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  1. Slowly the Sharif goverment is losing what ever support it has.
  2. I'm speaking about the International community'
  3. No to foreign troops. Sounds good. But will they listning to us ordinary somalis? I doubt that.
  4. Neither of them are supported by their people. Btw..I did't know that Rayaale was a superb in the kitchen.. Do tell please.
  5. Everbody needs to turn against Rayaale. Whats is his mission in Ethiopia? Meles and Rayaale are cooking something..
  6. Thoose (AMISOM) must also leave. Sharia law is a first step and the second is AMISOM for leave. They are unwelcomed by the majority of people. Peaceful Somalia is what we need.
  7. Indeed very powerfull statement and very true in theese days.