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  1. Yeah I know - that mantra is getting old. Sooner or later the west might "allow" AMISOM to leave. Come on...noone belives that they are "peace-keepers"
  2. I had high hopes for that PM. Educated and I only heard good things about him. But whats he doing right now? I dunno...probably busy with signed the contracts withs allows kenya to have Somali waters.
  3. You need use that preach against AMISOM. Where was you when they painted neighbourhoods with blood in Mogadishu? They forced themself in Somalia. And stays in our capital with force and they can only leave with force or Im wrong?
  4. Dealt with? By who? Besides imagine that alshabbab are not "dealt with" are you saying that AMISOM will not leave?
  5. Im asked you(all) a question. Answer it or please leave the thread.
  6. They are cleary no peace-keepers and they are no relevant in somali politics. Only obstacle in Somalia. We are frankly talking about body guards here. When will these body guards leave? Or will they give the al-shabbab no option then massacre them?
  7. "And these governments were created with virtually no outside interference or funding support. If the world is genuine about peace in Somalia, and ending piracy at sea, then supporting existing governance structures built on censensus, rather than deceit, will be paramount to ensuring the eventual creation of a national government agreed upon by all political stakeholders in Somalia." Hear hear - we need a goverment by somalis and for somalis. Waalahi that sea-selling shit made my blood boil!!
  8. Let it fall. Who is anyway in Villa Somalia? Sharif and the warlords+AMISOM?
  9. Im very saddned that you called Aweys a agent. Man I cannot find a man with bigger heart for Somalia.
  10. Let alone Issayas. Theres plenty of Somalis who dont recognize this so called Goverment and thats whats really matters.
  11. 6)He surrended himself with well-known warlords
  12. Here comes the cries and after the cries comes the silence acceptens of al-shabbab. xiinfaniin: Nothing personal but I have studied many writers here in SOL for some years and I followed your peace-train?!? or peace-wagon very closly and I have come to understand that you are clueless. Desinformation is your livehood.
  13. Abdinasir Kadawo: They are product of our civil war that lasted for decades. Thats barbaric. We are tired for nice words and sweet talk. We want stability and rule of law. Islamic law. Well walaal its not good thing if you are unconfort with their uniform. Get used to it.
  14. Only allah knows for how long. Right now, they are in town and we will see how this develops. We all hope for the best. Stability and peacfull conditions like 2006 must be created.
  15. Only allah knows for how long. Right now, they are in town and we will see how this develops. We all hope for the best. Stability and peacfull conditions like 2006 must be created.
  16. A real somali hero. We need more men of his caliber.
  17. Farancab: Thanks. Kashafa: Taakbeer. Insha-allah. We will reach our goal of bring Somalia back. Without the International community and their selfish interest.
  18. Sharif has lost his mind to dollars. Whats in the proud to be called president when your citzens are mass starving? We need chance we can belive in. Godane for prez!
  19. Kashafa: Im allways siding with the truth. And al-shabab has the truth on their side. Thus its easy for me. I dont see how the sharif goverment can change the situation of million of somalis in the south. I want to see real chances in Somalia and its not viable with Sharif govement. I want to see a strong Somalia based on princples of the Quraan. I want to see a somalia with no clan based system of rule. I want to see Somalia standing firm and united. We have a long way to achive this but we can do it. Dont matter what camp one are in if one share this view we know deep inside that we afterall is on the same side. I dont never side with enemys of Somalia in generall and enemys of islam.
  20. "Government soldiers have been forced out of two strategic positions – one is the football stadium and it has fallen into hands of Al-Shabab," the journalist said. "And there is a wide anxiety among the city residents that the radical group may take full control of the city." Fear? The city residents dont fear al-shabab. This foreign news agency are useless. Im sorry to say this. But Alshabab its what Somalia needs atm. Al-shabab are anti-piratism and they are loyal to Somalia and the quraan. While Sharif goverment are busy selling our sea to the LOWEST bidder the al-shabab top leaders are forging alliances a cross Somalia and want to impose stability and by god they will victorious. Not because of their military might just becuase the suffering people in Somalia are tired to useless politicans thats is lead by the international "community" puppets leaders who dont grasp the reality..only dollar in mind. AL-shabbab cannot be bought or convinced by money.
  21. May allah help the defenceless. Damn...we must stop this madness. We spilled our own blood for nothing. May allah have mercy
  22. Mintid Faryar: Somaliland belongs to Somalia and vice versa. You cannot seperate them. The rude awakning will be harsh but a good lesson for people like you. When the Somali army stands proud again. and march...oh..I wonder what guys like you would do.
  23. Give both Goodane and Abu Mansur a place in the goverment and give credit to their actions against the Ethiopian invasion. Sh. Muktar Roboow(Abu Mansur) as defence minister is very comforting feeling for me.