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  1. Hey Preedy Since you have invested five years into this relationship, what I would advice you to do would probably in your mind be the hardest thing to do...He pulled the disappearing act on you and simple fact of the matter is that the guy you dating is not interested in you anymore...He might not have said "i don't like you anymore" with words but he gave you plenty of actions to that affect...This is the universal truth, if a guy is really into a girl, he would do whatever is necessary to get her and keep her...Your guy isn't that into you anymore and you need to do the only smart thing for yourself...STOP CALLING HIM AND MOVE ON...Yeah i know right now you figuring out what you did wrong or what not and blaming yourself for his behavior...STOP IT AND MOVE ON...If you believe you deserve to be treated better then delete his number and never look back...Best of lucks to you...Ciao
  2. To my above poster, If i am not mistaken those first lyrics aren't for Kuch Kuch hota hai movie but Dulhane Dil Laygaye or something like that released about 96 Sharukh khan and kajol still though.BTW what does the long hand of law has to do with people asking you to teach them hindi!!! As to my favorite, i am still thinking
  3. Although I have not invested yet, there is a one suggestion I can pass along to you. If you live in USA, there is a show called "Suze says" which airs on msnbc channel. I find it to be quite valuable, because a person can ask any questions related to individual investments/credit card debit/401k plans/job investiments/and retirement and recieve a detailed answers. The individual hosting this show also has multiple books avaliable and seems to be a figure of authority in this department. Maybe this would be of help to you. Although, if you want a more personal approach, sometimes the best place to start is at your own bank. They do offer investiment plans and you can work with them to make a comprehensive investiment package. Anyways Good Luck to you
  4. Hey whatever floats anyone's boat. Any technological advacements are created to get people closer. So I don't think it really matters much where a person meet their love-interest as long as they met them. From what i had seen so far of online-romances, it is like any other "real" romance that began face to face. There are lies, pains, dissapointments, joy, happiness, anger, and break-up or make-up. As to how to tell this to the familia! Well let's just say if they were able to convince us to marry someone whom we never met years ago, we should be able to have them accept this new generations style of relationship. It isn't how something began that is important, it is the in betweens which makes the difference
  5. Maybe i am old or something, because this isn't a new concept to thinking. Aretha Franklin sang it "You make me feel like a natural woman", which for younger generation, is used as a hair color commercial now. Personally, I do agree with this concept. Not everyone, man/woman, can touch the real core of woman/man (not physical only, but emotionally and mentally) or at times bring that depth to light. hmm just like Adam and Hawa pre-society rules/expectations/limitations/corruption/etc...
  6. Hold up. Your mom calls your dad "warya" :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: if not, please change that part, I find it disrespectful to any father/mother conversation. When woman's house-mangement skills are called into question, One should just say "Mom you should be happy, I will be keeping you company forever so you will never be alone!"
  7. Let's try my luck at these: 1. 2 ducks 2. He doesn't see anything-Possibly cause he is buried-meaning he is dead 6. eh same length 7. A ring-be it a wedding ring, engagment, ...etc. 8. You can't go into a pitch black room with open fire 16. Where it's triangly shaped 4. Well if he only asked the question of one of the warders, it could be like "how many doors there are?" if the warder was the one that told always lied, then he would know it...Therefore, he would know the other warder is the one which always tells the truth, and ask the question "which door leads to freedom?" Ciao
  8. Oh, so you saying (or implying) people, especially Africans, are having sex because they had seen videos of half naked women and men. Sort of like sheep’s following just because sex was promoted to them. Whatever happened to choices, values, priorities, …etc? That’s like taking “music’s influence” to a whole new level. Yeah the public associates with music, that’s why most of us buy albums, but the artist is in a way might describing events/emotions/experiences that we as individuals had gone through or know someone who went through then. Does that mean though when what they talking about in their music aka “promoting sex” that we should go out and do it. NO. As to your example, of a singer stated they were “virgin” and people thinking it was cool, to me again, it’s sort of validation to those who are virgin and living in a sexually active. So one someone famous is like a normal individual, it just makes it cool. But how many people are not having sex because some celebrities aren’t????? Artists, movie stars, and all entertainers’ figures, which use sex, do it because we as a public told them that we like it and we buying it. So now we turning around and saying due to their promotion of sex we are engaging in sexual activities. Making records as musicians, despite most liking making music, is an occupation. So it doesn’t mean what they do at their jobs, selling albums is a direct representation of their personal believes. But rather, bono and others are using their popularity to do something. And that brings me to the raising money comment. This isn't the first article about Bono’s efforts in raising “Aids awareness”. He had been on celebrities’ shows like “Oprah” and MTV showed his trip to Africa with other celebrities. So it isn’t the first time I read or hear about his goals therefore I made that statement. In order for people to go and seek advice, they first have to acknowledge they have a problem. But people aren’t, they don’t talk about AIDS because society looks negatively on it, there are stigma associated with it, so many people don’t feel like talking to mentioning they have it, which is probably the reason the number of aid cases in Africa is growing at an alarming rate. I can’t even begin to see how the media is going to reach people, when they can people can barely admit they have aids. So before one makes clinical to seek advice for, whether be it using contraceptives or how to live with AIDS, it is imperative for common people to talk about the plight that they are facing. And if people are contracting aids and others are aware of what’s going on, then why would large numbers of individuals are take such a huge risk just cause sex been promoted to them!!! With celebrities becoming involved in this social issue, it makes it the problem of everyone, rather than just a continent. “A conscious awareness” must be raised as to what people are facing and maybe then we wouldn’t just forget about the problem. Anyways, to each our own opinions and view points Good-bye
  9. hmmm quiet a lot of interesting points of view had been stated here. What i am here to introduce, i have no idea whether it would assimilate into this conversation on not, nontheless wanted to point out. Recently i had asked someone "If somali parents read to their children back in somali?". Her answer plus others seems to indicate, as a nation, we definitly don't show great tendency toward picking a book and reading in our spare time but rather talk/gossip. I personally feel that in order to grow and expand one's own horizon We as a nation have to read and expose ourselves to different written ideologies/concepts/cultural and social behaviors. It isn't to say we have to accept them all, but to have an intellectual awareness of different view points and maybe in term gain beneficial debatable qualities that can help us make logical dedictions and intelligent choices. I feel without pushing our kids and ourselves to read has tremendously created a deficiency in our intellect capacities. And maybe one of the first steps we can take is to encourge or even force ourselves and our children to read and therefore stimulate our minds. Sorry if i rambled on or interrupted the flow of this on-going debate. ciao
  10. First of all, just because beyonce does a sexy videos doesn't mean she isn't a virgin. Recent example, Jessica Simpson, was virgin till her wedding night. Most people don't do sexy or explicit videos and yet they have sex and are not virgins.There is absolutly no correlation between using sexuality to sell albums and having sex. I enjoyed recent videos of beyonce, and particularly love "nasty girl" song, it is sexual and "raunchy".But it doesn't mean hearing those kind of lyrics make me want to go out and have sex with someone. There is a difference between accepting one's own sexuality and engaging in sexual behaviors. "Aid awarness" means people need to be careful and get tested on regular basis if they are sexually active.It means don't share needles with people you have no idea of their medical history. Yeah so africa knows they got aid but no one is talking and people infected are not telling, therefore it's spreading rapidly. And I am sure if Bono and Beyonce are going to have sex, they will definitely ask the test and use protection. Atleast they are doing something aka raising money and to me that's more important than their sexy public image ciao
  11. loooool he probably thought i wish i went tanning atleast then the black chick wouldn't feel all alone
  12. fantastic movie. Quiet innovative, humor, and pays homage to different film styles and characters. Loved the music, espically the first song, fit perfectly into the scene. Although some people thought it was too much blood, the way tarantino did it made it more funny and less horrific. It's definitely a movie i will remember for a long time and watch multiple times. And i am looking forward to the second one insha allah
  13. If a person doesn't have a common life goal with me, then i don't see how they can understand my needs and supply them. I mean my needs would be attached to what i hope my life to be and if a person doesn't share them with me, how the hell would they give it to me. Honestly, i don't see how this could have worked from the get go and even if this relationship seemed possible in the beginning it definitely doesn't have future in my opinion. Love and security are all good but at times not important life long foundations ciao
  14. Despite some nomads already expressing similar ideology to mine therefore unable to add points of my own; nontheless it is an interesting topic to re-open again