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  1. I don't know if yu have seen dis joke before , but i thought it was funny! Welcoming to America When young Jose, newly arrived in the United States, made his first trip to Yankee Stadium, there were no tickets left for sale. Touched by his disappointment, a friendly ticket salesman found him a perch near the American flag. Later, Jose wrote home enthusiastically about his experience. "And the Americans, they are so friendly!" he concluded. "Before the game started, they all stood up and looked at me and sang, .... 'Jose, can you see?'"
  2. Here is another one folks. A little boy wrote to Santa ... One day, a little boy wrote to Santa Clause, "Please send me a sister." Santa Clause wrote him back, "Ok, send me your mother
  3. Najmo.....thats was funny piece. I think "african identity crisis" thing is over-blown a little....I think young africans today though still have lingering colonial mentality are comfortable with their skin. I personally think a new African identity should be identity that emphasizes more on the continent's common heritage rather than on skin color and physical traits. As for who somalis are might be.....Obviously there are africans, anyone saying otherwise is high on something....We are member of larger eastern cushitic people which includes the oromo, afar, sidamo, etc. The only thing we share with arabs is religion and we are also in da same Afro-Asiatic language group. Stoic....Give da sista the benefit of the dought before yu jump your guns!
  4. Hehheeeeeeeeheeeeeee...Scorpion_Sista...Scorpion not marraige material, i beg to differ But i guess, you have point, there is no going to back to the past!....The farahs have to fast forward themselves atleast by few
  5. I think iam cross between a Pig and
  6. Thanks princess_sexy for explaining that. G-Money...i wasn't referring to you bro....i was talking about Mr later
  7. STHLM_Lady.....It is IsQarxis day, darman left me with no choice. Scorpion_Sista....I had to tell da truth n only da truth N Ppl , don't listen to darman...He is employed by Fox.....Everybody knows wats Fox's slogan
  8. Ameenah.....Siyyad's boys did nothing when their boss were creating this havoc , we are in right now. Those who turned against him did so coz they felt threatened by him, not coz they want to free all somalis from the tranny of the barre regime.Most of them still have core beliefs of their late master!....These men can't be trusted with anything. Their experience won't be of any use to the somali ppl.
  9. Scorpion_Sista........hehheeeeeeeeheeeeee come on.....yu can't mean that?
  10. Darman....I love yu dat pic.......Do yu know the photographer who took the pic traced the girl after the fall of the Taliban.... He found her married to an Afghani man.....She is cute but i have to marry non-somali, afghanis won't be first my pick...lolHaving lived in Pakistan, i had a lot of Afghani school mates and friends.There are good people. Thats why i suggest OG-Moti maybe should befriend
  11. Shyhem....nice Well, here is my two cents on dis....I think men are finding a little harder to adopt to changes....That has been the case since the start of industrial revolution and women started earning their income. Women are being told to compete with males on every level...This will naturally lead to antoganization and resentment. If couple wants to get married, what they need to do is forget about the larger society and ask themselves, what's that they need from each other and what do they expect from each other. The realisation and hopefully acceptance of each other's needs and expectations can lead to peaceful co-existance!
  12. OG-Moti.....wats man crusude to save the somali't worry we are not dying da racism! Runaway.Virgin.....Could see if the afghani guy has a sista or something!.....maybe OG-Moti would change his mind about the whole thing if yu introduce him to some nice looking afghani chick!
  13. 1) A nomad you always read his/her topics and replies Shyhem 2) A nomad you think is an asset for SOL Buubto n Baashi 3) A nomad you have a feeling is Habar or Oday (old) Proud-Sista...just a gut no offence 4) A nomad you would love to meet Scorpion_Sista 5) A nomad you are proud to know…. Malakia....since we used to be 6) A nomad you think is popular in SOL (in terms of the replies to his/her topics) Darman(simply popular for annoying people) he is creative bro 7) A nomad who has an extremely cool personality Camburo-luul 8) A nomad who makes you laugh out loud Shyhem 9) A nomad whom your like his/her mentality Scorpion_Sista 10) A nomad you want to whoop his/her ass Iam gonna second G-Money on dis one
  14. Heheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....that was cool pic. Laakin Nacas baatahay Darman........Yu left me with no choice, but tell everyone who yu really are?......Since Yu and I are identical twins and therefore blood brothers, that picture ain't just my face but yours ass well.....Nice going bro....Now yu blow both our covers and scared da sistas away :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Ilhaam.......looooooool......darman should be worried, coz iam gonna sink my fangs into his ugly eyes!
  15. Ameenah.....anyone who worked for the notorious NSS is guilty. If i had my way , no one who worked for Barre's regime shouldn't hold any office......and lets be honest , everyone in somali politics faithfully served my aabi siyaad one or another!
  16. Admin.....thanks, i was wondering wat happened to front page , music section?.
  17. Heheheeheeeeeee.....Hibo....No bending rules.
  18. Gediid.....anytime man...iam just giving a folks of dose of reality. Yu Haven't answered my question though? is upto Sland who they wanna chose as their leader....My whole point somali proper needs to fix its own house before moving on to other things regarding the other somalis.
  19. Two old ladies were sitting in garden of a nursing home enjoying a smoke. One had a condom with her, the other wondering wat the condom was for asked her freind about the condom. Her friend replied that she was gonna put her cigarrates in the condom in case it rains.Thinking it was a good idea, she went across the street to pharmacy and asked the pharmicist for a condom. The stunned pharmicist ask if she prefers any size and the old lady replied," Give something that fits a camel".
  20. originally by nazra I recently discovered, that somali ppl are animals well since you are one of us(somalis), you are animal too right? well sis.... if yu wanna engage in useful debate,yu need to change your tune and be civil to others.
  21. Isn't love and lust more or less the same thing! i don't think you could seperate one from da anyway i think iam gonna second baashi, da guy couldn't handle the fact that the woman was married to another man. He eventually lost it!
  22. It is sad story indeed...Never trust people!
  23. Darman...wats with dis man....i thought we were on da same page i guess i was wrong. well, Che is rebel , we don't pay laaluush....we kick ass!
  24. Originally posted by Gediid: Bari Nomad and HornAfrique: The number of people killed in Hargeysa alone and the whole population of Mudug plus Bari ayaan isku mid aheyn.I do not have the intention of trying to even make you comprehend that but I thought maybe I might enlighten you with that lil bit info. [/QB] Gediid.....let me see if i understood this right. The number of civilian lifes lost in 88 was in the range of 50,000-60,000. Are yu implying the entire mudug and bari population is less than 50,000?....Come on bro....yo gotta be kidding me! Bari-Nomad n HornAfrica and all pro reunification advocates in here. Your argument for re-unification has a merit, but before yu could argue for re-unification. Maybe should ask yourselves first , how did we ended up in dis situation?.....Secondly you need to face the music and deal with reality. The southern somalis are in no position to tell any other member of somali nation whether be somaliland, SGalbeed , etc what to do with their future. Somali proper need to fix its own house before it restart talks with da north. The idea of mogadisho warlords and Yusuf insisting on the presence of Sland in somali peace talks is a joke to say the least. A goverment must formed in the south before any talks with da north can start. N believe me the mogadisho merchants and Yusuf the maniac won't deliver da kind goverment da south needs. USC has become a total failure and Yusuf is power hungry dictator. I hate to say this folks, reading some of your arguments, there is still qabiil tune in the air. Reconcialations won't go forward in any somali negotiations as long as the qabiil is more important than the nation. Finally, All crimes commited against civilians populations regardless of clan origins must be acknowledged and justice must be served. Yu can't have morgans, gani , aidid, etc getting away with murders!