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  1. I was wondering howmany of you guys ever went to a Blind date and fully enjoyed the experience. did you go back for more or it was such a bad experience that you couldn't wait to get out of there? does it work? will you go if you got an invitation or pass? please let me know what you think. PS. i have never been to a blind date and no i haven't got an invitation but i am curious to know wether it's a good experience or bad?
  2. Girls you are too demanding and too choosy no wonder brothers like Nin-Yaaban stay away from these kinds of topics! you talk about what kind of Men you would like to have in your beds but what if all these guys that you're choosing tell you, Girl, you're not what i thought you will be in other words "GIRL I AM SORRY, YOU'RE NOT MY TYPE??" did you girls even think about that? i guess not. .
  3. Originally posted by jam master jay: aiyyo clown i don't start wut i can't finish if ya got beef C'mon show me wut ya got PS. Mindstate i know clow's your cousin but i don't care Jay, easy now Bro. Clown will tear you apart and you know i am not lying!
  4. I wouldn't say that all WOMEN are smarter than MEN and not all MEN are smarter than WOMEN but we both have those few odd ones that we rather not mention, the likes of ...never mind.... ppl are different regardless of their gender or sex and it is only ALLAH who is the smartest of all.
  5. in my books there are too many crazy ppl in here and this is my list. 1-Clown 2-Mindstate(hence the name) 3-Og_Moti(juxaa made him crazy) 4-Shyhem(chickens make him mad) 5-Mizz Lexus(Assuie thing maybe?) 6-Rudy(i know why he is crazy) 7-Nuune(maybe it is that irish weather) 8-Shaka Zulu(no comment)
  6. Lucky, whatever you listen to don't listen to HIP HOP/RAP as it is too explicit and vulgar. P.S there is HADITH wich says " music will make your healthy minds thick" so i guess that's all i can say now to you my Sister. i hope i din't say anything
  7. MOTI not again with your Juxaa Moti maybe it is time to leave this so-called Cyber romance alone and looked for the real thing!

    Four Wives

    Nuune, Only time will tell my Brother.

    Four Wives

    Barwaaqo, i didn't know you are a moderator, but guess what? you looked good while you were one of us so i guess now you will look down on us huh?lol hey Nuune that was so good bro but you know what?
  10. Originally posted by JASMIINE: Xalimo7, i just hope that ur not too serious about this chase after King45, Girl hasnt ur mother tough u anthing? never let a man know ur too interested in him let alone ur desperate for him. If u like a guy ignore him, act like he doesnt exist, believe me that'll make him chase after ya Ouuuuuuchhhhhhhh Jasmiine, Xaliimo7 is in Love with a king and he is chasing another Girl whom he told us is on another level, Well,King my advice to you is why don't you settle for Xaliimo7 and forget about that other Girl as she isn't your average and told you to hit the highway? who knows maybe Xaliimo7 and you were meant to be togather after all and hey don't forget to invite us all to your wedding okey? Now King go and give a hug to Xaliimo7 as she is tired from all the chase she is been doing!lol. GOOD LUCK. .
  11. Clown, so you are 2pac fan after all huh?
  12. Clown, so you are 2pac fan after all huh?
  13. Clown, so you are 2pac fan after all huh?
  14. Clown, so you are 2pac fan after all huh?
  15. whenever i am bored i go and fight with the Lions or Pillow fight with my 28 Wives all @ once!
  16. i am the Greatest Somali Poet that ever set a foot on this planet and for those of you who think otherwise then i challenge you to prove me wrong!
  17. Originally posted by Lucky: [QB SHAKA ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT URSELF HERE? R U TRYING TO QUALIFY TO BE HER MAN-DREAM MAN? I THOUGHT YOU HAD A FINACE' :confused: [/QB] Lucky you want to put me into trouble huh? i am not saying anythingelse apart from Yeah i got a future wife...... E-B-Nature... i didn't say that but remember it is who is calling yourself that name!lol. but Sincerely i hope we all going to find our soul mates Insha Allah sooner rather than later.
  18. Originally posted by exceptional_by_nature: What I Want In A Man I want a man who's close but then gives me space to breathe (is it me or you just want the bro to step?) I want a man who's rough, but knows to be gentle when I need (you mean spank you?lol. in what way sis?) Someone who understands, stays loyal and true, (we are men but not DOGS, believe Someone who don't trip, or lie, or game me for a fool, (but how about if you ask for it or you start doing that first huh?) I want a man who's sweet, kind and knows when to be nice, (sweet?since when did we change into a goody goody sweets?lol) Someone I can depend, someone whos puts his life before mines. (girl i will always put my life first believe me then yours if you are lucky #20, i have a family remember?lol) want a man who knows when he's wrong and admits, A man who never try's to hurt me or do that kinda shit, (being a man means doing all those things, so how can i be a man when i become an apologetic kitty.) I want a man who's funny but knows when to be serious, (i only know how to be serious, i am not funny at all and never been one.) I want a man who's patient and don't rush cause he's curious (me being patient?come on now.) A down to earth brother, who I can speak with intellectually, (finally we understand each other) Someone who don't bug about things we do sexually, I want a man who knows the limits, and can back off, (come on now, that was not part of the deal and you know it.) Someone who don't bring me drama, like hit and drop, (i can't promise you anything, but i will try my best.) I want a man who's cool, can make me laugh when I'm stressed, (i can be that but not all the time). Someone who can love me for me at his best, (but will you promise to do the same?) I want a man who don't check other women while he's with me, (i am not a blind man you know, and how about if that girl looks hotter than you?) If you wanna commit, then don't make me compete, (i am not sure if i got that one.) A man who holds me down, touches me like I'm fragile, (i can do that.) I want a man who actually stays around for awhile, (and do what?) Someone good to look at, great to be with, (now that is definitely not A brother who I can joke with, whoever he's with, (no, you can't embarrass me infront of my ppl remember i am a KING.) A man who don't listen to what his friends tell him, (yeah right, now that is funny, because how about if my friends see you cheating?) If he wants to know the truth ask me not them, (how about if you lie to me?) Someone who see's me as a person not a item, (how about if i loose my concentration)? I want a man who don't just wanna **** and ride them, (could you be more specific please?) I want a man who wants me for me and not to use, (it wont if you in a better situation financially then the brother) If you got those qualities, then I guess I want you. .:peace n luv:. i am not sure if i qualify and can meet all of these demands but i will guarantee you there is no man like that on this earth, maybe my son will be like that but right now girl you need to be realistic sister.
  19. Girls, what is this now? i thought we had an agreement between me and you and if my memory serves me correctly all you girls in here promised that you wont start another he says she says topic. and to my disappointment you couldn't keep your words wich is SAD.
  20. i see them clearly and they look scary and not so XAMAR wich makes me think, is this truly Mogadishu once the one of the most beautiful capital cities in AFRICA! Damn, how times change! :rolleyes:
  21. i think i have heard a rumour about Mizz Lexus and Clown told me, he said it is Shyhem who is planning to spread that rumour so i guess we wait and see.
  22. Tell your friend to make copies of those nasty photos and spread them around (especially in somali restaurants and all the places they hang out,Hell even send some to his folks back in Africa and while you at it remember to post in S.O.L too and Somalinet)like a wild fire so that everybody will know what sick sick sick man he is. ALLAH what is happening to my once devout Muslim people?
  23. Originally posted by flying-still: Me.....I would get married after I find a half way decent brotha. Thats the challenge right there Flying-Still i thought you already had that ONE in Clown? is there anything that you're not telling us here sister?
  24. i can't help but say the Clown's one is far better than all these but still i say well done to Mindstate and Suuban though keep it up!
  25. ISLAM Islam is a way of life, try it Islam is a gift, accept it. Islam is a journey, complete it Islam is a struggle, fight for it. Islam is an opportunity, take it. Islam is not for sinners, overcome it. Islam is not a game, don't play with it. Islam is not a mystery, behold it. Islam is not a for rewards, behold it. Islam is not for the dead, live it. Islam is a promise, fulfill it Islam is a duty, perform it. Islam is a treasure (the prayer), pray it. Islam is a beautiful way of life, see it. Islam has a message for you , hear it. Islam is love, love it. ALLAH KNOWS BEST Allah knows what's best for us so why should we complain. We always want the sunshine But allah knows there must be a rain we always want the laughter and the merriment of cheer but our hearts will lose their tenderness if we never shed a tear allah tests us often with sufferings and with sorrows he tests us not to punish us but to help us meet tomorrow for growing trees are strengthened if they will stand the storm and sharp cut of the chisel gave the marble grace and form. allah tests us often and for every pin he gives us provided we're patient is followed by rich gain. so whenever we are down and whenever we feel that everything is going wrong it is just allah's way to make our spirit strong. THE QURAN A book that is full of answers A book that makes you cry, A book that makes you notice how much harder you can try A book that makes you realize what true love really is A book that gives you direction for all of life's tough biz A book that gives you hope that someone somewhere is watching over you A book that helps you out through all the times you're blue A book that was revealed to our beloved prophet over a period of 23 years once you put faith into this book you can handle worldly fears A gift sent down from heaven A treasure from above Written proof tat shows us how blessed we are with allah's love. BE THANKFUL Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire, if you did what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful when you don't know something, for it gives you the opportunity to learn. Be thankful for the difficult times, during those you grow. Be thankful for your limitations, because they give you opportunities for improvement Be thankful for each new challenge, because it will build your strength and character. Be thankful for your mistakes, they will teach you valuable lessons. Be thankful when you're tired and weary, because it means you've made a difference. It is easy to be thankful for the good things, a life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks. Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. Find a way to be thankful for your troubles and they can become your blessings. FUNNY IS IN IT?? Funny how $10 looks so big when we take it to the masjid and so small when we take it to the store. Funny how big an hour serving god looks and how small 60 minutes are when spent watching TV. or playing. Funny how hard it is to read a juzz in the Quran and how easy it is to read 2-300 pages of a best selling novel. Funny how we believe what newspapers say but question what the quran says. Funny how we can't think of anything to say when we pray, and don't have any difficulty thinking of things to talk to friend. Funny how we need 2-3 weeks to fit an Islamic event into our schedule, but can adjust it or a social event at the last moment. Funny is in it?????????? RAMADHAN We all must fast in Ramadhan, which is one of the five pillars. It is a blessed month you know, we fast for allah, not for show. It's designed to make us think, as we refrain from food and drink. We feel the hunger and pain, as much there is for us to gain. From dawn till dusk we fast, hoping that our sawm we fast. While, try to do much good, building taqwa like we should. Special prayers we say at night To forgive and guide us as we try. While ourselves it was in ramadhan when allah revealed the holy quran> and so began the prophet's call> a guide and mercy to us all and the night of qadr is unique> it's blessings all believers seek then we follow the day of 'Eid' a truly festive day indeed. Fasting teaches discipline too. and self-control for me and you. As year by year we train to be better Muslims, by allah's decree. that is all i can think of right now, i hope you will enjoy it my brothers and sisters.