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  1. Mr. Oodweyne, To be honest with you I'm undisputedly not the type that enjoys reading (or listening) to interminable sermons consisting mostly of irrelant chinwagging, or even worse, excerpts from ones hideous personal biography, but since its summertime and I'm somewhat exempted from my usual duties I'll be happy to pay a visit to the Virtual Bullshit Grocery Store of yours, firmly confined in this thread. To begin with sir I'd like to lodge a complaint. You see I became momentarily blinded, at first sight, by the preceding post of yours as a result of the haemorrhaged non-sense crap that it was filled with. I therefore humbly request that you in the future make sure to impose a visible Table of Contents announcement in the beginning of all of your posts so that Drivel-Allergic-Consumers can avoid being lured to consumate such hazardous amounts of high-concentrate faeces. Now on the other hand, I'd also like to thank you for the membership card to the '6-and-7 Club' that you've bestowed upon me. However, I wonder if your not yourself eligible to this club yet since there is a perceptible, perhaps even more enchanced, common denominator that you undoubtedly share with the Honoured Members of the mentioned club, namely that you speak Six-of-This-And-Seven-Squared-of-Others. Well sir, whatever the case of your eligibility might have been I must say that you seek quite ridicilous angles of approach for you arguments, indulging in such irrelevant disgressions, that one could closely describe your post as being nothing but a Masterpiece in Erratic Writing. However, I've become accustomed to this sort of argumentation from your side, in which your blindly and drunkenly spew out truly Braincell-Sparkling commentaries glorifying your beloved Interior Minister in this case, while heckling my supportive position on the TFG, as your clearly suffering from what the famous somali proverb which states; 'Doqontu laba iyo toban indhood bay leedahay kow iyo tobanna waxay ku aragtaa walaalkeed'. Now the current question at hand was regarding your inquiry adressed to me to elaborate on why I believe the Orphan of the Queen of England, Mr. C/Laahi Ismaaciil Cali, was having fears for a pre-TFG reality in which he would find himself jobless and his so-called Government, would find itself chasing other priorities than courting second-tier politicians of the world entreating for recognition, when issuing his prohibitive decree. The focal point as I see it which also forms the initial reason for my argument is the somewhat harsh terminology that Mr. Interior Minister fancied to use this time around, clearly pointing out that anyone breaking this specific law would be condemned as a national traitor. These words support my belief that the Hargeisa Administration is sensing that things are slowly coming to an end, albeit there still are some significant hurdles that are holding back the TFG in its struggle to bring back the days of the central government. Back in 2004, an article in the BBC News read: Somaliland's leaders have distanced themselves from Somalia's central transitional government, set up in 2004 following long-running talks in Kenya, which they see as a threat to Somaliland's autonomy In another statement, the then Information Minister of the self-declared entity said: "We remind all concerned that the government and the president elected in Kenya is for Somalia and not Somaliland," Nothing overly fishy in these two statements. However, the current Hargeisa Administration has with the introduction of the treason decree, become first in history to introduce treason in a region barely having defined borders, never less a country-status to be treasonable against the in first place. So while the news excerpts certainly do confirm your sayings that these kind of deprecating gestures has become an habit, the text in bold lettering also proves my point that the secessionist politicians are practicing this habit as an effort to forestall a political competitor. Furthermore we also know the nature and aim of the TFG; a time-limited entity, with only 2 years left in office, whichs mandate is to arrange for a more powerful and well-oiled entity to take over and finalize the build up of a central government, and the TFG is also reaching its goals, even though indeed its practices can be questioned, and its progress has been slow, it is fulfilling most of the points that it was designed for and it will at anytime get out of office having layed yet another crucial stepping stone. Now given the above explanations, my proposed case stating that the SL Interior Ministers decree issuance, surely could be a calculated action to forestall any positive outcome that might erupt in a post-TFG era, makes perfect sense. Finally, from looking at the the latter part of your post which you courteously dedicated to describing my character, decimating my intellect and indulging in other derogatory practices, I could merely state the simple fact that you indeed do have a penchant for structured personal attacks. Certainly, it has to be noted that this sort of argumentation has been exercised by you throughout your posts, and this personal inclination of yours perhaps also might be the culprit for why you almost always drift away so completely from the core issues that are being handled. Personally though find it highly amusing, to witness how seemingly every orofice of your body is flowing red while your struggling to decimate various aspects of my persona, but the actual purpose of the latter diarrhoea outbreak of yours still remains a mystery, unless perhaps you were seriously anticipating that I would all of a sudden undergo some sort of inner confession, in which I would realize that I indeed must be a primitive species as you pointed out, and instantly start drooling, in the wake of a rapidly decreasing intelligence quotient. Whatever the case for the Ad Hominem fireworks was, I had a wholly jolly laughter. Take care of your camels buddy.
  2. Mr Halgan, Even your punch-lines are toothless and you seem to have missed the line I've been touting, namely that I couldnt care less if A/Y gets out of the picture; as long as his replaced by anyone who can assist or uphold the formation of a central government. Well at least I know now what your made of so your erratic hiatus into this thread wasnt all in vain. You may take a hike now.
  3. Mr. Halgan, Your decision to resort with an ad hominem reply expose you inability to handle the issues that you were confronted with. To answer your questions, I'm not a soothsayer and I can't recall having been asked or having answered neither an economics related question nor an issue concerning national economy finances, but I'm guessing this is just your futile attempt of being derogatory, unless your on mushrooms, in which case I can make allowance for your bullshit.
  4. Mr. Geel_Jire12 who seems to be the new Opposition Group Expert of the forum might perhaps help us distinguish between the attacks carried out in the last 9 days by the 'Islamists' and the Tribalists respectively. I'm particularly curious on how the fact-finding behind the statements are to be made. You go ahead and enligten us Geel_Jire12. The scene is yours.
  5. Mr Halgan The issue at question is not about your allegations that the TFG consists of rapists and whatnot but that you asked if the assailants throwing mortars are 'Islamists' alone; hence I supported you with the latest article on the issue outlaying an opposition group claiming to be 'Islamic', namely the Shabaabs, eager interest for indiscriminately assassinating anyone who attends the NRC gathering. Also, even if we would put the "non-somali newspaper" aside for a moment, both you and I are well aware that its the mentioned opposition group, linked to ICU, that is carrying out the bulk of these attacks. Marka yaan been isku sheegin saxib, arinta waa mid iska cad.
  6. ^^ This is amusing. Your a supporter of the ICU and most likely also a supporter of any so called "insurgency/jihad" movement going on in Mogadishu (not Somalia, just Mogadishu) and hence you should be just fine with what your boys are delivering. They have been making threats all this time to attack the venue and their men enough to stick to their threats - so why are you all of a sudden bailing out on them homie?
  7. What we do know is that these so called 'Islamists' announcing that they will pursue these attacks and also do take credit for it. Lets face it, most disgruntled clan-members are already done deal (they already know they lost the power-struggle) and the only persistent opposition groups are the ones claiming to have a noble cause. And their all being occasionally supported by the ICU in Asmara too. So its pretty easy to deduct who is behind these attacks, nothing concealable here buddy. Somali Islamists say anyone taking part in reconciliation conference is 'sentenced to death' The threat came from the Shabab, the militant wing of an Islamic group that ruled much of southern Somalia for six months last year. The group was driven from its strongholds in December but has vowed to launch an Iraq-style insurgency until Somalia is ruled by an Islamic theocracy. The Shabab termed Sunday's meeting in Mogadishu a "conspiracy conference against the Somali people." "Anyone who participates http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/07/14/africa/AF-GEN-Somalia.php
  8. MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Suspected Islamist rebels fired mortar bombs at the opening ceremony of a Somali peace meeting on Sunday but missed their heavily-guarded target. President Abdullahi Yusuf was addressing several hundred clan elders, ex-warlords and politicians at a former police compound in northern Mogadishu when the shells fell nearby. "Anybody who wants to throw things at us, let him go ahead. We will not be cowed. The conference will go ahead," Yusuf said moments before three explosions rumbled in the streets outside. "Do not fear," Yusuf said, as anxiety spread through the packed hall. "You will only die when your stated time comes." Islamist insurgents had vowed to attack the meeting. Local media said three civilians were hurt in the mortar blasts, but a senior police commander denied that. "Three mortars were hurled from very far away," said the officer, who declined to be named. "There were no casualties ... We intend to tighten security even further." Moments after the blasts, the peace conference was adjourned until Thursday while the organisers waited for more delegates to reach the coastal capital. Officials said most of the 1,350 invited participants from across the Horn of Africa nation had now arrived for the talks, which have been delayed twice due to security fears. The conference is seen as the interim government's best hope of securing peace and strengthening its legitimacy. Yusuf's administration has struggled to impose its authority on the impoverished country since ousting a hardline Islamic Courts movement from Mogadishu in late December. Government troops and their Ethiopian military allies ringed the venue, searching everyone entering the compound, while soldiers on tanks and trucks fitted with heavy guns looked on. Violence fuelled by bitter clan rivalries has foiled 13 previous attempts to set up central rule in Somalia since dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991. Envoys from several EU member states had planned to attend the opening ceremony, diplomats said, but were unable to when the United Nations cancelled their flight late on Friday. When the talks get underway properly, they are expected to focus on clan reconciliation, disarmament and the sharing of natural resources. But many Somalis say the government should be talking to the insurgents instead http://uk.news.yahoo.com/rtrs/20070715/tpl-uk-somalia-conflict-81f3b62.html
  9. What you fail to see Mr. Halgan, is that the above killings and injuries are caused by the noble opposition of which your idolizing. And here follows some more on this topic: Ugu yaraan shan qof oo labo ka mid carruur yihiin, ayaa lku dhaawacantay dhowr Hoobiye oo galabta ku habsaday agagaarka Xaafadda Beyxaani, iyo Suuq-yaraha, ee Degmadda Shibis, oo aan ka fogeyn madasha uu Shirweynaha Dib-u-heshiisiinta Beelaha Somalia ka furmay. Dhowr qof oo Haween iyo carruur oo dhaawac ah, ayaa lagu arkayey Waddooyinka Nasiib Buundo iyo Beyxaani, kuwaasi oo gaari-gacanno loogula cararay Isbitaalka, iyadoo aysan jirin wax gaadiid ah oo haatan ka shaqeynayo Xaafadahaasi oo bandow-maalmeed uu saaran yahay. Kooxaha ku kacsan DFKMGS, ayaa horey ugu hanjabay inay duqeyn doonaan Madasha Shirka, isla markaana ay tallaabo culus ka qaadi doonaan Ergooyinka ka qeyb galayo Shirweynahaasi, waxayna DFKMGS ku eedeysay inay Kooxahaasi ka dambeeyeen duqeyntaasi. Dhinaca kale, duqeyntan waxay ku soo beegantay iyadoo uu Shirweynaha Dib-u-heshsiisiinta Beelaha Somalia gelinkii dambe ee maanta ka furmay Madasha Shirweynaha oo ku taalla Xaruntii hore ee Gaadiidka Boliska Soomaaliyeed ee magaalladda Muqdishu. http://www.somaliweyn.com/pages/news/July_07/15July21.html
  10. 15/7 - 3 injured C/casiis & Shibis area Shabelle 15/7 - 1 dead 2 injured, Bakara market Simba Current total: 16 dead 32 injured
  11. Originally posted by rudy - so true...i need a pic of these ppl. i will personally shoot them in the forehead. So you've turned rights activist now?
  12. Just in the last 9 days 16 civilians have been killed and 30 injured. Where are all the fake humanitarian aid-workers who used to cry out genocide? Reports gathered from Simba News and Shabelle Reported Civilian Casualties Caused by the Opposition 6/7 - 3 dead 7 injured Suuqa Xoolaha. Simba 9/7 - 2 dead 7 injured. Simba 10/7 - 1 dead 6 injured. Qaraxyadani oo ahaa kuwa si weyn looga maqlayay gudaha Suuqa ayaa dadka dhibaatada kaga soo gaartay ah Shacab , sida ay Simba u xaqiijiyeen qaar ka mid ah dadkii halkaasi ku sugnaa, mana cada cidda qaraxyadaasi geysatay. Simba 12/7 - 4 dead, 3 injured Bakara market. Simba 13/7 1 injured by landmine planted for Ethio troops. Simba 14/7 - 2 injured by handgrenade, Shirkada Isgaarsiinta. 14/7 - 1 woman dead 2 others injured, Tarabuunka. 14/7 - 1 dead 2 injured by handgrenade, Baar Ubax. Shabelle 15/7 1 kid + 1 adult dead in attack on vice head of Afgooye. Shabelle
  13. Someone book a one-ticket flight to Mogadishu for rudy. Quick before he changes his mind
  14. Mr. Oodweyne Actually it seems as you have competely missed the gist of my previous post which was to highlight and discuss the specificly tailored 'edict' as you so eloquently phrased, issued by the Interior minister of concerned self-declared entity, in a more critical, questioning perspective - and not as you seem to have thought, argue on wether the National Reconciliation Conference is a corrupt Tupperware Party organized by 'Ethiopia-R-Us' or not. I'm not completely surprised that you, in your capacity as a secessionist, replied with a simplistic and classical straw-man fallacy by going on a diatribe against your obvious mouton noir in this case, namely the TFG. But well have to leave this irrelevant love-hatred of yours now for a while and cut to the chase with the issue that I was intending to raise. Now, while taking into consideration the red-green-white coloured blinkers that might alter your reasoning and once again force you to choose the going-around-in-circles route (which are of a rather Tour-de-France-like magnitude I must say) - the main purpose of my post is to question the actual nature of this 'edict' by assessing the main reasons behind the birth of this indisputable proposal, of which supposedly, there is a national concensus on as far as its concern. In order to remain as pedagogic as possible, I'll lay forth what I believe is the true nature of this 'edict' by lending (a modified version of) the classic interrogation technique practiced by Little Red Riding Hood (its suitable to use a fairy tale character since where handling the case of a fictive country) when confronted with the new wolfish image of her grandmother: Little RR Hood: Why have you prohibited attendance to the NRC in Mogadishu dear wolf? Wolf[sL Interior Minister]: Since it is a Somali conference and since your a Somalilander I've concluded theres no point for you to attend it. Little RR Hood: But why are you threatening to punish me with treason If I go? Wolf[sL Interior Minister]: It is to make our preception regarding the sovereignty of our self-declared country, clear. What I'm trying to paint here is that, my belief as far as this 'edict' from the SL interior minister is concern, isnt one made as much out of discrediting TFG on behalf of all Somalis, as it is a protective measure introduced to hedge the Hargeisa Administration against the possibility of being forcefully detoxicated by a more inclusive, more reconciled, post-TFG entity from the prolonged addiction of Cannabis Independence.
  15. My apologiez for hijacking the thread Geel_Jire12 To begin with, Im having a hard time following the statement of yours where you claim that the ICU was formed as a reactionary entity to the anti-terror alliance; to my knowledge the ICU was born earlier than the counter-terrorism force was invented? Secondly, your perception of the current hit-and-run attacks carried out in Mogadishu, as being modeled after the Iraqi insurgency practices, is for the most part flawed. There is of course an obvious relation between the Iraqi and Somali one, but it doesnt stretch farther than being what could be closely described as a limited visual emulation. The well-oiled insurgency machinery leveraging the simplistic organizational chart that you've presented here with smaller groups reporting to one Sheikh and so forth, not only seem incompatible with the realities on the ground but also contradict your very own progress reports posted here on SOL. For instance, the mere existence of these smaller Islamic groups you mentioned, operating in the country and reporting back to one Sheikh/Tribal leader, is an idea you've already been adressing as being quite insignificant in another thread by stating: We already see that some Somalis in Muqdisho are fighting under clan name not for Somalia, Islam or another noble cause You elaborated on this quoted statement of yours in another post, further diluting the importance of the 'Sheik Commanders' by saying: The power of politics in Somali lies with Clan elders not former parliamentarians or wadaads Hence my confusion on the brief presentation you layed out in this in which you invigorate and perpetuate an organizational structure with a mode of operation of which you've previously deducted and critiziced as ineffective and also non-existent. I could accept if you modified your post and applied it strictly to clan/tribal opposition groups as it would make your reasoning more coherent and also generally make more sense but Im guessing that a romanticized illusion of Somali mujahideens is messing things up for you. Well the saying goes: 'As you make your bed so you must lie' so I'll wrap up my disgression from the thread title by letting you clear the muddled and contradictory statements and arguments of which you have beget.
  16. Geel_Jire12 The so called insurgent groups in Mogadishu go by several names but their ultimately linked and heavily influenced by the ICU. Or are you telling me thats not the case at all?
  17. Nice thread, it will be a pleasure following it. My answer is No, for the obvious reason that I dont see anything fruitful coming out from such actions (unless the objective of the assailants is to achieve a severe setback). Also, I havent noticed that these delegates are being used as human shelters by TFG/Ethio troops unlike the active unorthodox tactics of the so called insurgency groups, further clearing out any incentives that could be used by the Asmara Command Central for carrying out such attacks.
  18. Sideedaba raga xagaasi taga ayaa ah qaar la haystayaal ah oo aan cabiri karin fikirkooda siyaasadeed Summary: Marka kii reer SL ah oo shirkaas ka qayb galo, waa nin dhuuni oo la haysto oo si madaxbanaan ah u fikiri karin lakiin kii xukumadda SL u hanjabtay oo aqbala amarka lagu soo rogay waa nin raggeedi ah oo miirkiisa iyo xoriyadiisaba qabo? An interesting line of reasoning I must say.
  19. Hit the 24/7 Shiisha bars in Alexandria if your in DC. Then ponder about your next move.
  20. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed: Gekko, apparently there is a weird connection between being from puntland and being reasonable and rational! Puntland & Prejudice I guess.
  21. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: ^^GG, so you have no roots in Puntland? Correct.
  22. I think...maybe...perhaps a little bit, that my petty brain is able understand the difference between iniquity and a shady deal although my diminutive brain also tells me that one could argue if the iniquity in this particular case is a direct function of the shady deal that preceded it.
  23. ^^ You've misunderstood my posts in this thread, as usual. This topic isnt really one I find interesting, something that might be dechiffered by the meager oneliners I've contributed with so far. Also, I hail from the south not from Pland and dont have any cozy love affair with the politics of that certain region. Entertaining fairy tales though