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  1. For sure gurl...come on through. Bring ur i.d if u try to make it. But I'll hit u up soon
  2. OHHHH..u don't gotta to do that sista...I get paid this week...whoooooooo. As a matter of fact their saying that it might cost $10 to get in. :cool: And to answer ur question:I go to the U I don't know about Raula (wink wink).
  3. Here's some new information on the event. WHERE: OGIAMIEN’S DANCE HALL 508 N Snelling Ave. St. Paul MN 55104 PM me for more info.
  4. No it's not free, and no ur not invitied!!!! :mad: Hahaha had u goin' there. I was just messin' wit u. But it ain't free. It's gonna be about $3 a person. (I wish I had $3 right now...i'm starvin'). Can u pick me up raula on ur tricycle and take me to Mickey D's on Dinkytown????
  5. That has got to be the most embrassing hting ever pearl...I'll bury u if u'd like?
  6. Hey everyone. Hope ya'll doin' well. This is intended for the kiddies that live in MN. So the U of M is having a get together after the finals. They've done this before this year..and some of ya'll were there. So we just wanted to just invite all college students. It will inshallah be held in St.Paul(whoooo) starting around 10:00pm. I know this is really sketchy but I'll hit ya'll up soon with more info. All u need is to bring a college i.d. Thanx.
  7. Okay I get what ur sayig. Rudy...don't worry boi I've set the alarm on my clock! So what most of u guys are saying is that u have to be fincially ready. Maybe I have the American mentality but I say that girls are suppose to help out with the expense...for the wedding..and..after the wedding. And personally big weddings isn't my thing Qac Qaac! But thanx for answering my question.
  8. Lol that was cute. Okay I got one. So my cousin has three of the most cutest girls. The oldest(smart and shy), middle (ghetto and trouble maker), and youngest (show-off, and bad temper). So the middle aged girl comes to her mom, which was seated with a bunch of religious man from the family. Her mom had her hair done recently and wasn't wearing kamar for that time period. But she took a shower and let's just say it can get caught up in a velcro. So she's sittin' there with her kamar on and the little girl yells out "mommy why u wear kamar only when ur hair is nappy"? Oh my god that was the funniest thing that I've ever seen.
  9. Hey everyone. I just had a bit of a question. Nothing to stress about. I know girls wanna get married early...and by early I mean before 25 and after 20. But guys seem to get married when there like 27, 28, 29....u get the point. And it seems like there always the one's rushing to get married. So my question is..why are men the one's rushing to get married but they get married late? And even the one's that wanna get married at a younger age end up gettin' married later. Just if a guys can answer this or my females from experience or wanna ask a brotha or somethin', I would appreciate it.
  10. That's was very nice indeed sista...I really can see how u related the two.
  11. Oh god I miss that life See Cute_lilgirl u got more postive things than negatives So let me see if I can change this up What do u miss about single life: -Hanging wit my gurls more often -Not checking out other dudes(wait I still..opps) -Going to a party or a social events with alot of guys and not getting interrogated before u leave Good about not being single: -Knowing someone got ur back all the time -Someone u can count on when u need help..or lonely -Buy u's like "The Price is Right" all the time
  12. Okay for real this is the language of the Ballersnpimp language of the Moneymakeeeers people located near Australia. This language was long forgotten because it made no sense and people started gettin' confused so they made up a new language "english"(well technically copied not made up). And so Sweet_gal let me translate this for u... "where's my money h**, don't make me slap u" "I swear I'll get it for u" "U better get before ur next client" "Don't worry about it" I hope I was some help!
  13. Lol Checkmate...close but no cigars. Titanic????I ain't that ghetto!
  14. Yeah...that's adnjkfhajfnbsjdf...never never land???? Just guessing I hope I'm right.
  15. I take a couple uppers I down a couple downers But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pills I been to mushroom mountain Once or twice but who's countin' But nothing compares To these blue and yellow purple pills Where u singing this on ur way to work??????
  16. I'm only 9% ET..the only thing I answered "yes" where if my families lived in Tdot..and if there's more than 10 cousins on my dads side.
  17. This is indeed very sad. I saw this exactle website yesterday and I swear I literally cried. I mean do those soliders at the bottom of the page with that girl "british?' because that's not the American uniform...anyways their both 2 sick countries..excuse me I mean 2 sick leaders. The one thing I hate about this is how all the Arabs are all of a sudden feeling sorry for the Iraqi's..I mean if ur gonna feel sorry...feel sorry for those poor Palestines that have to suffer torture every single day. I really don't get these Arabs...they act like their together but one just cares for itself....especially Saudia Arabia. It should be called United States of Saudia Arabia. :mad:
  18. Lookin' at everyone's score I thought I was the true Somalian with 92%...but I see Gediid has the real blood. And to ur question fey...I eat banana with almost everything!!!! :eek:
  19. That was great Fey...but I came up as 92% Somalian which is not bad condsidering raised in a western cultural.
  20. A lady never reveals her age....okay 2+0.
  21. when would the so called muslim leaders stand up and fight for thier people. How can we fight for our won people when we can't even...
  22. Life Amercian wedding or Somali tradtional wedding.
  23. -Yo mama is so fat, that she can't even jump to a conclusion. -Yo mama's so ugly, she went to a haunted house and came out with an application. -Yo mama's so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the scale.
  24. I guess now adays we all have addictions that have to do with drinking. See I was addicted to Sprite..drank 3-4 bottles a day. And everytime I tried to quit and try something else I got sick. So I tried really hard and guess I'm addicted to Starbucks' Coffee..which in fact is worse because they are so EXPENSIVE!!! But I have grande size of everything twice a day. OHHHH...just had some Mint White Chocolate Mocha and I now later when it gets hot I'll see myself getting a Caramel Frappucino. It's like drugs or cigs...and what's sad I don't even notice myself buying it.