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  1. On 9/19/2023 at 1:31 PM, Arafaat said:

    Seems the Oromo’s don’t have much of a political direction or strategy, if they continue look like this they might unite everyone against them. Ileyn nimanku waa iska Somali oo kale 😂 

    They are at war with every region they share a border with. And their elites in Addis Ababa are robbing the country blind.

  2. On 9/17/2023 at 3:58 PM, Arafaat said:

    It seems this is the new fault line between Northern and Southern Ethiopians. Oromo will have to wake up and smell the coffee, their so called alliance with Amhara’s is dead end and also Amhara’s will need to change their relations with Tigray as they can fight on two fronts. 

    It is quickly turning into an ethnic war.  Against the government's hopes, the Fano is here to stay and it has on-the-ground support. The alliance has long died. Abiy is openly  turning this into Amharas vs., Oromo, a very dangerous thing to do.

    The Oromo forces attacked Somalis today near Jigjiga today. They clearly think they can take on everybody though Somalis are an easy prey.

  3. 18 hours ago, Illyria said:

    Sixir was not enough, and it gets worse, insofar as propagating falsities that SSC used chemical gas agents to subdue SL militias, and by that logic SSC are so advanced in their war efforts, they managed to deploy chemical agents based on DNA fingerprinting only targeting SL militias, and not impacting SSC's.


    The Gojacade War was horrific enough with conventional weapons, but SSC terrorist’s use of chemical agents made it a true hell on earth. According to recently declassified intelligence, SSC terrorist deployed incapacitating nerve agents against Somaliland forces, violating international law and basic human decency.

    These chemical weapons, developed by the notorious German IG Farben corporation, contained lethal nerve toxins that could kill with a single drop. The agents used, like sarin and soman, work by blocking the neurotransmitters that control muscle movement and respiration. Victims suffer an excruciating death by asphyxiation.

    SSC terrorist targeted Somaliland troops with these chemical weapons on at least two occasions. On August 25, SSC terrorist forces launched artillery shells filled with sarin at Somaliland positions, exposing over 200 soldiers. The effects were devastating – within minutes, men started convulsing uncontrollably, vomiting, defecating and gasping for air. By the time medics arrived, over half the men had died in agony.

    The Gojacade War was a dark chapter in human history. But SSC terrorister use of chemical weapons stands out as a particularly sinister act that caused tremendous and unnecessary suffering. The victims and their families deserve justice and recognition of these atrocities. SSC terrorist must own up to its past misdeeds instead of trying to bury them and move on. Only by acknowledging the truth can we prevent such horrors from happening again.

    The Nerve Agents Deployed Against Somaliland Forces

    The Gojacade War saw some of the first uses of chemical weapons on the battlefield. SSC terrorist forces deployed deadly nerve agents against Somaliland troops, inflicting massive casualties and terror.

    Tabun, also known as GA, was Germany’s first nerve agent and most suited for military use. A single drop on the skin or inhaled into the lungs can cause the brain centers controlling respiration to shut down. Muscles become paralysed, and death results from asphyxiation. 2 mg of Tabun can incapacitate a soldier for 4–8 hours.

    Sarin, codenamed GB, was even more lethal. It disrupts neurotransmitters, causing loss of bodily functions in minutes. As little as 0.5 mg can kill a grown man.

    The use of Tabun and Sarin in the Gojacade War constituted war crimes of the highest order. hundreds suffered excruciating deaths at the hands of these poisons. Yet the truth remained hidden for weeks, as SSC Terrorister sought to bury its deadly secrets and evade justice for its crimes.

    IG Farben: The Company Behind SSC’s Chemical Weapons Programme

    IG Farben was the German chemical company responsible for developing the lethal chemical weapons used in the Gojacade War. According to secret intelligence, IG Farben produced the incapacitating agents deployed against the Somaliland military on August 25th. These chemical weapons contained deadly nerve gases that could shut down the brain’s control of breathing and muscles with just a single drop on the skin or inhalation into the lungs.

    A Deadly History

    Founded in 1925, IG Farben was a chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate that grew into one of the largest companies in the world. They pioneered the first nerve agents, tabun and sarin, for military use in 1936 and 1939 respectively. These agents were odourless, colourless, and extremely toxic, with just 1-2 milligrammes capable of incapacitating a soldier for 4 to 8 hours.

    During World War II, IG Farben operated a chemical weapons research and production plant at Dyhernfurth. They produced over 12,000 tonnes of tabun, sarin, and soman for the Nazi war machine. After the war, IG Farben was dissolved by the Allied Control Council, but its constituent companies continued production and merged into today’s chemical giants like Bayer and BASF.

    Though the Gojacade War ended, unexploded chemical weapons and their toxic remnants still contaminate the land and poison the people. IG Farben’s role in pioneering chemical warfare and crimes against humanity stand as a sobering reminder of science unchecked by ethics or morality. Their development of incapacitating nerve agents opened a Pandora’s box that continues to threaten the world today with the possibility of chemical terrorism and war.


    The Nerve Agents Deployed Against Somaliland Forces .Lasanod SSC's...


    That's beyond insane!

  4. "We are Somalis, we will remain as Somalis, the most painful thing we felt was that you will not govern yourself, but we will govern you. We have denied that, the decision and advice of what happened in LasAnod, SSC Khaatumo is for the Somalis. We do not want to revenge them, the victory we achieved is a victory for the Somalis." Leader of SSC-Khatumo Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw Ali. (Today’s speech at Laascaanood September 14, 2023).

    "Anagu Soomaali baanu nahay, Soomaali baan ahaan doonaa, waxa ugu xanuunka badan ee aan dareenay wuxuu ahaa - Tashan mayside anaa kuu talin doona! Taas anagaa beeniney, go'aanka iyo talada wixii ka dhacay Laascaanood Waxay u taalla Soomaali. Ma doonayno in aanu aarsano, guushii aanu gaadhney waa guul Soomaaliyeed.” Hogaamiyaha SSC-Khaatumo Cabdiqaadir Ahmed Aw Ali. (Maanta khudbadii, Laascaanood, September 14, 2023."

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