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  1. Originally posted by Bishaaro:

    ^^You mean rastifari them out, snake braid them, afro americanize them in to tight little rows with beads! That's what 'Going Natural' is, right?



    not exactly what i had in mind ( :eek: ) why go through all that pain?? to impress a few guys come on now! and its a bikini wax something a muslim girl would never need! ;)

  2. Originally posted by Tukaale:

    Are the Albanian Muslims considered to be White or Asians?

    LOOOL what u been doing in ALBANIA! i believe they are white Europeans actually since they are located in Europe.



    So far, more pple on SOL are harrased by blacks which i can't help finding strange :D

  3. ^ yep! smile.gif



    whats this sudden attack on fat people? i find your "complaints" quite childish haniif! until you have been in their shoes you should keep quite.


    and i don't mean an hour in a fat suit! :D

  4. Originally posted by Haniif:

    She deserves to die. Why was she engaging in illicit sexual relations in the first place, doesn't she know zina is forbidden? Somali girls these days; they so out of control!

    do you have no heart? :(

  5. totally understand where your coming from Zu because i feel like that all the time!


    some cultures are just more elaborate then others say the indian or chinese culture (which has so many rules and procedures it makes my head spin) while others are more simplistic like Somali culture. Its so simple that it can be boring :D

  6. ignorance, backwardness,stupidness, lack of education, corruption, thirst for power, dehadryted of knowledge, malnutritioned of morality......


    thats what i think of macalins that beat their students which is rampant in Somalia and many other muslim countries like say Egypt.


    :( :mad:

  7. atleast country music tells a story although missing your boyfriend gets redundent. Rap has almost no purpose and is just an embarssment to the black race. Ok we get it, blacks live in ghettos, end up in jail 99% of the time, and love rims!!



    music is good just so long as it is actually singing about something....worthwhile might i add.

  8. Seinfield and Family guy aren't even in the same CONTINENT :D


    Family Guy can be VULGAR at times but unfortunatley thats the NEW humor these days.


    i just love the mother/son rivalry and Stewis is by far the star of the show.

  9. anyone ever think of the poor saudi women? All saudi women are not rich.


    I just wanted to remind u guys that its not only an arab thing but in Pakistan, Affghanistan, and Iran. This means that tyrannical and oppresive muslim men is not a KSA phenomena but a serious problem in the Umma today.


    The question is are we as muslims going to stand back and let our religion be innovated and corrupted?

  10. this is the way i see it. do i really want to marry a non-somali and have mixed children that don't know anything about somali culture and language because by then i would have forgotten it myself??




    my plan is pretty simple, marry one of those somali guys who knows better somali then my mother (and thats pretty damn good) and who lives off of "anjero" and "hileeb"


    Marriage isn't about love for us somali women its about the continuation of a dying culture! :D;)

  11. who's in control of the booming porn industry? who is generally in control of these rotting societies? who is in charge of the media? who makes those sexual movies? when u find the answer(and it should be fairly easy), that is who u can blame.

  12. now we can't ride bikes! whats next?


    there is nothing wrong with a women riding a bike, its excersise and a form of transportation. if some of u think thats a manly thing then so is driving a car and pretty much every other type of freedom :rolleyes: