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  1. I love it very much. My soil, my people.
  2. Dude why are you? Do you know how primitive that sounds? We are somalis. Let us show that to each other.
  3. Good to see some relations between the two nations. But Sharif needs to deliver and Im not talking about fancy words.. We want strong Somalia back!
  4. We need to form an resstiance. We cannot sit down and let this happen.
  5. When somalia is weak of course our enemys are taking advantage of us. May Allah help us!
  6. I hope they change the attitude towards Somalia and start to work the restoration of our state. But we must remmeber thats its our task mainly. We must make it happen. They can only help. But not make it work.
  7. I fully support Alshabab on this one! Go alshabab. You are the keeper of somali land and soul! No inch to mr mugabe!
  8. Can this deal involve NFD? Or are getting screwed once again?
  9. Great post. I fully support O struggle and movement. Its a Somali race struggle.
  10. Payback is sweet. I hope thoose pirats countine to hijacks ships. We know how to speak international language. Lets practice our speech..
  11. Ethiopia has its design on somalia and will surely work to destroy whats left of Somali unity. People need to wake up out of their coma-sleep.
  12. xaaji zundjuf dont exist. The majority of somaliland people are proud somalis. You dont need to speak for them. We already know that they wish for a united stable somalia with justice and freedom. Whats was wrong in the previous Somalia will be corrected and all citzen will enjoy Somalia as its best. You are not fouling nobody. Ask J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o
  13. Xaaji: yo are dreaming again. Noone is gonna to recongize you. The international community wish to see Somalia united.(i.e) they are follow the wish of majority of Somalis. Ethiopia dont wants to see another country recongize they are only using you. As they used cabdullahi Yusuf. Wake up man.
  14. Somaliland is Somaliaa. It cannot be seperated. But we all are somalis. We must solve our issues. For our future generations sake.
  15. Good job. Xizbul islaam. We all need to support this kinda of action.
  16. This will not changes nothing. Riyaale has the support of the elders.
  17. Foreign peace-keeping is not a must. Wake up. Thats whats has keeping us at war in almost to years now. The idea of one side having a foreign force behind them will never work. Its time Somalis work and listning to each other.
  18. The security forces are being attacked and aimed at. And why are people calling for the distmantle of PIS?
  19. How can we make the south stable? How can Sharif goverment tackle this problem. If we get the South back on its feet then we can for sure say that Somalia is back on her feet and this three words is what we all wants to hear. Somalia is back! How can we acchive it?