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  1. no one wants to bail CLOWN out and i can't as i am a criminal like him. sorry dude, i guess you have serve all your sentence huh?
  2. Originally posted by flying-still: Shaka---whats wrong with you..why you gotta hate on the sistah?..we all need some lovin. flying-still, you want to put me into trouble. let CLOWN hug both of you as he seems to be more than capable of doing
  3. Originally posted by rudy: no fighting ppl! lets concentrate on the chicken!! ok! i believe a roaster was trying to get into the chicken's pants! thats why it crossed the road! you mean Shyhem was trying to get into the chickens' pants and that is why it crossed the road? well, rudy, i don't blame poor Shyhem but i blame Clown for all these crazy behavior of his dear friend Shyhem as he betrayed him.
  4. Darman, want to race me with my new scooter? i bet i will be the first person to cross the line.
  5. well, how would i know if i was in love? these are my versions. 1-you will feel that there is a big bug inside of your stomach(not a butterfly but a bug) 2-you go to the bathroom and try to get this bug sorted out but it gets even worse. 3-you will remember every word he/shays. 4-you will hear your friends asking you..." why were you laughing last night when you seemed deep sleep?" 5-you will confuse him/her name with your sister/bro's name. 6-you will fail the exams as the only subject you memorised are the ones he/she taught you. that's all i can think of now, i will be right back after i come back from the bathroom trying yet again to sort out that bug inside my stomach.
  6. Brother King, as you can tell it as much as we can all, XALIIMO7 loves you too so if she loves you then you shouldn't worry about what any other soul has to say or do. so now go and kneel down infront of her and tell her what you have been telling us all day. GOOD LUCK Bro.
  7. where is the cake then? i am hungary. girl you will get my congrats after my stomach is full as you know i can't risk it wishing you a happy birthday for you then all of a sudden you are going to say.. well the cake is finished MOTTI ate it all. so give us the cake then we can celebrate your birthday party with a full stomach.
  8. Where are the cakes? i don't see no cake in here, bring the cake out first then we can dance and sing for you. but NO CAKE,NO DANCE from me.
  9. Guys i am going to ask you a simple questions and i expect you to give me an honest answer, if you fail to do so then there will be a big problem. 1-what are you selling in here and do you give a good discount? 2-who do you think should be voted out in the next eviction time? 3-are you a AL-QAEDA supporter or a member? 4-can you tell us where we can find OSAMA BIN LADEN? 5-how can we invade IRAN any good idea from you will be highly appreciated. fail to answer these questions then expect me and my army to invade your PC's. P.S don't tell me you don't understand me as i can guarantee you that sort of reply will only get you deeper trouble so it is your choice what you want to tell me.
  10. Sorry flying-still. i would hate Clown to get mad at me as he is quite naughty guy to mess with.
  11. Shyhem, finally you made it clear to all of us in here that how obsessed you are with the chickens and how much you are deeply in LOVE with the chickens. CLOWN get this dude the girl you promised to get for him before he does something more
  12. Originally posted by OG_Moti: shaka zulu ... man it was not juxa it was this heavy weight champion blck american ldy i met somewhere in cambodia... juxa is most romantic person i ever met and i hope u wont meet man stop pulling my like i am the one who got slapped.. so MOTTI basiacally you were flirting with her and and suggested that you should go back to your hotel where you will tell her the story that made you cry when you saw that guy Shyhem getting it on with the dude JUXAA must be suffering from anthrax virus to believe that kind of joke and worse to even think about comforting you. i really feel sorry for that poor girl but guess what? if you was seeing my sister i would've kicked your behind for fun so that you wont even think about playing my sister for a MOTTI, just enjoy the ride while it
  13. Originally posted by OG_Girl: WaaaW, SHAKA ZULU that is very deep man . r u in love or u just sharring some poems... just curious Was great brother . OG_Girl, my mind is urging me to leave the answer of that Question to your imagination then again my heart over powers me to confess how lucky i am to be in love with the Queen of all the Queens. anyway thanx for your wonderful compliment i really appreciate it.
  14. Don't Ask Me To Explain by Shaka Zulu You touched a place inside my heart No one has ever touched before. So many feelings I kept locked away, But you opened up the door. You always bring the sunshine And chase away the rain. I do not understand it, So don't ask me to explain. I only know I feel you near, Each time I speak your name. I only know without you, Nothing would ever be the same. I believe we were meant to meet, I do not question why. I cannot change the way I feel, I don't even want to try. You gave new meaning to my life, In your warm and caring way. I keep you here inside my heart, It is there that you shall stay Forever and a day.......
  15. Perfect Love, Perfect Friend by Shaka Zulu Because you are my love, I know the joy that comes from feeling closer to someone than I've ever felt before. Because you are my love, I know the passion of wanting to share everything I have, everything I am with you and only you. Because you are my friend, I know that I can count on you to hold my hand through the rough times and to be there to share the good times, too. Because you are my friend, I'll always have someone to make me smile; just when I need it most, to encourage me when I'm feeling confused or doubtful. And I know that I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to have someone like you- the perfect love, the perfect friend.
  16. Happy That You Love Me by Shaka Zulu The sun shines upon me again, Tides of love flowing towards me To be loved again, To be wanted again, To be happy again, In love again, To search my heart and find it full To search heaven and find I'm there Roaming through fields now not alone Finally a heart to call home Spread my wings, fly for the first time Reach for stars and find them tonight Lost, I waited Lonely, I wanted Happy, I found you I cannot walk without tripping over clouds I'm flying high above the adoring crowds They see you with me, and I smile I let the feelings free Happy that you love me So happy to finally need someone to love I look into my heart and its you I see So happy you picked me. .
  17. Why I Fall In Love With You by Shaka Zulu Since I met you, I've fallen in love with you at least a hundred times for a hundred different reasons. Sometimes I fall in love with you when I watch you doing something you enjoy, something you're so involved in that you're unaware of my presence. Sometimes I fall in love with you when I listen to you talk to other people. Whether you're being interesting and funny or warm and caring and genuinely concerned, you have a way of making people feel better with nothing more than words. Sometimes I fall in love with you just thinking about you, remembering all the memories we've made... falling in love for the first time, staying in love during the rough times, finding more to love about each other every day. And whenever I think about the wonderful things that lie ahead of us, I fall totally and completely in love with you all over again.
  18. You Ask Me If I Love You by Shaka Zulu You ask me if I love you, and I ask myself how to begin to share with you the feelings in my heart. You inspire in me a love so deep words cannot describe it, so powerful that it overwhelms my every thought. You ask me if I love you, and I wish there were a way you could just see into my soul and find the depth of passion, tenderness, and love that holds you closer to my heart than anyone or anything else. You ask me if I love you, and I look into the magic of your eyes and promise, "Yes I love you... and always will".
  19. Originally posted by OG_Girl: SHAKA, merci beaucoup, vous toujours amour de great. Je suis content que vous appréciez la lecture de mes poèmes, remercie pour l'inspiration merveilleuse.
  20. Brother Yacquub, may ALLAH reward you for this great topic. i have the same fear for my people too and it really scares the guts out of any Somali person. all i can do is pray for them and ask ALLAH to guide them all through the right path and that includes us, me and you. AAMIIN.
  21. Originally posted by flying-still: Shaka something you wanna tell us? yeah, that i am not CLOWN but SHAKA ZULU.
  22. Originally posted by Batuulo: Bisinka ... SHAKA U LOOK A LIKE SOMEONE I KNEW! may I say . :rolleyes: . he's the missing man, Clown oooops! sorry .. just u look him a like. ~~ Anyways nice love pieces bro.. much like it Batuulo my sister i am just wondering if there is guy in here who hasn't been thought that he was actually a CLOWN with a different name. Flying-still i thought you knew your man more than all these Girls, i think he will be disappointed with you when he comes back to find out , you with all ppl couldn't tell the difference between ME and CLOWN. I am not CLOWN, my name is SHAKA ZULU. CLOWN flirts with anything that moves( no disrespect to you flying-still) while i save my flirtation with one special Queen who happens to be none other than.......... well, i am going to reveal her identity in my autobiography, i hope you will live long enough to read my autobiography.
  23. well, there are a lot of things that i hate forexample. 1-i hate waiting on ppl as i have no patience at all. 2-i hate ppl who have no manners at all. 3-i hate selfish ppl. 4-friends who take advantage of me( as i found out most Somali ppl have no clue what the word friendship means.) 5-ppl who never apologise when they know they are wrong and stil wouldn't admit it. that is my main problem with ppl now.....
  24. Moti, for once you almost made me believe that JUXAA was the most romantic Somali Lady ever set a foot on the planet and all of a sudden now you are telling me that she slapped you. Dude i feel sorry for you.