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  1. I didn't see any soccer Tournament...But I did see basketball tournment. I saw Eagan vs. San Diego..and also Atl vs. Minnesota.(go atl). That wasn't a fair game I think Minnesota paid the referees. I actually was looking forward to seeing DARDARAN...thank god I didn't. Personally all tose movies made by Atto(or whatever) suck!!! Did u know that none of the films...Rajo, Gabar Ha loo doono...all had no screenplay or script. They did the movie as the went along. So I shouldn't even be surprise that it sucked that bad!!!
  2. I won't tell u what to's whatever u feel at the moment. If ur really into ur education right now: WAIT...If u can wait to finish school:GO AHEAD. I would have to disagree with u Niciima on that one...I'm married..with a baby and still in University. So now u don't have to say "ALL GIRLS"
  3. Yeah I understand now..thanks for clearifying I didn't know about the whole "breastfeeding" thing. Thanks u taught someone something and I learned someting today. Oh my cousin wants to adopt someone from Minnesota because it was said in the news that their was about 200 Somali babies who were placed in foster cares. It's sad!!!!
  4. Good to hear ur voice(not really)again. It's been boring without u. But welcome back. Take it easy....there's alot of newbies at SOL...they don't take criticism very well. So be careful.
  5. I do agree with u sofine...but Najma82 is correct about the adoption situation. But I had a question....My cousin wanted to adopt but as najma said they can't have ur last name. But in America the parents that adopt have to give them their last what is the rules for that? Xafsa..sista ur so right...when my daughter was born...I swear she smiled it made me want to melt. It just puts the whole thing in perspective.
  6. Oh I just spoke this one girl that told me that she didn't want any kids because she said that there's way too many people on earth..and she doesn't want to be one of the people that contribute to "overpopulation"....hahahha I swear I think she was high or she was messing with me. I don't know..she looked like that she was serious and I don't hang out with people that get high
  7. Thanks BN for sharing those pictures...they were truely beautiful pictures. Makes me want to go back to Somalia immediately.
  8. Ohhh..false alarm I got the website. Just wished it was in english. It's just that I can read somali...the problem is that some of the words i'm reading I have no clue what it is.
  9. It's not only u hibo...I can't seem to see the website either.
  10. Yeah I agree with u lexus. Is that why ur making excuses MsWorld???
  11. That's right Hibo...we do need to take our future(kids)..they'll be the people of tomorrow. I think Sky u were abused as a child.
  12. I knew that he was innocent...but that dudes weird!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I wasn't raised by my mom and dad...but aunts and uncles. Though they never beat me up and look how I turned out..just fine. I don't think hitting solves the problem. But what I hate is these white people that have their kids run there lives. I already know how I'm gonna raise my daughter. NO raising my voice for no apparent reason..NO hitting them aggressively(smack in the bum isn't bad)..NO cursing or putting them down. And that's all u need...oh and some ground rules. Oh MsWorld I though u said that ur mom and dad never raised their hand at u but u say that they always welcomed u with a slapping :confused:
  14. :rolleyes: How come I've never heard of this guy??? Anyways thanks for sharing this...these are the type of people we need leading out young ones. I hopw when my book comes out it' will be as great as his.
  15. I don't understand Somali woman nowadays?? I've seen three girls that refused to have kids after they get married...check out why. Because they don't want to get stretch marks!!!!!!! And the other one said that she doesn't want to breastfeed....ohhhh well DON'T THAN!!! What u have to understand ppl is that it is the greatest gift ur gonna recieve. There's nothing better. Go ahead and adopted(allhamdullah) but don't dodge it 'till u tired it. :eek:
  16. Everyone is racist..almost everyone makes two or three racist remarks a day. Personally I wouldn't marry someone else other than a somali brother. It's much easier. I wouldn't want to have a kid with someone different and our kids would be confused about what they are. But I wouldn't judge somebody who married another nationality. My cousin married a Camodien(spelling), and my other cousin a Yemenist but that doesn't make them different at all. :rolleyes:
  17. Thanks for deleting needs to see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  18. I guess so...personally if one of my family memeber converted to any other religin, I wouldn't speak to he/she. Clear as that. Iwouldn't attack you.....but u sure ain't gettin' no luv.
  19. "MUSLIM APOSTATES CAST OUT AND AT RISK FROM FAITH AND FAMILY" (february 5, 2005)on Free Republic While Christians who turn to Islam are feted, the 200,000 Muslims who turn away are faced with abuse, violence and even murder The first brick was thrown through the sitting room window at one in the morning, waking Nissar Hussein, his wife and five children with a terrifying start. The second brick went through his car window. It was a shock, but hardly a surprise. The week before, another brick had been thrown through the window as the family were preparing for bed in their Bradford home. The victim of a three-year campaign of religious hatred, Mr Hussein’s car has also been rammed and torched, and the steps to his home have been strewn with rubbish. He and his family have been regularly jostled, abused, attacked, shouted at to move out of the area, and given death threats in the street. His wife has been held hostage inside their home for two hours by a mob. His car, walls and windows have been daubed in graffiti: “Christian ba$!a#@". The problem isn’t so much what Mr Hussein, whose parents came from Pakistan, believes, but what he doesn’t believe. Born into Islam, he converted eight years ago to Christianity, and his wife, also from Pakistan, followed suit. While those who convert to Islam, such as Cat Stevens, Jemima Khan, and the sons of the Frank Dobson, the former Health Secretary, and Lord Birt, the former BBC Director-General, can publicly celebrate their new religion, those whose faith goes in the other direction face persecution. Mr Hussein, a 39-year-old hospital nurse in Bradford, is one of a growing number of former Muslims in Britain who face not just being shunned by family and community, but attacked, kidnapped, and in some cases killed. And to add to this..what's up with that chick Ayan Hirsi Ali? Is she mentally okay??? :confused:
  20. UD are those lists of women from experience??? Because if their not u shouldn't talk. And I ain't scared to say that I'm Miss(now mrs.)Turncoat. Nice one Najma..I can't stand mama's bot.ughhhhh
  21. NO ONE MAN CAN BE SURE OF HIS FEARS UNTIL HE SETS HIS FOOT IN ANOTHER MENS SHOES. -stpaulchick He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. -Muhammad Ali
  22. Danggggggggggggggggg...that girl in the black shirt "got knocked the f*** out!" why were they always holding the girl in the black shirt every time she had her chance to beat the other girl..that ain't fair. Was this a really fight or is it one of those chick fights u get paid to do?
  23. Okay I get it somewhat...although maybe two people had the same reponse. Let's just say "sky" had response of his own. Nice analogy what ur saying is somali abused Rayaana I think u had the best explanation sis...although I think it was the saying of Barney (don't ask how I know) :eek:
  24. Okay this may seem like a ****** question, but what is the difference between Somali's and SomaliLand??? I mean it just seems to be some ****** seperation. I've just heard about this in the last five years and I never really tried to understand at full hand..what it meant. I know that I'm from "Somalia"..born in Mugadishu. Buit ....ahhhhh I'm still confused. :rolleyes:
  25. I just wanted to say this is really nice to see you guys talking about something so interesting. And I'm happy to see everyone so happy about our independence day. Just remember where u all came from...peace. Somalia haa noolaato