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  1. Thankful I know you are not thankful for the blessings that Somaliland has. It very amusing seeing your jealousy lol
  2. You lot in dustland should say word where killing of people is starting to be common like the south
  3. Hater I know you lot wish for Somaliland down fall lol but that never happen to craziness like in dustland or south
  4. Truth hurts huh lol no development at all. Talk about dustland this and that if it makes you feel good old boy lol
  5. Like always dukey talks this will happen will happen and in the end nothing does. Please people don't give forum jester to much cause his political insight is fake as puntland being a democracy and not dust bowl pirate haven lool
  6. Again dukey your ignores is shocking lol from USA. And I will state again dust land is all dust lol
  7. I hear the kid in punt are khat addicts as well hopefully you lots will be smart and have rehab center lol. O by the way that link and pic prove nothing except how dust bowl that area is. Please show me some development and not old paved road on the middle of no where lol
  8. Where the development lol in Dust bowl land. Let's see roads, housing and infustruture there is nothing lol