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  1. You tell'em sista..don't mess with someone form T.O. I espeacially like what u said about the media spoon feeding u all the "non-sense." Said best by the Black Eyed Peas..."Wrong information always shown by the media Negative images is the main criteria Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria"
  2. AMIN...thnx ya'll for the blessings Futiyo???? What does that name mean hot-ifrah?
  3. Thnx for all the suggestions but I choose the name Aisha. Thnxs again.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS checkmate..I think I'm too late. I haven't posted in a long time...I was also busy having a baby. I guess it's much harder for me..LOL. But congratulations once of luck.
  5. Sorry playmaker but I didn't like any of those names...but thanks for the suggestions And yes STYT...It's true and thanks for the congrats...I also like Qamar but I especially like Sabrin.
  6. Yes Shyhem..I am due and thanks for the heads up. I too also heard it's not a rollercoaster's nmore of a broken roller coaster ride of u know what I'm sayin'.
  7. Oh those are diffently interesting the way name Aleysha is that prounced like Alicia?? Because that sounds so cute.
  8. I appreiciate all of ur inputs...but no offense I didn't like any of the names u guys came up with....sorry
  9. Hey everyone...sorry I haven't been on SOL for awhile. I was just wondering if u guys could help me out with something? Can anyone provide me with a girls name?...but this being me I am picky. It can't be toooooo Somali and definantely tooooo arabic. If u get my drift. Thanks anyone who decides to take the challenge on.
  10. Why ya'll arguing about this...let them wear pink. I don't like it...but don't bring up the "pink is for girls 'n blue is for boys"...because I happpen to like wearing blue tops. Why is that any difference? But guys don't go all out...from head to toe in that fool Camron??
  11. Ralph Nader???????????? Are u guys out of ur mind? I wonder if that guy even knows what he's running for. He won't win...he's just gonna mess it up for Kerry just like he did for Gore!!!!!
  12. Hey everyone...haven't been here for awhile..but good to be back. N-E Wayz I just noticed the hair color...seems to me it's light green. But as I read what u are talking I get it.
  13. I see most of u didn't want to answer my layers...all I want to know is to get to know u guys. Are u guys hiding somethin'??? :confused: -What are you afraid of? being afraid -What ppl that you know personally do you admire? my parents for raising such great kids. -Are you emo? I don't know what this is... so no. -If you could have one wish, what would it be? Be able to have money to build a mosque. -Are you currently trying to “get over” someone? NO -Can you blow up a balloon? Yes. -Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on? sadly -yes -Do you find yourself attractive? yes For or Against…honesty please. If you are not honest because you’re afraid ppl will jump down your throat, then specify. -Gay marriages- Don't approve but whatever floats ur boat. -President Bush- proof that being rich will buy you anything....oh and a jackass. -War in Iraq- bad idea, good people. -Abortion- Only for medical reasons. -Premarital sex- Can't u just wait?????????? -Self mutilation- WRONG -Cheating- heartbreaking -high school and younger dating- no comment -Drinking- bad for you and your liver -Drugs- No comment...whut do think? -Anorexia- but food is so wonderful! -Divorce- if there is no other choice Friends: -Who would you trust with your life? Muna -Who is the best person for you to talk to? my parents -Have you ever done something unforgivable to a friend…and been forgiven? yes and hurting someone that badly taught me how much I appericated her. -Who is your “best friend”? Muna -Have you ever dated a friend? yes -Would you die for a friend? a few of them -Who is your oldest friend? Hodan -Do you worry about your friends a lot? yes- don't you always worry about the people you love? -Have you ever lost one? yes. Other -Favorite band(s)? Eminem f/d12. -Favorite book(s)? Harry Potter(all 5) -Have a crush right now? sigh. yep. sigh again. -Would you like to murder the person who invented this dumb thing? No -Would you like this to be over? no it should never end....damn you cruel world
  14. Checkmate:And ur point???Where the sh** that's the point
  15. Hey OG_Moti u won't be the only teacher there..don't orry. And I don't think u can remain seated. Who u kiddin'. Okay M_Queen: I'll tell ya the time. 9pm-3am-----------------real time We don't accept somali time:12am-3:30am Yeah Mrembo....just PM me and I'll give u some more info.
  16. Sorry about that..the date is Saturday May 15th, 2004.
  17. Are u retared???Or do u just normal talk really slow? :confused:
  18. Come on..u left the juciey one's out!
  19. I see most people are scared to reveal some innocent questions!!
  20. Well nice to meet u Lakkad. But I don't know u. Bananas: Only when u eat with baasto and bariis
  21. stpaulchick


    We all got more things to explain about ourselves so tell me ur other layers. peace1 -- name: Mu** Abs*** -- birthplace: Mogadishu, Somalia -- current Location: Twin Cities - Minnesota LAYER TWO: -- eye color: Brown -- hair color: Brown -- height: 5'10'' -- righty or lefty: Righty -- zodiac sign: Pisces -- your heritage: 100% Somalian, -- the shoes wore today: Black Target Sandals -- your weakness: Mint White Chocoolate Mocha -- your fears: High places -- your perfect pizza: Don't like pizza!!!!!!!! -- goal you'd like to achieve: Be the damn best Nurse out there. LAYER THREE: -- your most overused phrase on AIM: Unknown -- your thoughts first waking up: Not again -- your bedtime: 1-2 am -- your most missed memory: Hanging out with my Uncle in Downtown Toronto. LAYER FOUR: -- Pepsi or coke: Sprite -- mcdonald's or burger king: Mcdonald's -- single or group dates: single -- adidas or nike: nike - Adidas -- lipton ice tea or nestea: I don't like tea -- chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate -- cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino LAYER FIVE: -- smoke: nope -- cuss: Shouldn't -- sing: Greatest singer out there -- shower everyday: of course -- have a crush: Of course -- want to go to college: Yeah -- like(d) high school: definitely NOT -- want to get married: yep -- believe in yourself: Sometimes -- get motion sickness: yes -- think you're attractive: Yeah.. -- think you're a health freak: NO -- get along with your parent(s): You have to...or it's a beat down -- like thunderstorms: watching and listening to them -- play an instrument: Flute LAYER SIX: in the past month... -- drank alcohol: No -- smoked: no -- done a drug: no -- gone on a date: yes -- gone to the mall?: Yes -- eaten an entire box of oreos: no -- been on stage: no -- been dumped: no -- gone skating: no -- made homemade cookies: no -- dyed your hair: no -- stolen anything: no LAYER SEVEN: Have you ever... -- played a game that required athletic abilities? Yeah -- if so, did u kick some a**? Always -- been caught "doing something": yes -- been called a tease: yes LAYER EIGHT: -- age you hope to be married: 22 -- numbers and names of children: Girl - Samiah, Rhonda, Layla, Boy- Khalid, Nabil, and Ayub. -- describe your dream wedding: Small and plenty of gifts -- how do you want to die: In my sleep -- where you want to go to college: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities!!!! -- what do you want to be when you grow up: Same ol' me -- what country would you most like to visit: Malaysia LAYER NINE: in a boy. -- best eye color? brown -- best hair color? brown -- short or long hair: Short -- height: Taller than 6'1'' -- best weight: Built...but not scary built -- best articles of clothing: Sean John jeans with a white shirt and cap tilted to the side -- best first date location: Down by the lake -- best first kiss location: wherever LAYER TEN: -- # of drugs taken illegally: 0 -- # of people i could trust with my life: 5 -- # of CDs that i own: over 100 -- # of pericings: 1 -- # of scars on my body: 4 - # of things in my past that i regret: nothing Last Person Who... -- Slept in your bed? me -- Saw you cry ? cousin --Made you cry ? cousin -- Spent the night at your house? Famliy -- You went to the movies with? with my friend -- You went to the mall with? me -- Yelled at you? Don't nobody yell at me -- Sent you an email? teacher Have Your Ever... -- Said "I love you"? Yes -- Been to New York? yes -- Been to Georgia? yes -- California? yes -- Hawaii? no -- Mexico? no -- China? no -- Canada? YES -- Danced naked ? no -- Dreamed something really crazy and then happened the next day? Always Deja Vu -- Stalked someone? I didn't mean to! Pick One... -- Apples or bananas? Apples -- Red or blue? Blue -- Walmart or Kmart? Neither -- Math or English? English -- radio or CD? Radio -- drawing or painting? drawing -- High school or college? College The Last Few Questions... -- Last time you went out of the state? Spring Break -- Lucky number? 7 -- Things you like in a boy? Gotta be Finnee, smart, and funny -- Do you have a boyfriend? Yes -- What do you think of ouija board? Freaky but fake -- What book are you reading now? Book? Read? I don't know what ur talking about -- What's on your mouse pad? Looney Toons -- Favorite board game? Chutes and Ladders -- Favorite magazines? Vibe, Source, Time, and Newsweek -- Favorite sound? Thunder -- Worst feeling in the world? Guilt -- Do you like scary or exciting rollercoasters? both -- How many rings before you answer? It dependes on how long it takes me to figure out if I want to answer it! -- Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? no -- If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? Be an actress What are you going to do after you finish this survey? Continue with my job -- What was the last food you ate? Turkey Sandwich
  22. Wow well said MMA...but ur right there's not that much touris attractions. Except maybe the beach and downtown.
  23. Good luck sista...I know how it is. I'm taking my finals this week too. But my thing is, the more u stress the worse u do...let me say that has worked so far!!!