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  1. "Riyaale is not my son" Shooted the queen:D What a mentality waale...its sad.
  2. Educate the world about the plight of the Somali people Work to end the Ethiopian occupation of Somalia and its replacement with Muslim & non-frontline troops with a clear mandate Provide an alternative to the bankrupt tribal and regional politics Safeguard the Soveriengty and Territorial Integrity of Somalia Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the suffering people of Somalia
  3. Arsenal player: http://somalicause.o rg/default.aspx ? They have not updated their site in awhile but they are on right road for sure.
  4. "Thats why individuals should not be trusted, and we should create institutions led and controled by Somalis themselves. " Agree..sheik hotel has proven to be useless for the somali people but useful for foreigners. This a typical signs for a stooge or quesling.
  5. Yapp we are all missing the point and even the congress man from the states. Of course you are right lets wait and see where it leads you(snm-gangs)
  6. 7-Somalia must have a solid ground as Meiji says.
  7. Riyaale protest did really backfire. Its sad because of thoose people in Somaliland who wants to rejoin their brothers in Somalia. NW Somalia was isolated before but for now and the future it will get more isolated.
  8. Where are they? Destroyed...
  9. Ok but I was adressing Xaaji and not you. Sorry for the confuse.
  10. Originally posted by Jacaylbaro: most people support Al-shabab ?? You have probably been living under a rock? They control almost half of Somalia in peace.
  11. You didt' answer me question. Do you want me to repost it? Or can you answer? Somali people started it for 2 years ago. For the last two decades Somalis massacre each other. If the price for peace is couple of sucide bombs against traitor of blood and state. Then so be it. Probably its you who need to Fikir. AL-shabab has created a chance for kids and elders to live in peace and enjoy life. We cannot go back to 4.5 and warlords.
  12. Whats somali ideology? Please explain. Al-shabab is a somali muslim org. If you are weak-minded and swallows propoganda its your problem.