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  1. Commodity trading/oil business has always been shady so no big surprises here really.
  2. To be honest she doesnt look like a 51 year old. But I still find the couple bizarre, the kid really looks like his father!
  3. So Bin Laden Jr got himself a MILF? Now I've seen everything.
  4. I made an earlier post on this a little while ago highlighting that RR has got a little boost as of lately with Tudor Capital and UBS buying in to it. Buy RR. I think theyll develop nicely if they get their IPO on AIM.
  5. So far Barack Obamas Presidential Campaign raised $32.5 million as of July 1, beating the TFG Recon Conf. by just $500K. Hillary Clinton managed to scrape together $21 million for the second quarter this year, being behind A/Y & Geedi some hefty $11m. Jokes aside though it seems to have slipped through some ppl here that although I'm a TFG supporter, I can also at times can be critical of the entity I support. It is constructive criticizm that improves organizations, just as practice makes perfect.
  6. I was ironic buddy. Easy with the hostilities. Regarding the budget, I believe its considerably inflated. Giving the living costs of Mogadishu including costs of all logistics needed, the price tag would've been at the very least $15m lower.
  7. (With Dave Chapelle voice): Black Power.
  8. Yes but if you domesticize the money you'll be able to ride it nicely.
  9. One thing I havent understood yet though, why do all somalis leave chairs and other new stuff in their plastics? lol I've seen everything from remote controls to 3-sit sofas still dressed in that stuff. "Bacdii lagu soo gaday ayaay qabaan" is all you get for a reply
  10. Transitioning away from Hawala business to Commercial Banking. Nice move.
  11. Colonial, Imperial. Potatoe, Potater... Oh I get it. Learning through repitition. Perpetuating the Orwellian qualities. Waan ku cel-celinaa and hopefully one day I too can become a 'waaqici' suicide bomber and scream "wadankii waa la haystaa" followed by "dabo-dhilif waaxid" and some blood splatter. Wa billahi tawfiiq.
  12. Almost as much as Riyaales personal budget. Their catching up.
  13. Let's ask Ayeeyo Wikipedia instead: Pacification - the process or act of making peace or making someone or something quiet and peaceful There was an odd anachrony in the above members post that made his quest of finding supportive data for his statements pretty amusing. Keyword here is the beginning of the Wiki quote of his that states: "In colonial times"... The funny part is that the posters penchant for logical fallacies manage to present him as a case example of what could be closely described as Orwellian, thereby falling into his own well crafted trap: Orwellian describes a situation, idea, or condition that George Orwell identified as being inimical to the welfare of a free-society. An attitude and a policy of control by propaganda, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past (including the "unperson"--a person whose past existence is expunged) practiced by modern repressive governments
  14. Originally posted by Juje: enjoying his misery are you? Hey looks who's here, the voice of reason. What sort of aid worker are you pretending to be today, Hay'ada laanta cas or Lawyers without borders? Your fake consideration for any would-be innocent victims is as obvious as your unsuccessful attempts to score political points.
  15. He must have sent the money in small quantities. If he wired 10 G's from LA to Mog I bet Homeland Security is on him.
  16. ^^ Naturally, their the architects and innovators behind the whole ICU concept itself.
  17. Good move. I read an article lately that their also introducing auction and licensing of spectrum rights. This will improve the service for end-customers as well as provide solid telecom ventures for investors and entreprenurs.
  18. Waa la is daawanaayaa lee kaliya meesha maxaa dhacay, aaway kii turjubaankii ahaa ee "Yaa Walad" loo yaqaaney
  19. rudy: "therefore, no deal." Oo adiga miyaa qofka go'aanada soo saara? Thats what I call e-governance. Contact: Jaalle Madaxyare Rudy Dowlada Federaalka ee Paltalk Starbucks 33 S 6th St Minneapolis, MN
  20. to go outside then broke my treasury taking away about $10,000 . Only 10K? He should've added one or more zeros. Waa xishoodi xooga odayga
  21. I think the article as a whole was DOA being a Teheran Times column. A very independentent an insightful political analysis. Right.