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  1. 3 minutes ago, Tallaabo said:

    Che you are making some wild claims here. Somaliland is not finished and will not go away regardless of your hopes and prayers. Its true that at the moment we are going through a very tough situation of our own making, but non of the duriyada habro or our wider D!r clans want to see our homeland go to waste. Our mindless clan rebellions will inshaallah be stopped by peaceful means and the armed angry men will be brought back into the fold. Honestly, I never wanted the Garaad and East maakhir clans to be part of Somaliland if the majority of their people were against it. There is no benefit to having a hostile population within our society. We have already wasted vast resources on keeping these unwilling clans in Somaliland and I strongly believe now is the time to part ways and let them go wherever they want. I would rather spend our resources on our needy people. Even without the Garaad and maakhir clans Somaliland still has all its economic centers and strategic assets. The regions we are losing have never made any contributions to our economy and frankly we can do without them.

    As a matter of urgency Muuse Biixi should be persuaded to stop this meaningless war and make peace with the Garaads. When that is done, the remaining D!r clans should sit together and plan for their future without our ex-partners. We should renew our alliance with our cousins in Djibouti and perhaps explore the option of having a confederation with Djibouti. Such a confederation will also reduce the power and threat of the canfar to the Jesus community in Djibouti and elsewhere. 

    No one prayer's prayers and thoughts are ever answered if there is ill intention which I don't.

    I wrote "as it was imagined" for a reason. Those who support secession forcefully emphasize there is no Somaliland without the Harti territories. And clearly, people in these lands don't want to secede.  The arrogant and foolish have been saying dadbaa guura dhul ma guuro, but the reasonable people understand Somaliland could have truly achieved through genuine negotiation. 

    A confederation with Djibouti won't work legally and politically. The only true solution for Somalis is to stand and talk. And I appreciate the craziness in Xamar.


  2. 5 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    Isn't Xiingalool on the side of Sanaag Bari ( Maakhir)?

    history will be harsh for Ina Cambaashe.

    Yes, he figured Wrsangeli wouldn't shoot him right away. This is not confirmed yet. He is worse than Bootaan.

  3. 3 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    I am not arguing for Somaliland to continue, that ship has sailed, but in the short term they can't have their cake and eat it

    We Awdalites want one of our own albeit a weak one to supervise the desolation of Somaliland.I know those who are working for the free Awdal movement hate one of our own to be used against us which might divide us, but the retard Cirro who should have  called yesterday the resignation of Muuse was treated again as a house nigger and I don't want that fool to be in charge anymore.

    Any man can rise to all unexpected occasions. Let's hope Zaylici does. Riyaale would have been better suited. Cirro is useless as a politician and as an opposition leader. And I was surprised Jirde was on that stage too. 

  4. Galbeedi,

    This picture says a lot. No Faratoon or Koore, two slavishly loyal men. Hargeisa has given up on reer SSC and they know the likes of Faratoon and Koore are useless. Even Mahad is no longer useful. According to reports, he gave up himself to  Xingalool residents hoping to get better treatment.



  5. 30 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    Warya Che,

    You want to throw away the only thing that is ;lawful and logical?

    They should transfer power to C/rahman Zaylici, then talk how to move. Are you aking them to do illegal things. This is a power struggle among Habro, but they can't make a coup.I know you thing Zaylici is from Awdal and he is insignificant, but without Awdal there will be no Somaliland.

    There's already no Somaliland as it was imagined. If the political objective of Somaliland was a unified and independent North, that ship sailed with the fall of Las Anod and the Pland election in Eastern Sanaag.

    If the appointment of Zaycili would bring some respite, great! Any stability is welcomed especially in order to avoid Habro civil war which would be catastrophic for the whole region!

    But I do believe Somaliland as a political and administrative unit is over, The time is now for Awdal to act. Despite Muse' call for another round of violence, I can assure you each Habro is beginning to think of its own future beyond Somaliland (as we understand it today),

    Reer Awdal was forced in 91 into an arrangement the majority didn't support. They now have a chance to do things on their own terms whether that be independent federal region or within Somaliland. 


    There was already a coup of sorts. Muse extended his term and he wants to dissolve the only parties that could have challenged Kulmiye.

  6. 12 minutes ago, galbeedi said:

    One very strange thing is general Bootaan. The way  he spoke and how he is treated is very strange. As soon as he was captured, he said, " Haddiii guriga Madaxweynaha, ama ku xigeenks ama Graad Jaamac midkaad doontaan i geeye.

    The Garaads were talking about threating the prisons well which normal. Yet this general Bootaan is now at the house of the vice president. He said " I am at the house of the vice president, members of parliament are here, Waa la ii shaqaynayyaa"

    This Khaatumo SSC isn't yet an organized administration. This kind of moves might even create unwanted friction among themselves. 

    It's a move and gesture for HJ. I am surprised the young men who captured him didn't kill him. HJ has a lot of men and material. There's already over fight over who he gets what. There were some skirmishes in Caynaba.

  7. On 10/10/2021 at 1:48 PM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Foreigners are foreigners  there  is no difference whether from oromia or south  west  its the same siillaanyo removed them  in 2011