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  1. My neck bone's connected to my! Hip bone* Hip bones connected to my! thigh bone* Connecting to the caps that connect my knees! looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool...i almost felt outta ma chair laughin'... tru talent @ itz best, DV...ur kinda like ..a poetic treasure chest...(if dat makes sense.. ) keep'em comin'..
  2. u know what we are missing...we as people... RHETORIC...the art of organized argument... all this jibber jabbin' n' yib yabbin' makes no sense...its just time consuming and not productive.... p.s personal attacks r so lame...(seen a couple of em here)... cheerz..
  3. and take dat!!!!!!....don't let da door hitcha where i shoulda kicked... p.s. wax kale metro-sexual ka fahantay...check urself.. as u were...
  4. Well eva since i was of voting age and recieved ma lil american flag w/ waraaq that said i was a citizen i've been voting (datz once..lol) So i thought it'd be interesting to see how many of my fellow nomads actually step up 2 da poll....and if you don't .......why not??? p.s Fully aware of the constraint wit sharciga n' citizenship n' all dat otha good stuff..but this question is addressed to the voting population amongst us in the U.S. of A... what do u guys n' gals think????
  5. i've been a pink lover ever since i could remember...an as for guys wearing pink...i 2nd the confidence answer...i've always liked my guys 2 wear pink..i think itz a calm and cashual color...soothes the nerves...heard this one story that football team actually painted the other team's locker room pink so that they wouldn't be hyped up for the game and as a result (the validity of the story is in question..lol) the team wit da pink locker room lost... ...soothin' ey..
  6. nin rag ah???? shows how much u know...n' uh..if ur definition of nin rag is u by all means count me OUT!!!...puhleeeeeeeeeeez!!!
  7. underdog...walee wax badan baa sugi dontaa dhar in laguu dhaqo..in the meantime i suggest u do laundry urself..personal hygiene is a must in this world...hopefully u know dat already.. n' as for Qacjabi or Qanjeer or wateva da heck his nick is....one thing walaal..DONT' HATE..APPRECIATE..ya heard!!(or seen..lol)..or maybe its due to lack of appreciation from urside or from some old n'suppressed bitter feelings that u have from a past relationship about how they "didn't appreciate u" surfacing again..wateva da case might be..one itsy tinsy..iddy biddy advice for u...SEEK THERAPY..lol.. n' she's left da page..
  8. homegurl...speakin' from experience here...AINT NUTTIN' wrong wit sendin' flowers...most farxas will swear 2 u that sendin' flowers for a guy is the worst thing u can do...totally outta da question..n' some might even deem it "insultin"..but have i got news for U!!...they luv it...well atleast my farax did...i sent it him two dozen freshly cut RED roses at where he work at...n' ofcourse attached note w/ a lil secret code word-thingy we had (that meant i care bout u/love u/need u/ u know all da good stuff)...when the boss n' dem found out ...my lucky dude got da rest of the day off..just cus of MOI ...n' eva since then...he been walkin on air not to mention too busy pamperin' moi..lol moral of the story>>>sendin' roses...the gift that keeps on givin..lol (u know am happy ) :rolleyes:
  9. y am i suddenly overcome by da urge to chew qaat when i listen 2 qarami songz ***excuse me...................
  10. lol@DEvil...talk about QarxiS El grande..lol..prof. n' otherz like him...beware..let this be a lesson 2 ya...watch watchu say or it might just bite u in da (rhymes wit pass) as 4 homeboi prof. S..a.k.a prof. Afdheer...one itsy bitsy advice 4 u walaal...ur private business is PRIVATE BUSINESS!!..besidez...for all we know...this whole thing/topic is set up 4 ur viewing pleasure... so parten me when i say....i'm outta here!!!
  11. Surely nothing short of delightful....I'm not finished but i know this books keeps getting better and better especially for those who have lived away from home for some time... AnyHow if u did not know....the novelist himself is visiting the Twin Cities for a short time!....he'll be reading from his new novel Links at the places indicated below...(attached is a lil intro provided by Charlie Sugnet of the English Department at the University of Minnesota-TC) HOpe to see u all there... Somali novelist Nuruddin Farah will be in the Twin Cities on April 20 and 21 to read from his newly published novel, LINKS. The novel is narrated by a Somali who has been living in New York and returns to Mogadishu not long after the "Black Hawk Down" incident to pay respects at his mother's grave, and to to help find a charismatic young girl who has been kidnapped. LINKS has all the page-turning interest of previous Farah political thrillers such as his SWEET AND SOUR MILK, and has much of current relevance to tell us about how it feels to be occupied by American troops. Farah was awarded the prestigious Neustadt Prize in 1998 for his first trilogy of novels on dictatorship andfor the second trilogy called "Blood in the Sun" (including MAPS, in my opinion one of the two or three best African novels ever). He has also published a nonfiction book on the Somali diaspora, YESTERDAY . . . .TOMORROW. Dates and times of his appearances are pasted below. NURUDDIN FARAH APPEARANCES OF APRIL 20 AND 21: LOFT LITERARY CENTER at 7:00 PM on April 20 The Marshall Field's Performance Hall Open Book 1001 Washington Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55415 RUMINATOR BOOKSTORE at 8:15 PM on April 21 1648 Grand Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105
  12. my eyes were teary for a moment in time i'm looking at my sisters and brothers on the front lines bones showing from no food on their chest eyes weary from endless worries n' no rest they lyin' on the streets wit no one to protest no one to attest i ask My Savior Allah is this a test? How do we pass tho? How do we get an A+ and make it a past ago? It Seems so We all driving cars wit bad gas (mentality)to go We all lay low Got thingz to do n' Gotta make dat Doe.. Gotta become Millionaires n' not on da ABC show When they ask me "where r u from? the thought of my lawless, rubbish land, hits me like a low blow I wanna let them know but not before i say "neva been there before" "or maybe since a long time ago" the shame i hide tears me from the inside out So i throw aside sweep it unda carpet n' neva let it reside in my mind cuz i know it'd hurt me inside if not dampen my pride no choice but to become like Jekyl n' Hide constantly flip-Floppin between personalities neva let'em collide So I let otha folkz worry about Somalia.... We all blind-folded when it comes to Somalia a lost cause when it comes to Somalia Savages at it again when it comes to Somalia Human rights at its worst when it comes to Somalia Qabiil is AIDS when it comes to Somalia
  13. the best way to study (atleast for me) is first before studyin'...surround ma self wit junk food...candy, sodaz, chipz, (no coffee stainz da teeth)..make sure i'm energized at all timez...then just immerse ma self in ma studies..occassionally havin' to talk to myself if i don't understand...(i know itz wierd)...act like the book n' I are @ war...i'm very competitive (even if itz a book)
  14. the best way to study (atleast for me) is first before studyin'...surround ma self wit junk food...candy, sodaz, chipz, (no coffee stainz da teeth)..make sure i'm energized at all timez...then just immerse ma self in ma studies..occassionally havin' to talk to myself if i don't understand...(i know itz wierd)...act like the book n' I are @ war...i'm very competitive (even if itz a book)
  15. pills and power preparing for power this sec not at the end da hour naming all parts humanities n' all perceptionz that tear us a part maintaining inqualities our mothers grief families on the fault line on todayz newz brief Civilize them wit a stick or betta yet confuse em n' let them pick stratification lack of proper education affirmative action lack of proper reaction Jobless Ghettos "We'd luv to hire them, but" contested terrain the Glass Escalator soft skills n' race why markets don't stop to discriminate Stability n' change Community witout gangz perceptionz rearranged knowledge without truth is like injustice without proof