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  1. Originally posted by CLOWN: this place is yours now til i get back and when i get back there will be some xaliimo blazing around here as they been blazing on ma azz na'mean? i gotta say it dawg those poems was some tight shyt and i can only say that girl must be damn lucky girl. take care bro, i got nothing but respect and love for you na'mean? Clown, you can always count on me bro, thanx for everything and remember whenever you need me all you have to do is call my name.
  2. What can you possibly say about this true statesman that the world hasn't said already about him? last night i went to the official party of the opening of this new state of the art bridge in down town Johannesburg wich is ofcourse named after him and he came there for a brief visit and it was such a beautiful occasion to witness what was truly an amazing life time experience for me and the rest of the south africans and the whole world. i am proud to say that i saw in the flesh simply the greatest African Leader and one of the true statesmen the world has ever seen and it is an honour for me to actually wish him A HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY, may you live on as AFRICA needs your inspiration and your magic and most of all your leadership. who will ever foget those long and hard 28 years you spent on Robben Island and then becoming the first democratically elected president of new SOUTH AFRICA and telling previously underprivilaged Black people that the only way to forward is "FORGIVING BUT NEVER FORGETTING" and continue to build a better future for all the South Africans and the rest of our fatherland AFRICA! i wish Somalia had a someone like him now more than ever. once again HAPPY 85th BIRTHDAY MKULU MADIBA!
  3. Originally posted by CLOWN: quote:Originally posted by flying-still: ^^^ walaahi?!! You got jokes saaxiib. Baby you know i was only joking right? Hhahahahaha Clown, why are you crying now, when you told me that you were the man brother? Flying-Still kick his behind and send him back to Africa with me.
  4. i am loosing my patience with you all, i told you this is your last chance and if you fail to pass me all your informations then i am afraid there will be a world war 3 in here. now give me your names and your informations one by one and i will spare your lives.
  5. Originally posted by CLOWN: No,Disrespect Lady Fatima but don't you know all the Men ain't Like Nin-Yaaban? i mean you should know better than describing a Nin-Yaaban to us, i was expecting a lot more but i only got Nin-Yaaban from you, what a pity. I couldn't agree more with you Clown as these ladies are only talking about Nin-Yaaban and thank god for that as we have nothing incommon with that old pimp wanna be. now ladies next time come with something that is so unNin-Yaaban, i hope me and Clown made ourselves clear to you. P.S lady fatima i wonder if you met with Nin-Yaaban yet, if you did then i can imagine why you think all men are like that lame and if you didn't then i guess this is your chance to redeem yourself..... now go on and post another topic about us men, or make that MALE ANTHEM topic!
  6. The path of Islam Allah! Our Creator! All Knower, All Wise! Master is HE of Earth and Paradise. No partner, no family, no kith nor kin; HE is the creator of mankind and jinn. Muhammad(saw),the Final messenger; A friend to all, he was no stranger. The word of Allah, he did proclaim; A man of courage, honour and fame. When Gabriel descended, the Quran was revealed; Muhammad(saw) was shaken, his lips were sealed. Slowly, he knew why the Quran was sent; the truth in it and what it meant. He invited the people, far and near; to embrace Islam without any fear. He was mocked by the people and called a liar; Little did they know, their abode was Hell-fire. Muhammad (saw) went on, you could never see him cease; His love for Allah never did decrease. He fought many battles, took no defeat; The enemies of Islam were forced to retreat. The word of Allah spread far and wide; Muslims took Quran as a sign and a guide. Islam is our wealth, Quran our treasure; Our love for Allah, no one can measure.
  7. Originally posted by Nin-Yaaban: BUUMAAYE, SXB MARKA HORE SOO DHAAF. WAA RUNTAA IN MEESHAN LAGA FOGAADAY AFKII-SOOMALIYEED. HABEEN HORE BAAN WAXAAN JOOGAY SOMALINET CHAT ROOM KEEDA, NAAG BAAN INTERNETKA KAWADA HADLEENAY, MARKAASEEEY TIRI WAR MAXAAD AF INGIRIIS UGU HADLI WEEYDAY, ANIGANA WAXAAN KU IRI. NAAYAAHE, NAA MA AFKAAGII AABE (FATHER-LAND) AYAAD KA FAANI, MARKAASEEY TIRI, MAYA LAKINNSE, WAA CASRIGA CUSUB. SXB, MARKA ENGLISHKA WAA CASRIGA CUSUB, NAAGAHAYAGANA WAA EEY KA DANBEEYAAN WIXII CUSUB. Dude, what is wrong with you? Macallinka adiga eey waalan maa ku qaniinay mise si kalee wax kaa yihiin? war ninyahoow nin weyn baa tahaye wax iskula har, wallaahi qof kastoo akhriyo waxaad soo qortay la labaa qabaneeyso. marka saaxiibow tartiibso oo sheydaanka iska naar foodadaan aad joogatada ka dhigateyna yaree intee goor goor tahay.
  8. my Niiko is rated 10/10 and i am so talented in that department. even better than Rudy's Avatar.
  9. Girls, kick this old man's dusty behind! Kool_Kat dacas slap him right in the middle of the toronto streets. Girls come on bite him and scratch all over his old face.
  10. sxb waxaan kugu ogahay Aamino, midkale hadaad fiiriso isma sheegano.
  11. sxb waxaan kugu ogahay Aamino, midkale hadaad fiiriso isma sheegano.
  12. sxb waxaan kugu ogahay Aamino, midkale hadaad fiiriso isma sheegano.
  13. sxb waxaan kugu ogahay Aamino, midkale hadaad fiiriso isma sheegano.
  14. Originally posted by ProudSista: P.S Love is Sweet but it can turn into a Bitter fruit and Painful Experience Once you Underestimate it. Tell me about shaka i thought you knew it by now since you're a woman not a girl anymore.
  15. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: Just call me Naayaa to my face, and you'll understand why it's wrong to call a woman naayaa... easy now sister, he didn't say he will call you NAYAA but a Kool-Kat by the way your name and personality don't match. you sound too angry for your
  16. for the last time i am going to tell you all that my avatar is the best of all, and you all know that.
  17. BULO, it is such a crying shame for you to compare him with a warlord, the criminals who destroyed the same things he sacrificed his dear life for. without him you would've born slave so are the rest of these blood thirsty warlords. you say he talks about tribalism and murdering kids and women but you delibrately ignore to mention that he also used to tell his daraawiish "GACAN WALBA WAXEY GEESATO BEY LEEDAHAY" meaning in the day of KHIYAAMA. he knew about the religion more than any Somali person will ever know and that includes your beloved warlords and you and me so let us not even go there. regardless of what you may read about him or heard about him every somali person knows he only had in his heart what was best for his beloved SOMALI people and thanks to him we had a place where we could all call home. if he wasn't our saviour don't you think his family would've reaped the rewards of all these camels and other livestocks that you claim he wrestled from other Somali families? my point is he simply was the greatest Somali man ever lived wether you like it or not that is your problem. P.S it not about politics but me expresssing what i read and heard about him and i am proud he was our founding father i wouldn't have chosen any other soul to be respected that much but him because he simply deserves it.
  18. First you need to expalin to me who is FAARAX and who is XALIIMO? you're not talking about yourself and the girl you love now are you? i am just curious that is all.
  19. is WARYAA a good call? it is all about respecting other ppl bro. if i am not mistaken there is hadith saying.. "Nabiyullah Muhammad s.c.w said the best name to call some one is his original name that his parents gave him" does it sound appropriate to you to call the girl that you love(if there is any) NAYAA? my point is it is RUDE to call women NAYAA and them to call us WARAA.
  20. QUOTE]Originally posted by Nin-Yaaban: Qoslaaye, my other post still stands. We should round up all these women who grew up in America, and Canada ship them 2k miles to Kismaayo and Gaalkacyo. They'd learn to appreciate, and respect our culture. Nin-Yaaban, you must be high on a dope called women hatred, what's wrong with you? ease up on the women, they are your sisters,moms and the same one that makes you cry everytime you're with her. and what is up with this whole KISMAAYO thing? what do you know about KISMAAYO? i am sure you're not from there because if you were from there you wouldn't have embarrased us like this. i expect you to stop this fake hard man sort of image you using on women, whoever said to you that women love bad boys, well you are the example of it (and NO) women don't like rude old man so if you're as old as your photo then what happened to you, you should've known better than to chase all these juvenile girls around the forum all the time. my point is as a guy from KISMAAYO we're known to be smooth lovers not as the agressive type of bullies you're portraying us to be so quit this fake image and be yourself. i am sure there are a lot of girls who appreciate a gentleman over a rude old player. P.S i am talking to you as a friend because i would hate to hear that a guy from KISMAAYO is arrested for a child abuse, so bro i hope you take my advice very seriously.
  21. do you see how mad you made me Nin-Yaaban?
  22. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: .
  23. Nin-Yaaban.Nin-Yaaban.Nin-Yaaban.Nin-Yaaban.
  24. Originally posted by juxa: shaka,,,,,,,bro,,,,,,,,u got a point,,,,,,,,this man of mine,,,,,maybe mine is strong word need good slapping thank you JUXAA that is what i was trying to tell you all these times, the man is good for slapping nothingelse. do you ant me to get you a DACAS now?