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  1. Seriously, this is something that is very popular in somali culture. Specifically us as a women, we like to have male friends that are very close to us, but I dont think that is a possible way to get close to a guy. Even in religious wise there is no way that two people from the opposite-sex could become so close w/out marriage. My point to this is, lets be real to ourselves and specially us girls, i guess it would be better to tell the guy that we cant be friends w/ them unless there is an interest to it and that shouldnt be covered as a friendship relationship. Salam
  2. Hello People, I guess I am just curiuos about this, but my question is, Do we love our parents one from the other or it all depends on who raised you as a child and took care of you? Dont get me wrong, I love both of my parents equaly, but I guess mothers love is something you dont have control over, its more of an unconditional love as they say. Therefore, I wanna know whether you agree w/ me or....? Just wondering
  3. At the moment I am at school and I feel lost. I have so many things that I have to do for classes and I dont know where to start. So hopefully this will be a good start for me, just by writing about how I feel. We all know how school is, specially the last five weeks of the semester, its extremely hectic. I just wanna wish best of luck for all the students that are going through the samething as I am. Salam...
  4. Maskax Dhuuqe and Femme F, Thanks walaalo. The rest of you, Fudeed aa sariir idinka soo tuuraayo. Qofka haddu qaldamo waa loo sheegaa laakiin cidla lagam heeso nooh. Qofka reermagaalka ah waxaa lagu gartaa waxkasta si fudud uu u fiirshaa, Laakiin dhibaatada na hayso waxaa waaye waxa soo maaliya qasaayo idinkoo miiran waaye..Intaas ha noo kala ahato. And hopefully intaan ka badan inaan la is weerarin. Salam
  5. I have always wondered why girls go for guys that are like 5+ yrs older then it b/c 1. They are more mature 2. They are stable (got a job, a crip u know) 3. Or is it b/c younger women just like to have an older male partner that is more carring and more respectful then the younger ones..... Anywayz people let me know what yall think. Salam
  6. Funny, but I liked the lexus woman. I guess that is metaphor of how materialistic woman are!!!! GOOD ONE