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  1. ^ HERE IS A GOOD ONE....WHAT THE HELL DID U JUST ASK??? im not gonna chop ur head of for it...u seem sincere but seriously wat postion??? WAY TO MUCH info..somthin to discuss wid ur husband maybe not a forum..weird

  2. it sounds scary but i can sympathize with the parents... so KHAYR there is nothing selfish about this...they r obviously willing to care for her for the long run they just want to make that long run easier...they obviously love their child very much


    allah protect us from such a deliema and sickness

  3. ^there's a BIG difference btw the UN n US (purpose) although its hard to see because the UN can be a bit submissive to the US


    on the disarmament issue...its a joke..no1 will comply

  4. Originally posted by sheherazade:

    If the girl said she looked too dark-skinned to be Somali, y'all wouldn't be saying she was blowing her own trumpet would you now?

    exactly :rolleyes:

  5. Originally posted by Brown:

    The off the welfare rate for Somalis is higher than the Madows

    "Most non-Habashi door knob...."


    can some1 say identity crisis? :rolleyes:


    anyyyyhoo...yes im very happy to hear this statistic but somalis still have a long way to go...getting off welfare n getting a job as a janitor is not exactly the american dream...yet the somalis r survirors n im proud!

  6. wow ..."decimating kurds is a chance of a life time"???? did i read that clearly? killing innocent pple who probably didn't have anything to do with dirty politics should be killed? no wonder ur a sympithizer of saddams..ur just like him

  7. wow! its shocking how many sympathizers there r for this very evil man...yes he probably repented n im not discussing his fate in the after life but how can u ignore the countless kurds he decimated?? he was a horrible tyrant...and dying painlessly by hanging is not justice to MANY iraqi kurds

  8. first off EID MUBARAK!! its been a WHILE since last posted


    when i saw this post i could hve sworn it would be a wadaad with arab garb n the women completely covered with abayas....lets just say im relieved that its not "religious pple" twisting Islam for their benefit

    1) only anarchy in the world

    2) only place were men marry more than 1 women at a time


    the list keeps growing lol