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  1. So, you're saying this Nairobi excursion was an exercise in futility? Is it possible that Faroole being in touch with the realities on the ground might know something you don't about why Sharif and his government are needed by Puntland at the present time?
  2. So for the record, which one do you believe in, of the two statements?
  3. Originally posted by General Duke: Faroole is right and Sharif Hotel must sign the accord in order not to sound like Qaynyare and lay the foundations of a future strong Somali state.. Duke, on one hand you advocate for Faroole to ignore the TFG in order for Puntland to thrive and move forward. On the other, in the next thread, you're strongly pushing for Sharif to sign the accord and put it into practice (betraying Puntland's need for Sharif to play ball). It's this kind of behaviour from Puntland's leaders and supporters which I often refer to as doublespeak. I think the majority of Somalis agree with me (i.e. SOL thread)
  4. Gentlemen, In all honesty, this is good news for all Somalis regardless of where they're positioned on the supply chain. Even the one who makes shoes or is in construction benefits. The old lady selling 'qat/chat' on the corner, the shoe-shine kid on the street, etc. Let's come back to reality - it's obvious that some of us have not visited our homelands since we left for 'Qurbaha'. Talk about being out of touch!
  5. Sharif has been summoned to Addis, Faroole has been summoned to Addis. I think tomorrow Xiinfaniin's letter of summons to Addis will be arriving, courtesy of U.S. Mail
  6. Originally posted by General Duke: quote:Faroole obviously understands the limitations of Puntland in a way that you don't, lurking in the safety of Minnesota... I doubt he does, and MN is not safe. I stand corrected, Duke. About Minnesota, I mean
  7. Why do you pretend, AT, as if you don't know your neighbors, in-laws, inabtiyaal, etc, from Gashaamo,Jigjiga, Awaare, and predominating in Somaliland? You're too old and well-learned to not know the history of how they believed the deepest in Somaliweyn and the aftermath of what happened? They fought for you, had their cities airbombed by the Ethiopians, lobbied for you all over the capitals of the world since they predominated in the Foreign Service at the time, etc. And you know how they were repaid. Must we rehash this every time? So I think they've earned the right to ask you who you are... It's another way of saying let's put our cards on the table from the get go! It sure beats the knife in the back that your cousins in Garowe just pulled on you, not to mention Afweyne's pawning of the rights to your land (which will come back to haunt all Somalis, by the way) in order to settle scores with the SNM. Where was the outrage when the honorable Mr.Barre was committing those acts? All in all, we're willing to let bygones be bygones. We are far too interdependent, you and I, to stay angry and isolated from each other for far too long. That's the reality of our situation! Anyway, Berbera is now officially open for trade, REAL TRADE, not little dhows that will smuggle your fat livestock to Yemen at a quarter the price So I await your caravan from the hinterland and we will go back to our ancient codependency.....
  8. Originally posted by Nogobawi: quote:Originally posted by Mintid Farayar: Madaxweynaha maamul-goboleedka Puntland oo kullankaasi kadib shir jaraaid qabtay ayaa isaguna ku macneeyey sababta la isku afgaran waayay in dowladda KMG ay diiday inay saxiixdo heshiiskii kal hore ay Galkacyo ku saxiixeen Raisal-wasaare Sharma’arke iyo maamulka Puntland. Imisaatan jeer ayaa loo bahanyahay in heshiis ku sheega la saxeexo? Agah! Sharmaake iyo Sharif, saw iksu dastuur ma aysan ahayn? Sharmaake oo jooga, Faroole maxaa ku qasbay inuu saxeex labaad ka dalbado Sheriifka? Adeer, sartu meelo kaley ka qurunsantahay! So give us your take then. All points of view are welcome The Puntland boys keep feeding us propaganda and talking points emailed from Safari hotel in Nairobi...
  9. Originally posted by General Duke: Faroole was wrong to waste time on the Oil expolration, now he should wake up, the Sharif group are useless. Faroole obviously understands the limitations of Puntland in a way that you don't, lurking in the safety of Minnesota...
  10. Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tolka: Indeed, Rer-midnimo-diid will wake up from the perpetual false dawn of elusive recognition. The Hargeisa-Berbera-burco triangle shall get rid of the tribal tendencies which has been their hallmark. I have looked for a somali man who was said to be a big man in Windhock, Namibia for over three hours. All just because I was happy to meet one of our own. And guess what happened: afer the first greeting, the big man ( who is married to a lady from Sam Nyouma's family and is rich) said to me "waaaar dee, dadku ha is bartee, ma koonfur baad ahayd mise waqooyi?". I didn't mince my words. I said, "waan fahmay. adigu rer-midnimo-diid yaad ka tahay" He said he is from those who "enter the sand", Buuba's sub-clan. Another one I met in a place where you will be happy to have an Ethiopian as one of your own, asked me, "gobolkeed ku dhalatay"as the first question. Again, knowing this can come from ONLY one part of the country (the triangle), I asked "which sub-clan of the I are you from?" Coming from a man who supports a group calling itself by a clan name. Simply priceless... AT, try not to get caught in the collateral damage. Today was not a good day for those who hail from the corner of the 7, if you get the drift.
  11. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Adeer I love all Somali's let alone my kinsmen in Western Somalia, yes they are fighting a just cause and insha Allah will prevail. However I was mocking the secessionist who is just tryng to be bright. Another classic case of Duke logic Brings to mind:
  12. If only Indha Adeyg was currency But the Calaacal on both the VOA and BBC from your leader leaves you clutching at straws, old boy...
  13. Now, I've realized that it's difficult for some gentlemen on this board to stay on topic when the horizon doesn't look too rosy - but do try
  14. Madaxweyne Shariif iyo Faroole oo ismari waayay kulan safaarada Soomaaliya ee Nairobi ku dhexmaray Madaxweynaha Somalia Sh. Sharif iyo madaxweyne C/raxmaan Faroole ayaa lagu kala tagay Waxa qoray VOA Somali | Nairobi - Washington Jimco, 13 November 2009 Kulan ay magaalada Nairobi ku yeesheen Madaxweynaha DFKMG Sh. Sharif Sh. Axmed iyo madaxweynaha maamul-goboleedka Puntland C/raxmaan Faroole ayaa natiijo la'aan ku soo afjarmay. Wasiirka warfaafinta DFKMG Daahir Maxamuud Geelle ayaa VOA uga warramay sababaha kullankaasi uu natiijo la’aanta ugu dhamaaday. Wasiirku wuxuu sheegay in kulankaasi oo labada dhinac ay ku doonayeen inay ku saxiixdaan heshiis is-afgarad ah ay dhinaca Puntland soo gudbisay waraaqo ay ku qornaayeen magaca dowlada Puntland, taasina ay ku gacanseyreen madaxda dowladda Federaalka kuwaasoo u sheegay in Puntland aysan ahayd dowlad balse ay tahay maamul-goboleed, balse wasiirka warfaafintu wuxuu sheegay in Puntland ay diiday arrintaasi iyagoo ku dooday in axdiga KMG uu burburay iyaguna ay u dhisan yihiin sidii qaab dowladeed oo kale. Daahir Maxamuud wuxuu sheegay in arrimahaasi darteed ay keentay in kullankii bur-buro. Wasiirka warfaafinta DKMG Daahir Maxamuud wuxuu hoosta ka xariiqay in Somalia dowlada kaliya ee ka jirtaa ay tahay tan FKMG ah, sidoo kalena dowladda KMG ay Puntland u aqoonsan tahay maamul-goboleed. Wasiirku, wuxuu beeniyay in dowladiisu ay heshiiskii Galkacyo ka soo horjeedo, wuxuu laakiin ku celceliyay in in heshiiska Galkacyo hirgalintiisa ay tahay in golaha wasiirada ama golaha barlamaanku ay ka doodaan oo ansixiyaan . Daahir Maxamuud wuxuu sidoo kale xusay in dowlada KMG aysan hortaagnayn mashaariic horumarineed oo la gaarsiiyo Puntland, balse wuxuu carabka ku dhuftay in maamulka Puntland uu la mid yahay maamul-goboleedyada dalka ka jira, dowladda KMG ay kuligood si xaq ah ugu sinaato. C/raxmaan Faroole , Madaxweynaha maamul-goboleedka Puntland oo kullankaasi kadib shir jaraaid qabtay ayaa isaguna ku macneeyey sababta la isku afgaran waayay in dowladda KMG ay diiday inay saxiixdo heshiiskii kal hore ay Galkacyo ku saxiixeen Raisal-wasaare Sharma’arke iyo maamulka Puntland. Faroole wuxuu ku dooday in axdiga KMG ah uu yahay mid waqtigiisii dhamaaday, sidoo kalena ay ay dowladda KMG hortaagan tahay horumar ay gaarto Puntland. Wareysiga wasiirka warfaafinta Daahir Maxamud iyo warbixinta shirka jaraa'id ee C/raxmaan Faroole midigta sare ee boggan ka dhagayso. Link
  15. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^How has Puntland tried to blackmail the TFG? Explain yourself lad. 1- Give us the lion's share of proceeds from the international community 2-Let us write the future Constitution in our home town (basically setting the terms of power distribution within the Federal structure as well as regional vis-a-vis Federal power distribution) That's why it's called a shakedown or blackmail. When Ina Abdirashid went back to Mogadishu and showed the boys in Xamar the document he signed with his Tol, he was quickly told what to do with it. Today, you have the results... Wax kastaba waa inaan far-waaweyn kuugu qoro, no!? Try the security angle again, it's brought some dividends in the past
  16. Just in case, you've been out of touch - let me update you on what the local radio station in your little hometown is reporting: MPs condemn Puntland authority for handing over rebel suspects to Ethiopia 13 November 2009 12:54 PM BBC Monitoring Africa BBCAP English © 2009 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Text of report by Somali independent Radio Gaalkacyo on 13 November Members of Somali parliament from Puntland have strongly condemned the extradition of suspected members of ****** National Liberation Front, ONLF to Ethiopian government. The MPs held a meeting in Mogadishu and discussed the issue, describing it as creating hostility between the people of Puntland and their Somali brothers in Ethiopia. The spokesman of the MPs, Abdirashid Muhammad Ahmad, has told Radio Gaalkacyo that they are denouncing the act and called on Puntland regional administration to stop it immediately. Ahmad has also urged the administration to improve the relation with their Somali brothers in Ethiopia. The MP's statement comes as Puntland recently arrested five people from Somali Regional State in Ethiopia after they accused them of having links with ONLF. One of the accused later died in prison. A Somali Islamist group recently threatened to declare war on Puntland if it does not stop handing over their brothers to Ethiopian government. Source: Radio Gaalkacyo, Gaalkacyo, in Somali 1015 gmt 13 Nov 09
  17. You posted the same thread and the same pictures 3 days ago. What gives? Is the news from today that bad that we have to remind ourselves that yesterday looked promising?!?
  18. For some reason, that argument (Siilaanyo vs Rayaale) doesn't hold much spice for discussion when it comes to Somalilanders on SOL or the wider Internet. While the current topic is the Headlining News of the day... Hmmm...
  19. Hmmm... Who's to be believed, Xiin or Duke? Chickens coming home to roost....
  20. Carry on, Xiin. No harm done, as usual. I'll be your therapist for today. I know it's been an extremely traumatic day since the two boats (TFG and Puntland) which were held together by a mere string are in danger of separating....
  21. ^^ I usually know how close I'm getting to the truth of the empty cupboard by how personal your insults get, Xiin. If attacking me on a personal level, helps you deal with the failures of your positions and shifting political allegiances - fire away, old boy
  22. The usual weak attempt to divide Somaliland supporters between pro and anti-Siilaanyo camps. Sorry to disappoint you, but like your sometime follower, Che, admitted today, Somalilanders have passed that maturity milestone quite a while ago. Now back to the matter at hand, how else can we get some 'cash' for Puntland? These TFG lads refuse to cooperate thus far...