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  1. salaama alaikum wr wb It helps cutting.
  2. I don't know any happy married ppl (oo soomali ah)..sad huh.
  3. FirstLady, hi luv. I have to ask; what's the worst that could happend if you were over 25 and unmarried?
  4. the everlasting Q..should it or shouldn't it be compulsory..who cares..being at the lectures dont guarentee that ull pass (I know quite a few who drag themselves to 8 o'clock lectures, and still fail)..why this need for a don't go to school for anybody elses sake but ur own ppl!! I for one wish I could sleep late every morning, instead of waking up at six..walking to school..while it's no sign of the sun and the temperature is well under -25 C But thats life!½
  5. "lugo faras" that really a complement :confused:
  6. LOL, but Shehrezade, talk about good selfesteem mashLah.
  7. Originally posted by ALexus-: Worst: "Is yo dad a terrorist, cuz u da bomb!" :rolleyes: Good one , you must have laughed hhard lol Reminds me of Joanna man you know.. "giirl, ur like one BIG glass of water..and I'm thiiirsty"..
  8. Hizb tell me about! Girls dont usually approach's all about sending hints without being too much of a vulgo. But much respect for the ones who have the balls for it..a girl at my sisters work had half the town talking. She left a note for this guy who atleast 60 % of the girls had been said "I am if you are" and then her number And she nailed him I would never go so far..but much respect for my sisters out there who aren't afraid of getting what they want.
  9. MC, kabacdii nah waa lagu dharbaaxay huh? lol
  10. From an australian program. Quite nice.
  11. Wait a minute. In other words; somalis are actually expressing support for an ideology different than qabyaalafd? :confused: Cajiib!
  12. Didi, maxa kawadaa sxb, kuma fahmin :confused:
  13. But I was seething with rage. I wanted to insult them and smack them with my shoes...God, I feel enraged just remembering it. :mad: So, Zakina , I know how you feel. [/QB] You should have! :mad: But you know what they say "naagi waa naas".."naagi waa ninkeed" in other words "naagi waa NOTHING".
  14. Socod_Badne, walee ma saas baa? You should be cloned a trillion times, cuz it's evident, ur Gods gift to womankind In my opinion (and many others) there's no coincidence that verse 4:3 was revealed after the battle of Uhud..I mean 4:129 clearly states that it's not men are never able to be fair (just ask any "co-wife"). And also (simple mathematics) if every man takes advantage of his "raison d’etre" ( :rolleyes: ) how many more women than men must there be :confused: :confused:
  15. lol! I cant belive you called her on her home#! I sometimes give my homenumber and a fake name...hoping that mom will answer and that I'll be around ("waryaahe, war yaa tahay"..LOL). How did it work out for you?
  16. Socod Badne...oh no you didn't just take it there! War heedhe i maqal, what has the Quran to do with the fact that some somali men thin it's perfectly OK to run of and marry whom ever they wish, without even informing the first wife? The sahabas married widdows and older women, if you would compare it with todays situation, it would be like marrying a 50 year old with agoon children. There's no comparison :mad: :mad: Zakina hayati, there nothing somali about that behaviour, it's immoral, regardless of who you ask. Never the less .. it's common behaviour now days :rolleyes: *sigh*. Sometimes I wish duqooshinka soomaalida would give their xaajiyaals a dose of their very own medicine..and import a dude ..from Gambi or something. The look on their faces..ooh, priceless Tell hooyo to stay stron, and that you got her back! Reminds you of why paradise is supposedly beneath the feet of the mother huuh.
  17. lol..I think he was more interested by sinjibadayda than me! :mad: The other guy ask me what I did, then I said that I was a dental student..It really made me wonder But you didn't post ur worst pick line, any favs?
  18. Somalia? It's a province in Ghana rigt..or was it the other way around? :confused: ZLATAAN ZLAATAN (waa soomali by the way)
  19. I'm curious.. What's the worst pick up line you've ever heard? The worst thing some guy/girl have said to you..or even to a friend of yours. I have a couple of my personal favourites "you can be two at an afterparty you know" :rolleyes: or "I have bad teeth" (haha, but he was cute though. This was his reply after he had asked me what I studied.) or "ur dad must be a thief" (yakhratul baytak!! :mad: ) And my number one favourite (I used to commute to work, and the bus-station was near a refugee camp, horrific) "hayeh abaayo, baasaboorka weyn maa heesata" ( soori, habashi :rolleyes: )
  20. Whats up with talking english though *shaking my head*. :rolleyes: need to point out the obvious..but be sure, if that was me, I'd use the 5,5 somali phrases I know and reinvent them in ways nobody thought was possible Ilaaheey Khayr ha siiyo, I'm proud yao.
  21. War ma waxaa tidhi inaad bombalayaal huh thats "kreepingly faggy" Naww..but I know one, my personal artist superstar, she once sold a sculpture for 15,000 SEK (about 1700 dollars)..but she's iranian, does that count? Anyvaaay, do you have stuff on the net? I'm an amateure art critic you know (I'll be nice)
  22. Yup my school is in there 22X . Who made the list by the way?
  23. Just out of curiosity...exactly what did saudi eve say in her decadent post I ventured into her blog (quite nice) and found no trace of this infamous post of please, somebody, what did she write?
  24. Feeri goodh, feeri goodh. But I have to say, the author doesn't really answer to the allegation made by Ayaan and others ("humanism" being superior to know.."how come girls are being stoned in Iran" and so on)..and also..since when is Tariq Ali a muslim writer..if anything, he should be a great fan of ms Hirsi Habeen wanaagsan!