you keep posting articles stating it's about money if you deny it's about money?!? Or is it just the fact that I am the one pointing out that glaring fact blinding you to the reality in front of you??
  6. Originally posted by General Duke: Hadalka Madaxwyenaha DPL ayaa ku soo beegmaya iyada oo Maalmahan dambe la sheegayey in labada dhinac u ku dhexjiro Khilaaf xoog leh, oo intiisa badan u yahay dhanka Mashaariicda iyo Khayraadka ^^^^ Good Old Dukey Even your own posted propaganda articles emphasize what I've been saying all along! The money train has come up empty again...
  7. Oodka, The pirate-boys are attempting to distract from the calamity that struck them today when Sharif refused to share the money. The tireless caravan continues the search for the money. Sharifka: "Socda, waxba halkan idiin ma yaalaan!"
  8. And the Travelling Puntland Money Wagon comes up empty once again. So close, yet so far......
  9. In related threads Link some Puntlanders pontificate: Originally posted by ThankfulSP: It's hard to believe that the killing was a revenge attack for the murder Haykal(Allah u naxariisto). Especially when someone in the same fashion was killed in Garowe on the same day. It seems it was more organized and the attack was ment as an attack on the state. There has been past revenge killings but they have never been directed at government officals, this is a new to Puntland. If it was a revenge killing, it is even more concerning for the State. Because if people are now going after government officals, there is no respect for authority. Something is not right, gentlemen... Hmmm.... Look internally, lads, - cannibalistic assasinations of brethren to reach a larger power/financial goal have been common in this neck of the woods traditionally (i.e. Abdullahi Yusuf's killing of the Sultan in the hinterlands of Mudug).
  10. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ Not idiocy, theory, theory. Wax fahan. LOL with NG Ragga meel baa la taabtey dee......
  11. Oodka, Cut poor old Xiin some slack... He's been chased from all the spots of shade he's grown used to lying under in yesteryears from Xamar to Kismayo (and in between). He attempted to slink back to those locales using Islamic garb but was quickly disrobed again. Puntland is the last refuge and while we offer the brotherly advice that the seeping rot in that last resting place might have internal causes, he's too emotionally overcome by loss to think rationally. Tolerate his outbursts of character attacks - seen so often on this Forum against yourself, Gabbal, A&T, Duke, etc., whenever he's losing the plot. I offered him a 'Residence Visa' a while back which he pridefully refused... Pity....
  12. Gentlemen, gentlemen, we're digressing from the issue at hand: Where is the President and his Internal Security Minister at a time when the highest officials of the state are being regularly gunned down in broad daylight in major towns with impunity? It's this absence that gives sustenance to the theory - for where are they but on an 'aid-begging' trip! Is it gross negligence on the part of the leadership or a premeditated situation to buttress their argument for assistance?? The 'Tolka's' attempt to quiet down the likes of ThankfulSP who expresses related worries are duly noted
  13. ^^^ Oo aayamahan Buntland baad ka dhamaanweydey ee ka waran 'Shariif iyo Caravan-kii' God help us the day Xiin supports Somaliland --- Everything he supports quickly turns to dust
  14. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: war ma hubtaa Haa, wa laguu hubaa! You can take it to the bank. They're already in custody as of now Law and Order at work. Learn, sons, Learn.... --------------------------------------- Labadii wadaad ee Booliska Burco doonayeen oo Xabsiga Dhexe loo Gudbiyay Maanta. Written by Qarannews Nov 12, 2009 at 11:09 AM Burco(Qarannews)-Labadii Wadaad ee Ciidanka Boolisku raadinayay inay qabtaan ayaa duhurnimadii maanta si rasmi ah isu geeyay xarunta maamulka gobolka togdheer iyagoo aan wax boolis ah iyo odayaal ahi la socon. xafiiska gobolka ayaa ku sugnaa Wasiirka Hawlaha guud ee Somaliland Md.Siciid Sulub iyo Gudiga Nabadgelyada Gobolka,ka dibna waxa labada wadaad loo gudbiyay dhinaca Xabsiga Dhexe ee magaalada Burco,iyagoo uu sii kaxeeyay Taliyaha Ciidanka Asluubta Gobolku,oo aan wax askar ah wadan. talaabadan labada wadaad ee kala ah Siciid Axmed Jaar iyo Aadan Axmed Caare ku tageen xarunta gobolka ayaa ka dambaysay Kulamo iyo shirar gooni gooni ah oo shantii maalmood ee u dambeeyay uu ku hawlnaa wasiirka hawlaha guud,kaasoo uu ugu dambayntii ku guulaystay inuu wadaada ku qanciyo inay si kalsooni leh isku soo dhiibaan gacanta dawlada,taasna ay ka qableen. sida wasiirka hawlaha guud sheegay labadan wadaad ayaa sheegay inay la baadhidoono arimaha lagu tuhunsan yahay,oo hadii lagu waayo la sii doono hadii kalena sharciga la marin doono. mid ka mid ah labadan wdaad ayaa todobaadkii hore qabtay shir jaraa,id oo ku cadeeyay inaanu wax xidhiidh ah la lahayn kooxo argagixiso ama kooxo wadaado oo hubaysan. markii uu Boolisku ku guuldaraystay qabashada mid ka mid wadaadan ,islamrkaana uu socon waayay 48-saacadood ee uu qabtay Badhasaabka Gobolku ayaa waxa gobolka si kadis ah u soo gaadhay wasiirka hawlaha guud iyo guriyaynta somaliland kaasoo arintii ku dhameeyay hab dublaamisiyadeed,iyo odaytinimo,taasina ku qaadatay mudo shan maalmood ah,iyadoo xiisaduna taagnayd mudo 11-maalmood ah. TogdheerNews..Burco. Link
  15. Gentlemen, Instead of acting in the usual knee-jerk manner filled with impotent emotion, think on this: Since its formation, the only direct bilateral aid from the West that the Puntland administration has received (not assistance routed through NGO's but direct bilateral aid) has been Security Assistance, specifically the formation and financing to this day of the well-known PIS. That's the only card that seems to have worked for Puntland thus far. And remember how that came about specifically - when Abdullahi Yusuf loudly proclaimed international extremists had made bases within the coastal fishing villages of Puntland! The current situation bears striking similarities to that previous episode. If it got Puntland its only direct Western budgetary assistance in the past, why not repeat the ploy again when all else has failed thus far.... Faroole can add the dots much faster than poor Mintidh
  16. Originally posted by Mintid Farayar: Now the relevance of these two responses regarding what Faroole should do is - if Faroole immediately returns to Puntland to take matters into his hands in a time of increasing insecurity and turmoil, it further pushes the theory of this thread into irrelevance. However, if he dithers in Nairobi while Home Base is slowly catching fire, there might be some credence to the theory. Because he will need to stay around Nairobi to sell the pitch to the international donors(i.e. Western powers) who have thus far ignored his administration when it comes to financial largess. We'll see in the coming days. Watch for further attempts to meet with Western officials in the next few days - a highly unusual activity vis-a-vis the urgency of returning to Puntland with his 'Interior Minister' responsible for internal security. At the very least, he should've sent his Minister back to clamp down on the security situation. The next few days should throw further light on the devolution of Puntland and who's behind the process... One day later, Faroole gives his itinerary to for the next few days while turmoil visits Puntland - 'Mr, C/rixmaan wuxuu cadeeyey in uu ujoogo dalka Kenya barnaamijyo ku aadan horumarinta caalamiga ah ee Puntland, isagoo sheegay in ay socdaan mashaariic badan oo ay dalalka Caalamku taageero wanaagsan kusiinayaan Puntland, isagoo sheegay in ay jiraan dad badan oo dhinac walba cadow uga ah Puntland, wuxuuna carabka ku adkeeyey jiritaanka dad ka soo horjeeda mashaariicda horumarineed eeladoonayo in laga hirgaliyo Puntland.' AllPuntland Link Interestingly enough, he's also keeping his head Security Chief, Ilka-Jiir, with him and out of Puntland. These moves do not reflect a leader whose jurisdiction is under attack by outside forces. I bring the readers' attentions to the past where Abdullahi Yusuf, the original and most potent strongman of Puntland used to fly back to the region at the slightest sign of instability to squash it, whether he was campaigning in Kenya for the presidency or occupying it in Jowhar, Baydhabo, or Mogadishu. Every leader's first priority is to make sure his home base is secured whenever faced with signs of instability yet Faroole seems singularly focused on finally opening donors' checkbooks in regards to direct financial/developmental/budgetary assistance to Puntland. The plot thickens...
  17. In another thread, Thread Link Originally posted by Cowke: I hope faroole takes it 1 step further and begins a civilian disarmament process to make sure that noone in the city has a gun. I realize this is a massive task but it's better getting started now and in 4 years time we won't ever have to deal with this nonsense. But it is positive step that he has locked down the cities and is beginning the investigation stage of finding the culprits. Long-term solutions are needed farole, you can't just keep on applying martial law everyday for the next 4 years when an incident as this occurs. It is time you step up and provide long-term solutions. This first initiave that he has taken of placing troops at each strategic city is positive step, but that is only half the job done. You need to finish the second half of the job which disarmament of civilians in major cities of Puntland. Followed by: Originally posted by ThankfulSP: Taking weapons from civilians is impossible and pointless in addressing this current crime wave. If the civilians were going around fighing, robbing and other crimes I'd understand. But the killers that committed these murders used pistols and covered their face, they weren't civilians. Even if you took weapons from the real civilians it would not matter, because these criminals would still have their guns. President Faroole needs to get back a.s.a.p and organize a movement. Things are very serious and need to be addressed. Now the relevance of these two responses regarding what Faroole should do is - if Faroole immediately returns to Puntland to take matters into his hands in a time of increasing insecurity and turmoil, it further pushes the theory of this thread into irrelevance. However, if he dithers in Nairobi while Home Base is slowly catching fire, there might be some credence to the theory. Because he will need to stay around Nairobi to sell the pitch to the international donors(i.e. Western powers) who have thus far ignored his administration when it comes to financial largess. We'll see in the coming days. Watch for further attempts to meet with Western officials in the next few days - a highly unusual activity vis-a-vis the urgency of returning to Puntland with his 'Interior Minister' responsible for internal security. At the very least, he should've sent his Minister back to clamp down on the security situation. The next few days should throw further light on the devolution of Puntland and who's behind the process...
  18. November 12, 2009 Somalis’ Money Is Lifeline for Homeland By MATTHEW SALTMARSH PARIS — As Somalis struggle to survive the chaos that has overtaken their country, a network of companies that distribute money from the nation’s large diaspora has quietly expanded, providing a crucial safety net. As in other poor countries, the main purpose of these companies is to ensure that money from those working abroad reaches family members left behind. But in war-torn Somalia, where the government has little control of the country and is itself struggling to survive, the companies are now also helping international organizations shift money into and within Somalia, according to the World Bank, academics and aid workers. And in Somaliland, a breakaway region where the government is more stable than in other parts of the country, the Somali diaspora has contributed money for education, health and other social programs. “The remittance system has become the lifeline for the Somali people and the lifeblood of the economy during the last two decades of civil strife,” said Samuel Munzele Maimbo, a World Bank specialist based in Mozambique, who added that many Somalis survived only because of the money from abroad. For others, the money has been crucial to establishing or propping up businesses. A study sponsored by the British Department for International Development from May 2008 found that 80 percent of the start-up capital for small and medium-size enterprises in Somalia benefit from money sent by the diaspora. Dilip Ratha, a World Bank economist, said that Somalia, like Haiti, was among the countries that are the most dependent on money from abroad. The remittance system — and its importance in Somalia — has grown as decades of political upheaval have driven many Somalis abroad and, in recent years, as Islamists have wrested control over much of the country from a weak transitional government. The government, which has international support, is trapped in a small section of the capital under the protection of African Union peacekeepers. A recent study by the United Nations Development Program estimated the size of the Somali diaspora at more than one million and the amount of annual remittances to Somalia at up to $1 billion, equivalent to about 18 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. The system began to take off during the dictatorial rule of President Mohammed Siad Barre, who ran the country from 1969 to 1991. As the banking system weakened, according to Mohamed Waldo, a consultant who has worked with Somali remittance companies, traders stepped in with a solution: act as middlemen in the resale of consumer goods shipped home by the increasing number of Somalis working abroad, especially in the Persian Gulf region. The traders kept a small cut of the proceeds and turned the rest over to the laborers’ relatives in Somalia. The shipments got around currency restrictions. Eventually, when the government collapsed, Somali workers abroad began to send money instead. Mr. Waldo said that these days, there were more than 20 active Somali remittance companies, five of them large. One of the leading companies is Dahabshiil, founded in the early 1970s by Mohamed Said Duale from his general store in Burao in northwest Somalia. In 1988, fighting between government forces and rebels with the Somali National Movement swept Burao. Mr. Duale subsequently left the country and continued his work from abroad. In 1991, when the Barre government was overthrown, Mr. Duale returned to Somalia. He opened offices in major towns and later in remote villages that the Western money-transfer giants would struggle to serve. “Through word of mouth we built this business,” said his son, Abdirashid Duale, now chief executive of the company. Today, Dahabshiil says it has more than 1,000 branches and agents in 40 countries. The United Nations Development Program uses Dahabshiil to transfer money for local programs, said Álvaro Rodríguez, the agency’s director for Somalia. Such companies provide “the only safe and efficient option to transfer funds to projects benefiting the most vulnerable people of Somalia,” he said. “Their service is fast and efficient.” Abdirashid Duale, who gives his age as “35, but with 25 years of experience,” declined to provide profit or revenue figures, saying that would only help his competitors. The company charges commissions that vary from 1 percent to 5 percent depending on the size of the transaction; he said most Somalis he worked with abroad sent home $200 to $300 a month. Nikos Passas, a professor at Northeastern University in Boston who researches terrorism and white-collar crime, said Dahabshiil was helped by the closing of a larger rival, Al Barakaat, at the behest of the United States authorities in the wake of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. In the end, F.B.I. agents found no evidence linking Al Barakaat to terrorist financing. But for Dahabshiil, gaining market share from Al Barakaat was “like shooting fish in a barrel,” Professor Passas said. Dahabshiil’s image has been helped by its charitable works. It says it invests 5 percent of annual profit in such ventures; Abdirashid Duale said this represented around $1 million a year. In Mogadishu — a city of pockmarked Italian architecture and rubble — Dahabshiil operates from Bakara Market, despite continued clashes in the area between the weak government and Islamist insurgents. Its office, in an unassuming two-story building, is protected by security guards. Looking ahead, Abdirashid Duale plans more expansion. “One day the fighting will stop,” he said, “and we will still be here.” Mohammed Ibrahim contributed reporting from Mogadishu. NYTimes Link
  19. I hope that you're right, my friend, and that it turns out to be a ridiculous theory... Because if it turns out to be true (the theory of Faroole/his administration being behind the killings), and it becomes public knowledge it will start the most bloody killings within Puntland. Insha'Allah, Kheyr.
  20. Humor this thought for a minute: We're all aware of the tremendous efforts Faroole and his administration have made to gain some form of international financial support - from appeals for building a Puntland-based national coast guard to the trip to Washington posing as a partner for Somali reconciliation. So far the efforts have come up short. Currently, Faroole is in Nairobi, the location from which the international community rules all things Somali-related. What if this is a cynical attempt on the part of the Faroole administration to push the Western donors into action by playing the 'Extremist Threat' card... A few men get sacrificed along the way but it gets the attention of interested outside parties. It shows a Puntland that's the last Southern outpost of sane Somali minds under the deluge of the barbarian hordes! It would have a fair chance of prompting fence-sitting Western donors into quick financial assistance similar to the quick, panicked action taken to shore up Sharif when his administration was almost exterminated by the combined onslaught of Xisbul Islam and Al Shabaab in the course of two days. Just a different way of looking at potential actors, motives, and regional geopolitics...
  21. Originally posted by Suldaanka: quote: ...the practice of telling the ******i people that they will be paid $80 per head and then reneging the deal after their animals are brought in Bossaaso is a bad practice. It is robbery and deceit to offer $40 after you make sure that they can neither get pasture for their animals nor able to take their anaimals back to Wardheer and beyond. I feel sorry for the poor nomads that has been cheated and wronged. The Pirate people have no mercy at all. ^^ Ugu dambeys, Somali way is barteen!
  22. While some are begging the international community for funds that will never materialize, the money will roll in.... Berbera Cadey
  23. Originally posted by Castro: quote:Puntland arrests an Ethiopian spy... Faroole? ^^ A transparent attempt to blunt the potential blow coming from the ONLF and its followers. Create fake stories that you're arresting Ethiopian gov't agents. ONLF sympathizers have many areas of the Horn where they can cause pain for reer Puntland (i.e. Kilil 5, Kenya, etc.) Adkeyso, saaxiib
  24. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: you are an strategic asset .Intellectuals know Even the clannist amongs us think you are the keyd of the D clan qoorna waa tihiin Gabaygii Sayidku ugu jawaabay xarunta noo soo rar baad isoo xasuusiseen Good old Xiin , When all other useful cards fail, try the final card of Maslaxaad. One wonders whether it will work this time around??