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  1. u could do without lust but not without love.. depends on the lust though
  2. ithink the sisters were very helpful. the guys..not so much..
  3. A friend of mine said that somali girls could be pretty if they weren't so lazy with maintaining their appearance. Fair call?
  4. Virginity does not guarantee a woman's faithfulness later in life. You’re only deluding yourself if u believe that. Sex is natural and should be enjoyed by both partners. This doesn't mean that you should go bed hopping but rather that you should wait for the right person and share that love with someone you truly care about. I think this virginity issue is so out dated and that there are more important matters to discuss.
  5. still a skeptic.....doesnt mean i'll stop searching though..
  6. wat can i say? im da bomb diggity
  7. depends. can i still reject him if he doesn't meet my standards? u gotta understand that what works for some doesn't work for others...
  8. great!! Now they can leave this girl in peace.
  9. Do i have an admirer on my hand?
  10. I personally don't mind getting checked and i expect my future partner to take the test too or else he can kiss this behind goodbye. These days you just can't afford to take chances.
  11. why r u so interested in me? get a grip hun.