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  1. Others understand what I mean, if it escapes your comprehension...
  2. When should you be believed, Mr.KKL? When you say this: Originally posted by Kuu-Kuun-Laminaa: Reer Shankaroon waa isku waasheen, qosol bay bixi waayeen, war ileen waa niman loo talin jirayoo waligood magaalo katalin, Buuhoodlaa nin xanuunsanaya kacararay iyo L.A ayaa bandow lasaaray miyaa sidaan fiq-fiq loogu fuuray Or when you say this: Originally posted by Kuu-Kuun-Laminaa: ONLF is for the wrong or right reasons fighting against enemy, that enemy is real and killing their elders, rapping their daughters and maiming their whole society, any decent and logically thinking Somali regardless of clan would support their struggle and feel their pain. Kor ubaxa oo bahasha reerayowga lagu hoos celin halaga daayo Which is the real you?
  3. What's going on with Faroole and Puntland these days? The son's clever media manipulation through Garowe Online seems to have hit some severe road blocks.
  4. Somalia: Puntland police arrest local journalist 3 November 2009 07:52 AM BBC Monitoring Media BBCMM English © 2009 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Text of report by Somali independent Radio Gaalkacyo on 3 November The police in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland have arrested ETN Television reporter, Abdirahman Muhammad Muse, in Garoowe, northern Somalia. The reporter is said to be covering a court session by the time of his arrest . Police are said to have beaten the reporter . The arrest comes despite accusation from local journalists that the regional administration is harassing them and restricting media freedom. Puntland Media networks [a body for local journalists] has condemned the arrest of the ETN reporter. Source: Radio Gaalkacyo , Gaalkacyo, in Somali 1015 gmt 3 Nov 09
  5. Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tolka: Mintid, it is true in the case of Somaliland where **** refugees took part in the massacre of the natives. But it is not true in Puntland case. **** were never involved as a clan against the repression of those people. Somali military which comprised all clans was. A&T, My point is if this issue is honestly dealt with by all Somalis, we can move forward without fear of non-Somalis manipulating the current chaos (whether that fear is warranted or not). [ November 03, 2009, 11:28 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  6. Ibtisam, That same footage from the JB's video link shows the good works of your relative(AUN) in bringing law & order to another Somali town so ordinary people could go about their daily living. S & Iman...
  7. JB, Thank you as usual for posting the video link. The footage of Las Anod during the last 15 seconds of the clip shows a town at peace, functioning, with normal law & order just like any other within Somaliland. Quite different from the Las Anod of 2-3 years ago where most citizens carried weapons in broad daylight and subclan killings occured weekly. I believe it's these facts on the ground that are a grave threat to the anti-Somaliland factions within the Sool community. Facts are being created on the ground and can prove to be as hard to reverse as Somaliland's unilateral declaration of independence. The real war is for the hearts and minds of the local residents! Let's not forget that glaring fact...
  8. We're not that far apart on this issue. First of all, no self-respecting Somali enjoys it when Somalis are handed over to Ethiopians. However, the weakness of the current Somali predicament forces some bending to Ethiopian and Western pressures. It's precisely for this reason that the ONLF maintains regular contact with American governmental organs even though the U.S. is the single greatest sponsor of the Ethiopian regime. Now the clan which the ONLF represents (in the eyes of most Somalis) has participated in a recent dark chapter of Somali history under Gen. M.S. Barre. Many in both Puntland and Somaliland remember vividly those times and the horrors they were subjected to. That might play a role in why there's no general outcry when their governing administrations arrest ONLF-affiliated young men. Maybe, just maybe, if the ONLF supporters had made an appeal for forgiveness for past transgressions in times of great strength and power for the clan, then there would've been such a public outcry from both the Puntland and Somaliland populations that the governing authorities would be forced to immmediately backtrack on their actions/arrests....? Does that theory hold any weight with you, A&T?
  9. Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tolka: First, the political costs of getting involved in clan vendatta (to which it will boil down) is bad and outweighs the benefits. Yet this principle isn't applied when the situation pertains to Somaliland (the ONLF habit of burning the trucks of Somalilanders). Let's be honest, the call for restraint is based upon an attempt to salvage whatever is left of the fraying ****-coalition in the Somali peninsula. Crocodile tears over Somaalinimo hold no sway, even over Puntland's kindred population. A true accounting and confession/absolution must take place for me to control my criminals. I think, little by little, the hypocrisies of the Somali political/clan landscape are becoming obvious to even the deaf, dumb, and blind. [ November 03, 2009, 11:25 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  10. Originally posted by ThankfulSP: I don't understand why President Faroole is not attacking the media campaign that is against him. Right now the enemies of Puntland have attached themselves to these stories and are running with it. I've seen Garoweonline attack and find excuses for so many other new articles that were against them, but it seems this whole ONLF and prisoner death stuff has gone unaddressed. The attacks in bosasso are quite small right now but if the government continues to keep quiet the anger may start to grow. It seems that the government is not taking this propoganda serious. Propoganda from those that use to support the ICU and those from NW Somalia. President Faroole has attacked other media outlets before who were nothing compared to the storm that is growing right now. He needs to really address this situation and investigate this death or dispute it. The Puntland website is not in use, Garoweonline hasn't reported much, I am not sure what is going on in the government but there's no time to waste. People will start believing the lies that our enemies are reporting.
  11. Ahh, the fantasies, the fantasies... Now I understand why Oodweyne refers to them as the 'Defeated Lot' ! That BBC interview with the Garaad left many naked and face to face with their own impotence... Illaahey ha na asturo
  12. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: Why Nairobi ?? ,,, Could be in Garowe ,, no ?? Hmmmmmmmmmm,, Interesting piece ,,, Adde doesn't want to be put in jail and handed to the Western navies as a Pirate, nooh? Faroole is capable of that, I hear....
  14. Duke, remember your place, you upstart! You're talking to your 'Kings'
  15. Cowke, Cisman Diyano is your cousin? He's one of the 'Kings'? You've now confused me, given your previous theory about why Adde Muse made such a mess of things. PIS was originally set up under Abdullahi Yusuf with some foreign assistance. During it's initial formation period(PIS), there was a lot of political and military tension between Abdullahi Yusuf and the 'kings'. Why would he allow Diyano to be chief if he hails from that region? Secondly, if Diyano is your cousin, shouldn't you support PIS? Maybe they have intelligence you don't have regarding the arrests? What is Faroole and admin doing while all of this is going on? Why don't Faroole and admin bring PIS under their wing by simply paying their salaries from now on? Surely the port taxes would cover that amount?!?
  16. Cowke, If you're not careful, Faroole will lock you up His sons and followers are regular readers of this Forum...
  17. Now, Cowke, many within the family feel the 'Kings' have made a grand mess of things with the previous administration and can never be trusted with leadership again. These same people say the 'Kings' should stick to trade and completely stay out of politics which is not reputed to be their strong suit. These same corners say that the Sool and Mudug alliance is based on 'hard' men understanding 'hard' men and not to be confused with the 'effete' Roma inspired ways of their cousins trading across waterways with the Yemenis. Anything to those insinuations?
  18. Originally posted by Xudeedi: Remember me Oodweyn, I gave you nightmares in Dhahar Since the formation of Puntland, there have been regular military skirmishes between Puntland and allied groups on one side and Somaliland on the other. But my question for the 'gallant' and 'victorious' Xudeedi is: On whose land and towns have all these military engagements occurred? Which towns are being destroyed in these mini-wars, whose residents are being constantly uprooted by warfare? It's an interesting question to ponder, don't you think??
  19. Let's find out how who killed the minister in Galka'ayo first and bring them to justice, then we will work on conflict resolution in Gebiley Crocodile tears for the residents of Gebiley district will get you nowhere, my friend
  20. A reminder to those in Garowe who always revision history to their liking - from the extensive archives: Islamist leader denies having links with Somaliland-Puntland fighting 225 words 17 October 2007 09:13 AM BBC Monitoring Africa BBCAP English © 2007 The British Broadcasting Corporation. All Rights Reserved. No material may be reproduced except with the express permission of The British Broadcasting Corporation. Text of report by Somali independent Radio Gaalkacyo on 17 October The chairman of the opposition Somali faction in Asmara, Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad, has denied that his faction has any involvement in the fighting in [disputed] Sool Region. Speaking at a press conference in the Eritrean capital Asmara, Mr Sharif said his followers were not involved in the recent clash between Puntland and Somaliland troops over the disputed Sool region. The Chairman of Somali opposition said that his faction would fight against Ethiopian troops in the country which are backed by the Somali Transitional Federal Government. He termed his group's alleged involvement in Somaliland-Puntland fighting as baseless. "We wont fight Somalis as long as Ethiopian troops are present in our motherland. Our Mission is to push the Ethiopian troops out of Somalia," said Shaykh Sharif, who is currently in Asmara. Meanwhile, The president of Puntland regional administration, Adde Muse accused the self-declared administration of Somaliland of getting full support from the ousted Union of Islamic Courts and the Asmara-based opposition group . Somaliland and Puntland troops clashed in Laas Caanood town of Sool Region on 15 October and more than 10 people were killed and a dozen others were wounded. Source: Radio Gaalkacyo, Gaalkacyo, in Somali 1015 gmt 17 Oct 07 ----------------- When all else fails, blame the disaster on someone else. The contradictions in the usual line of attack from a particular corner of the Somali peninsula defies comprehension. First Somaliland is a one-clan state fighting for one clan's hegemony. Then in the same breath, that clan has been mugged by their President who happens to be from another clan. Next, that clan has occuppied Las Anod to further their clan hegemony over all others in the North. In the next breath, NO, that clan is weak and could never do that - it's actually the residents of Las Anod who are fighting each other. NO, no, NO, in the next breath, it's Wadaado extremists who actually helped Somaliland take over Las Anod (as stated by Adde Muse at the time of the Las Anod military engagement). All these contradictory statements leave a 'simple' Somali observer confused. Especially when all these statements are coming from the same mouth...
  21. Why do you think Duke & Co. are so obsessed with Dahir Rayaale?!? His administration was the last nail on the coffin to show all Somalis that someone/some admin 'has no clothes on' Don't you remember the predictions of Somaliland's military demise once Abdullahi Yusuf's mighty army returns from Mogadishu
  22. By the daily screams emanating from their mouths every day on this Forum, it's obvious which group/groups Dahir Rayaale has mugged