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  1. Azmaya, ur saying Africa's plight stems form laziness? so the starving children who "drink their urine" are lazy? The women who can't feed her babies is lazy? the African man who is dying form AIDS is lazy? All who suffer unimaginably ARE LAZY? i don't think so.


    the situation is not about laziness but ineptness to govern. It's not about black character of failure its about the history of SLAVERY, COLONIZATION, and continued SUBJUGATION that the blacks can not overcome. If anything the Black race should be credited for surviving all these injustices. But the one important trait we lack is resiliance an ability to bounce back up again to the times of greatness of Mali, Ghana, Songhai! :(

  2. Originally posted by Khalaf:

    The failures of the Muslims, started as soon as they went astray from Islam and become attached to worldly desires. When this happened our iman become weak, our hearts full of fear of man instead of Allah. Our forefathers in Islam-poor shepherds in span of few decades built a great empire-there only source the Qu’ran and Sunnah, their greatest fear Allah Alone, not even the Roman Empire messed with them. We as Muslims have tried everything my brother, democracy, socialism, communism, monarchy, dictatorships, nationalism, tribalism, all have failed us. The one source that gave us power, success and made us a jammat that lead mankind is Islam Alone, if we don’t return to it and follow it we will continue to be in our current state, weak, poor, divided, and easily conquered.

    Actually there are alot of muslim countires who have islamic sharia and yet are still "weak, poor, and divided". A big example was the Taliban in Afghanistan. Iran which is an "islamic republic" suffers form many problems a big one being drug addiction to herione. Then again the Ummayid and Abbasid caliphates were a golden age in Islamic empires and followed Islam to the T. So it can go both ways Khalaf.

  3. online diary, sounds like an oximoron! it sure ain't a dairy when the world wide web is reading it, and u usually don't have people respond to ur "secret" thoughts.....other than that carry on :D

  4. if this subject is sooo cliche why do pple continue to respond into the pages and even say the same things?? obviously this subject is very popular although i can't see why. :rolleyes:


    Rendevous, u seem to really like to stress the OBVIOUS! ok we get it, women have a perfect life in Islam and it SUCKS to be a Western women, but i have a feeling u have other motives than "keeping in touch"

  5. Originally posted by AbdulNoor:

    Juba these so called islamic countries, are aided, endorsed, and kept in power by the West. You should know that. Whenever there is community of muslims that want to uphold islam-they are presecuted by these governments.

    so the West told these corrupt islamic states to use the money for vice? The islamic states may be "aided" and "endorsed" but they do the evil out of their own free will instead of using Western money to better their subjects lives.

  6. Originally posted by sheherazade:

    Hey, Juba, this thread is being hijacked, haven't u noticed?
    Get with the program(me?)


    well when in rome..., ok, i hate it when some somali girls wear those really outdated and way to bright hijabs it fit for the fashion police!


    hijacking IS fun! :D

  7. pple are going in cirlcles!


    XIIN i know u are dying to prove to SB that he is a non believer but i think ur wasting ur time, although i understand ur frustration.


    XIIN u also say that Afghanistan cannot possibly practice Shirciaa law under occupation, what about the Taliban, was that correct Shirciaa law?

  8. hijrah is nice and all but consider why all these muslims are in the West in the first place? Muslims fleeing their oppressive and corrupt nations are experiencing free education, healthcare, welfare things that would never be given to them in their muslim countries.


    it's very sad to see that the supposedly "evil" West treats some Muslims better than Islamic countries.


    once the Umma changes its ways and goes back to the basics of Islam (and get rid of corrupt leaders) maybe then Hijrah is plausible

  9. hijab has become a formality. Somali girls just wear it because their mothers tell them to. They don't know it's significance, its purpose, or it importance. Thus their attitudes and how they carry themselves are complete opposites of what a mutahajiba should be.


    Is it no wonder some somali girls wear tight clothes with their hijab seeing as they have no KNOWLEDGE of their deen.




  10. Ahhh....the simplicity of an underdeveloped country! no tax season, bills, debt, creepy stalkers, work, school or other stressful matters...


    Just the open desert, camels, and siting outside your hut watching the sun rise, responsibel to no one!


    The simple life, totally with you there Modesty

  11. i see the trend aswell Alexus, You have to understand, its hard living in a country were all your friends are doing things you can't do (go to college far away ext...). It feels like youre the only one who can't enjoy life because of a culture of a country thousands of miles away. So its really about influences of other cultures (ie western) that make somali girls frustrated and ready to escape.

  12. Originally posted by Castro:

    . Did you read the article? If so, did anything in it give you ideas (or hope) on how Somali could survive? There should be just one answer to this.


    Yes i read the whole article and i found it interesting and depressing at the same time. Im supposing the only way our language will survive is if we form a stable government or as the article put it "political purpose"



  13. ^Castro, Although or language does not have political or diplomatic significance in the global stage, it still sets us apart and gives us identity. We are unique people and our language gives evidence to that. Don't u think thats important?

  14. PLEASE, this has nothing to do with the incapability of a women driving but trying to keep the women as useless and oppressed as possible. If they can't drive, vote, eat, breath, walk without permission of a man it's all good :rolleyes:


    i guess they realized women were not such a threat after all :D

  15. Originally posted by naden:

    Once (if) the country becomes stable :rolleyes: , and an education system is established that uses probably a mix of Arabic and English, we may have to deal with the erosion of the language among new generations getting a formal education.

    but when one is in their own country and surronded by their culture it will be difficult to forget the language even if you take another in school.