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  1. He has made similar donations to Harvards Islamic Center and it is indeed admirable.
  2. This is highly interesting. I first came across it when I read about a similar experiment being carried out in Portugal last year and couldnt believe it at first. It is most definitely a viable solution to the drought problems, not to mention its inherent ability to improve the farming industry. My only concern is whether or not this sort of 'stimulated rain' include chemicals that can cause environmental problems or any hazardous components as waste-products.
  3. Too complicated and I dont really like the voice thing. I say your fired Smartpen.
  4. TFG is done buddies. A new entity has to get in place pronto. Personally, I'd like to see some more assassinations unless the key targets independently accept to step back.
  5. Sounds optimistic. I'm currently not a fan of the performance of the various entitites/characters in the country that purport themselves as leaders but we'll give it another 10 yrs and see how things develop.
  6. I actually liked the Mantra Housing Company idea.
  7. Havent seen it yet. How and where can you view it?
  8. Yea they started talking about Somaliland lately. The story goes that some junior sheikh is considering starting up a chicken farm over there making the countries BNP go cuckelikuu.
  9. Originally posted by cynical lady: Lily - have some kitkat dear! Am only pulling ure legs As for Mr Darcy yap he was standing, looking devilishly handsome and in possession of fortune he then followed it up with “You must know... surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me. I believe you spoke with my aunt last night, and it has taught me to hope as I'd scarcely allowed myself before. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on” Now why on earth would any-woman say No to that! Ehh? I actually enjoyed reading that part of this Mr. Darcy and his Elizabeth. The drama, and to some extent the words exchanged between the two reminded me of myself and a certain someone. It didnt end quite as good in our case though. Sadly enough.
  10. The current state of the telecom industry on the Somali territories can be closely described as an oligopoly as the number of players are few and wealthy (dividends from the major telecom outlets has been very good for the last couple of yrs). I also believe, although I wont disclose why, that their all using almost the same suppliers and they seem to be on very long contracts with these suppliers - a trait that further characterizes the nature of oligopolic market. Thats why you dont see the somali telecom companies using cheaper and more efficient technologies to offer more competitive services. Instead, their all pretty much the same and compete by price only. Unlike MMA I do believe one can succeed with a new telecom venture in these markets, especially in SL and in new areas that hasnt matured yet such as internet services and VoIP. However, you will have a very hard time beating the household residential telecom carriers such as Telesom. This company is by the way registered in the UK so if you want more in-depth financial info on it, buy a report from the Companies House. Think it costs £1 or something. I believe there will be consolidations in this market in the coming 5-10 yrs and the number of players will be further decimated to a couple of revenue monsters who will eventually morph into diversified conglomerates like the good ol' Al-Barakaat.
  11. Reminds me of the HAFZA program, this one is too obvious though. Supposedly its an offshore economic zone in Somalia (doesnt say exactly where) which offers banking, insurance and gaming licenses: The Somali International Financial Centre (SIFC) was created in June 2003 by act of parliament of the Somali Democratic Republic. The SIFC is a quasi-autonomous governmental body. The official website of the SIFC is located at www.sifc.info Please note that the SIFC does not deal directly with clients. The sole commercial representative of the SIFC is Star Trust Company Limited. Mail Star Trust Company Limited BCM Drawbridge Apartments 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3XX United Kingdom Telephone/Email Marcus Anderson Global Sales Manager, Liechtenstein +423 663 172281 The best way to contact us is by email. Please do it now using the form below. We will reply to you by email or we will call you back as you prefer Link: http://www.somaliaoffshore.com/index.php
  12. Complex situation....as is customary when 'clan' is in the driving seat.
  13. lol only jeddah boys ride tacky things like this
  14. When are we gonna see skryscrapers in Hargeisa JB? About time.
  15. Congratulations to the first night flight. Nice developments going on in H-town.
  16. I just read that Idi Amins son (!) has been jailed for 5 yrs for his role in a gang-killing of a somali youth in London last year (2006). Advice to Idi Jr: dont drop the soap! Idi Amin's son jailed for London gang attack The son of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin has been jailed for five years for his part in a violent gang attack in North London. Faisal Wangita was part of a 40-strong gang that attacked Somalian Mahir Osman, 18, in Camden in January last year. Osman died within a minute of the brutal attack, in which he was stabbed 20 times, attacked with baseball bats, bottles and hammers, punched and kicked. Wangita had joined in the attack, kicking the victim on the ground. Blood was found on his trousers. After a trial at the Old Bailey this year, Wangita, 25, was jailed for five years for conspiracy to wound with intent and violent disorder, but was cleared of murdering Osman. The jury was not told he was Idi Amin's son because it was felt it would prejudice his case. His parentage can be disclosed today following another trial and the trial of a 17-year-old youth for Mr Osman's murder. It is estimated that up to 500,000 people disappeared during Idi Amin's brutal eight-year regime in Uganda, which featured in the film The Last King Of Scotland. advertisementAmin's secret police force was notorious for torturing and killing Ugandans it believed to be political opponents. The first police knew about Amin being his father was when it was announced in court by his counsel. Eight defendants have been convicted of various offences in relation to the attack and three youths were given life sentences in May for murder. The attack was captured on closed circuit TV cameras and played to the jury during Wangita’s trial at the Old Bailey. Wangita claimed he was born in November 1981 in Saudi Arabia. But documents showed he was born in February 1983 in Uganda. He arrived in England some time ago and lived with his mother in a number of London addresses. The Amin family fled Uganda when Idi Amin was ousted by Tanzanian-backed Ugandan rebels in 1979. They lived in exile in Saudi Arabia, where many of the family remain. The family was given a huge monthly allowance and in return Idi Amin was asked to remain silent and out of politics. It was a bargain he kept up to his death in 2003, aged 78. He had 40 officially-recorded children from seven official wives, and nothing is known about Wangita's mother. Wangita had previous criminal convictions for possessing an offensive weapon and fraud in November 2000, and in May 2002 for threatening behaviour - for which he was given a community rehabilitation order. He also has convictions for theft and having an offensive weapon in 2006. A pre-sentencing hearing said he posed a "serious risk to the public". But Wangita's lawyer David Spens QC said his previous convictions "don't establish any pattern of committing any offences of violence". Judge Stephen Kramer said: "You were seen on the video to take part. You were seen to raise your left leg or foot and bring it down in the area of Mahir Osman on the ground in the road." The lifting of an order banning the identification of Wangita as Amin's son came after a jury failed to reach a verdict on a 17-year-old youth charged with Mr Osman's murder. At the teenager's trial, which ended last month, he was found guilty of conspiracy to wound with intent, conspiracy to possess weapons and violent disorder, but jurors could not agree on the allegation of murder. At a brief Old Bailey hearing today, prosecutors decided not to proceed with the charge, and a Contempt of Court order relating to Wangita's identity was lifted. The youth was remanded in custody to be sentenced next month
  17. lol @ HawiyeNews. Kuwanii waaba is cadeeyeen.
  18. It just hit me that Mrs. Ayan Hirsi is active on this board under a pseudonym. Hey hows Washington?