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  1. Killings occur daily in the city where thousands of Iraq style bombs including roadside and car bombs are witnessed everyday on Mogadishu streets resulting in the death of innocent people. I think this man is lying.
  2. Fantastic, it's these kind of things that cheers me up after my optimism on somalias future wanes out from time to time.
  3. They should kill more of these Mooryan, something like chinese style, round them up in a soccer stadium and execute them infront of audience for the sake of intimidation.
  4. So what's the power of the king, and since when did somalia become a Monarcy?
  5. Thumbs up for Maakhir state, I support it 100%. Viva Maakhir state Viva Puntland state
  6. This article has already been posted;f=9;t=011911#000000
  7. Shalom, I have the honour to remain, Your Obedient Servant Mohamed Ibrahim Egal President Republic of Somaliland
  8. Abdi does not mean 'slave', it actually means 'my slave'. It's not much of a big deal really. No point being a pedant about things! That's even worse, so every time someone says "abdi come here" they actually say "my slave come here"? Thank god i don't have that name.
  9. Duke wrote: Mr Ooodweyne, you have failed to present any sensible argument or any new evidence in this latest twaddle. Your group has no strategy, vision and has failed to even convince Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya or anyone else to recognise them. Forget the UN, AU, and the world powers, even your "mother" the Queen of England does not know ya Haha well said I feel sorry for the secessionists, they are chasing their own tail with no strategy to exit this vicious circel that shows no results. Even if just one country recognized them i would steel feel sorry for them, but as it stands not even a single island has accepted them as a sovereign nation. I think it's high time to face reality and stop this childish game, there will never exist a nation called "somaliland" ever.
  10. Originally posted by Dhulqarnayn -alSumaale: abdi-qani abdi-fatax abdi-rizaq abdi-hamid abdi-aziz those are the abdi's i know never met a brother with the name ''abdi'' alone Com'n then you havent met many somalis, there are thousands of somalis who are just named abdi. Atleast they present themselves as just abdi.
  11. Why do somalis name their children "Abdi", don't somalis know the meaning of it? Abdi by its own litteraly means slave, you are suppose to fill it in with something, like abdallah = the slave of allah, or abdrahman etc. But Somalis name their children only Abdi and then after that the surname, no other muslims ever calls themselves just "Abdi" since this means you're just a slave. Alot of arabs laugh at somalis when they present themselves like that and they actually think somalis consider themselves as slave descent, but somalis still continue to name their son the same, it's really embarrasing and bad for the somali image, as they say little knowledge is dangerous.
  12. Here is their Annual report for the year ended 30 of June 2006 If you scroll down to page 21 on their Income statement, you'll see that the company had a loss of 10 million 744 thousand dollars. But the funny thing, if you scroll further down to their Balance sheet at page 22, you'll see that they have calculated their Total assets as = 21 billion 591 million 851 thousand. Remind you this is a company that has a current market value of 90 million dollars and a loss in 2006 report of almost 11 million dollars. Guess where those assets come from? Yes, its the estimated/realistic value they can yield of the somali resources in short time. Can you focking belive this? This little shi#t company (with a market value of 90 million) has a whole states resources listed as its own assets in the balance sheet of the annual report, absolutly fantastic.
  13. Thats a possibility. Btw there is a certain Mr Liban Boqor who is a Key Non-Executive Management director in the company appointed May 2006, does anyone have more info on this traitor, and his background? How can anyone working inside that company (being full informed with a holistic understanding of the situation) endorse such a deal against his own country?