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  1. Salaamu Aleikum everyone, Im looking for a woman (I am a woman myself) to practice my somali with. For example through phone calls discussing different subjects. I'm a quick learner and very happy to receive constructive criticism. My level of understanding is really good but my confidence is low when speaking. I was born and raised in a european country with little interaction with somalis when young. Send me a pm if this sounds interesting Id really appreciate it. JerzakALLAH kheyr
  2. Ok a lot of difference of opinion but is the consensus: Head of the prison services under the jurisdiction of the correctional police? What's j.s.l? Og: copy to?
  3. Thanks! Makes a lot more sense now that you break it down. The sentence is from a Somali court document. I couldn't make sense if it. In the beginning of the document it says: Ku: Taliyaha xabsiga dhexe Og: Hogaanka hawlaha xabsiyada ciidanka asluubta J.S.L So if I assume they've made a typing error and haven't separated hooganka hawlaha xabsiyada and ciidanka asluubta. Should I translate it as: To: Leader of the Central Prison Copy to: The prison services commission (.) Correctional officers Seem right? I'm assuming og equals ogeysiis and I'm not translating it literally here but what might be implied...maybe I'm wrong. Let me know.
  4. Salaamu caleykum, Im just looking for some quick help in translating something from somali. Does anyone know what this means?; Hogaanka hawlaha xabsiyada ciidanka asluubta Thanks
  5. Somali men see marrying another wife as being something that they will be rewarded for, which is not the case, if they dont do it in the manner that the Prophet(sas) did it. The Prophet(sas)married widows and non-virgins. He did it as a means of bringing together diffrent qabilahs and securing these poor womens future. You could say that his only real marriage (at the time that he had multiple wives) was with Aisha. The prophet(sas) did not act out of lust, as most men nowadays do. Nonetheless polygamy is permissible, but one should ask themselves on what grounds? This is how the qur'an metions polygamy in An-Nisa (The Women) 4:3 And if you have reason to fear that you might not act equitably towards orphans, then marry from among [other] women such as are lawful to you [3] - [even] two, or three, or four: but if you have reason to fear that you might not be able to treat them with equal fairness, then [only] one - or [from among] those whom you rightfully possess. [4] This will make it more likely that you will not deviate from the right course. This does not mean that the male only has a right to marry another women when there are orphans involved. But it gives a hint on what the purpose of polygamy in Islam might be. And not telling the wife about marrying another women is something that many scholars consider haraam or makruh. The vast majority of scholars that is! And what does this tell us about the man that choses an obscure and rare fatwa on behalf of his own desires? The way in which marrying another wife is conducted in the somali culture is borderline oppression. In the cases I have witnessed the first wife has come of age and has alot of children, and the husband usually isn't fufilling his husbandly duties in the first place. And as a 'thank you' to the first wife for all that she has given him... he practically gives her a slap in the face, and tells her she is not good enough anymore. There is nothing islamic about it. How does ALLAH view any form of oppression? Why should I accept being oppressed, when ALLAH does not accept this form of abuse. Must we not forget...ALLAH is Just. And ALLAH only tests those that He wants to bring nearer to Him. The women that have been exposed to this form of abuse will most probably have a better position in the hereafter than the oppressor himself. ...That was my two cents...I have a couple more, but I'm just not interested in discussing somali men, as they are of minor interest to me.
  6. They seem to be doing well, but they need to do something about there website....that's where I come in hehe.
  7. Does anyone have any examples of Somali entrepreneurs that have actually succeded?
  8. Zakina


    Yes I've also heard of it as a sign of the end of time.
  9. didi kong, well you're not making much sense. If you don't feel offended when someone offends your mother then you've got a problem :rolleyes: .
  10. Socod_badne, yes u may marry whomever you want. But who wants to marry you really? The same person that has an avatar of a man showing off his behind. Yes you sure seem mature and like a real man. And stop hijacking my thread lol, why are you in the WOMEN's section anyway?
  11. I feel you valenteenah lol, I wanted to take off my shoes as well.... and he was saying it with a smerk on his face. urgh!
  12. And also my mother is Beautiful with a capital B, so suiters would be lined up (not that they will ever get divorced). And we all know that the somali men really haven't been blessed with good looks lol. And I agree with cawraleh...ok it might be a right...but it's also a big burden. Take the Prophets (sas) example and stop following your lust.
  13. well Homer, I am very well aware of the religious right and I am a believing muslimah, and am in no way questioning that. Don't get all defensive...marry whomever you want I was merely saying that some somali men are jerks....that it was not a laughing matter. Is that normal behavious, telling someone while laughing watch out your husband might marry someone else? Thats very I wrong for thinking that? Now that has be very offensive to say even in the deen. ALLAH made it permissible and permissible it shall therefore be.
  14. well no real reason for asking... except I just hate somali men...I know I'm not supposed to but I do Me and my mon was out and about today and we met an older man that was a friend of the family. He laughingly said to my mother that she better be on the watch since my father had been in somalia for quite a while. Then he looked at me and and laughed, making some comment on that just because some other guy that our family knows had done it that my father very well could do it also..And that if my father would do it it would make it easier on the rest of us(somali men living where we live) :rolleyes: ... Now, I am not a baby and I am not crying over my father leaving us(but insha'ALLAH that wont happen though). But what a complete jerk...I officially hate somali men. Was that really a laughing matter? And we all know that if someone was to marry you mister it would only be for cash!! Mever in my life have iI had the intention to marry a somali ,but that for other reasons than this. Where I live they are useless, funny looking, funny dressed and drug addicts. And THEY are the one's wanting another spouse...GOD save us all