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  1. You must be horrible person to say that about the victim, he was someone's son,brother.
  2. Bs, she is too old, she should have said her parents are marrying her off to 60 year old man, that being said fgm is not a joke and any parents who subjects their children to this cruel practice especially those who are in the west deserve severe punishment, they do not even deserve to be called parents.
  3. are you saying that UK, Toronto do not have the same issue, this is muslim problem, not even Somali issue until the Imams get serious, I am afraid we will see more people being brainwashed. waxaa haya dhereg dhacsi, but I blame their parents.
  4. few more teens were arrested in US, it is strange that their parents are blaming the Somali Informant, it's a shame that their anger is directed on the wrong person, they should be blaming themselves as they obviously failed to raise their kids right.and then should be really sad and disappointed at their kids. I cannot believe the father of one these would be killers said that he is really mad that another Somali recorded his son's conversation,but not what his son said or wanted to do. Lastly Omar Jamal need to stop using community, he can speak for the family, but he doesn't speak for the entire community.
  5. Sorry I have no patience or sympathy for these fools especially Somali fools of daesh,AL shaydaan or any death and destruction groups, if they want to go to heaven why don't they help thousands of the orphans that are living in destitute in every corner of Somalia, Kenya Ethiopia etc. But no the only thing they know is destruction.
  6. Name whatever you feel like naming your kids, but it annoys me as hell when people put down original Somali names and instead suggest Arabic names, not the ones that have roots in Islam, but names like Rania, Dalia,Shadia adil etc. seriously Someone even named their kid Sudaysi, not realizing that sh Sudaysi's name is Abdirahman, and Sudaysi is family name. do not tell me Sagal is ugly name and I should name my child sheering.
  7. I believe she was tired about people talking and writing about Somali and their culture like we don't exist, this guy launched a journal without bothering consulting with the Somalis who are in the field, and when he was questioned about his omissions, he said that basically you don't have anyone who is good enough.
  8. I can't believe some of you are defending this man, he insulted entire Somali speaking population, well done safia.
  9. beautiful, it would have been better if we can get rid of alshayaatiin.
  10. Shiikhanu ma wuxuu rabaa in gabdhaha la gudo??? Mida kale the only position women cannot be appointed is the head of the state, so what is his problem, musiibada manta Somalia ka socota, wax dad la dilay, waxa umad la isku qarxinayo into ka soo tagay buu dumar iyo xukunkooda ka hadlayaa, wadaada Somalida Allaha soo hanuuniyo. There are bigger issues he needs to worry about, mida kale xagee bay culimada Somalida ku shireen oo isaga loo dhiibay inuu umada af hayeen u noqdo. Women are half of the society, too bad if he does not want to see them.
  11. Malika iska dhal waligeed baa la isticmaali jiray meaning if both your parents are from same tribe you are iska dhal, i do not think it is new thing.
  12. I have never seen someone who is more confused than you Carafaat, you are always trying to justify what your ilmo adeero do, no one is talking about Bare Hiiraale iyo qof kale, markii geel loo heeso baad goranyo u heestaa, stick to the topic, people are talking about Edna and this other guy, you either agree with their hate filled speech or you are against it, you do not have to justify or make excuses, just FYI your cousins do not use only speech, they are killing people in their own houses right now, so please do not try to act you’re nationalist or unionist. I hope one of these days you will find out what you want.