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  1. The Zack;690541 wrote: LOOOOL@Qodax having 5 red (negative) stars. Ninkaasi wuu rabbasay baan maqli jiray waagaan turubka ciyaari jiray. What is the obsession Siyadist have with stars and rang. They really miss those old times when every illiterate uncle of them had some stars on his shoulders. P
  2. These people are still denying history. they try to cover it up with what they have done to eachother the past 20 years, but that aint gonna work. This history cant be covered up or polluted with your wrong vieuws of the past 20 years.
  3. nuune;690565 wrote: ^^ nin gablamey, nin good qaadey(yixaas) nimuu libaax gowracey waxaaba ka daran ninkan Qodax , bal sagaal red oo reputation ah waxa uu ku galabsadey ayaa is weydiin leh, sidaasuuna iskula qumanyahay, Zack in yaroo qaruurax ah ayaan gaaweetada kuugu soo ridey Val , adna xoogoow baan dhankaaga u soo gamayaa Ps: When Ngonge started this topic, he had around 5 or 6 greens, now he has being getting and hitting the doors of others to fish for some bakhshiish, horta AT&T imisa green ayuu heestaa, intuu heestay ayaaan ka yaabi in laga miirto. Pss: I got deducted 2 greens by that topic of God Bless Odayaasha Soomaalida, inkaartoodaa i heshay Nuune, caawa wa jeudi soir. maad casuumantahay. fadhigu wa xagee?
  4. lol Somaliland aint Kenya. But its hilarious. I which I could go there.
  5. Somaliland doesnt need free education, but subsides education. By making education free you subsidize the education of children with rich parents.
  6. Why would he, Passerby is an Ethiopian national just like many others here on the forum. He has the same rights as all other Ethiopians.
  7. small steps towards making history. And all this while I am having lunch.
  8. AUN P.S.When will the slaughtering of goverment officials in Puntland stop?
  9. Thankful;690599 wrote: Archdemos, Its rubbish talk that has been going on since the former Dictator Siad Barre lost power. Jacaylbaro and I had a friendly bet in the summer whether or not former SL Leader Riyaale would campaign in Laascaanood - JB was certain that it would happen and said just wait! Well, he lost the bet. The last (s)elections they had only produced pics from 3 maybe 4 cities, the vast majority of their enclave was a no go zone. Anyways, the only thing left for secessionists now that all their supposed allies especially their closest one Ethiopia have shut them down is to just say "wait its coming." The campaign took place in all 6 regions of Somaliland. Faisal Ali Waraabe, Siilaanyo and the former VP Axmed Yusuf Taasin campaigned in Las Canood. markaa sheeko kale keen.
  10. Xaaji, caqli xumaa dadkani. wuxu leeyahay na caawiya, laakin Somalia waa mid, Somaliland ma jirto, oo la ma kala goyn karo. loool
  11. Galmudug is doing its best to rebuild Galkacyo, capital city of Galmudug State.